How a Lazy Introverted Salesmen Outsold the “All-Stars” by Breaking All the Rules

The characters in this story are fictional, but the concept behind the story is very real and it takes place every day.

The traits of both of these salesmen are also very real.

This is the story of Grant Vs Dan, two very different salesmen.

Grant is the traditional hard charging, alpha type. He's all about giving it 110% and never taking no for an answer. He knows all the answers to every objection. Grant's not afraid of rejection, he doesn't mind making  100's of cold calls a day to make a sale. He's not afraid to hustle all day, because he knows the one thing he can control is his own effort.

His motto is "The customer either BUYS or DIES".

Dan is different. He's a little lazy, and more introverted. He fumbles his words, he's not the smoothest talker. He doesn't even know if he really likes sales - at the end of a long day of pitching, he feels drained and ready for bed. And try as he might, he simply hates the feeling of rejection. He wishes there was a way to make his prospects come to him, ready to buy.

The one thing Dan has going for him though is his brains. He always looks for a better, more effective way to work.

Dan's motto is "Real wealth is created by SYSTEMS, not working harder."

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The Most Valuable Skill of The Century- Is NOT What You Think!

Do you know what the most valuable skill of this entire century is?

Did you guess something along the lines of developing software like Google or Facebook, or maybe selling, marketing, or maybe learning how to invest in stocks or forex? How about running your own business, or maybe networking, or collecting Pokémon.

Those are all great guesses,  I typically say selling and marketing are the most important...

Not today.
Not exactly anyway.

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Storytelling Secrets

Marketing is all about storytelling, if you can tell a better story than your competitors- you win.

We are hardwired to learn from stories, before the invention of writing, all we had for transferring our knowledge was stories. Learning how to tell a compelling story WILL help you sell more products, and make a lot more money

Here are a few keys marketers like me use to telling a compelling story...

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