Time Management Discipline.

One of the first things I hear from new entrepreneurs is just how difficult it is to discipline yourself to work on your business.

It is very easy to slack off and for that reason you need to learn the fundamental rule that will help you grow your business.

If you want to become successful as an entrepreneur, here is exactly what you MUST do.

Become a SLAVE to your schedule.

Before you didn't have a boss and  you could work whenever you want, whoopee!

Where'd that get ya?

Since you're reading this post, not very far I take it.

So what you need to do first is schedule out your whole week in advance.

A simple tool for this is...A calendar! Google Calendar works like a charm.

As an example, my various ventures include an ecommerce website, a podcast, writing three blogs and for multiple social media posts, freelance copywriting, and also paid traffic management/web development for local service businesses.

It is extremely easy to become overwhelmed and get nothing done. For that reason my partner and I have set up a schedule for ourselves where we specifically will only work on one thing a day.

On Mondays, we create advertising campaigns for our ecommerce websites.

On Tuesdays we make sales calls to local businesses for our paid traffic management business.

Wednesdays we take the time to make posts for our podcast, interview new people, edit, and publish our podcasts.

Thursdays we make sure everything is running with our paid traffic, talk to contractors and clients, etc.

Fridays we determine the results of this weeks ecommerce campaigns, and prepare for the next weeks campaigns.

Saturday I like to write for our blogs and posts, I will write a few posts for Instagram and have them queued up for a few weeks. I also spend this time to submit proposals for copywriting gigs on upwork, and with local businesses.

And sometimes I even write little blog posts like this one! (I've been slacking here, kinda).

Sunday's I like to read books, magazines, blog posts- basically anything related to what I'm currently interested in. This gives me ideas for new blog posts, new business ideas, and in general new ways to help our current businesses.

When it comes to learning, I took some advice from Dan Kennedy in his book No BS Time Management for Entrepreneurs ( Great book ), he suggests that you ask yourself this question for the following 12 criteria:

What do you know this week, that you didn't know last week, about:

  1. Your business?
  2. Your industry as a whole?
  3. Your competitors?
  4. Your customers or clients as a group?
  5. Your top 10, 20, or 30 customers or clients?
  6. A client, individually?
  7. One of the top leaders in your field?
  8. Societal, cultural, or economic trends that may affect your business?
  9. A "success" topic- personal, finance, self- motivation, time management?
  10. A "marketing" topic ( I'm obsessed with this)- Direct response advertising, construction of offers, copy that sells, direct mail, the internet?
  11. A person, event, or topic in the current news of great interest or importance to your clientele?
  12. A "method" - a means, process, technique of doing something useful to you, whether manufacturing your widget faster or making a sales presentation more effectively?

That list literally changed my life and business and really helped me to get much more focused on what matters, and what to keep an eye out for specifically.

So use that list, and make a schedule that leaves out no room for wasting time, and you will soon realize your business dreams.

( Hopefully you don't have as many things on the go as I do, If I would recommend one thing, it is this- Focus on doing ONE thing really well, before branching off into other directions)

Hope that helps!

Let me know what your schedule is, or if you have a better system than me.

Have a good one,

Until next time.


P.S. A schedule really helps, I don't like doing all of those things, in fact I really only like doing one or two. That's why it is so important that I set a firm schedule where I specifically have do whatever the thing is.

Before I set up this schedule, I would find myself wondering what to work on today and trying to do EVERYTHING- Trust me, this isn't what you want to do!

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