Rules Vs Principles

Marketing is too full of rules and not enough principles.

Let me "mansplain" it to you.

In the words of Robert McKee, author of "Story",

A rule says you MUST do it this way.
A principle says "this works...and has throughout all time."

What are some "rules" in marketing?

You must nurture your email subs with "valyoo".
Always have a tripwire in your funnel.
Red CTA buttons are the best.
Long copy doesn't work anymore.
Video always beats writing.
Email marketing is being replaced by Facebook bots.
A 5 day soap opera sequence is the best type of email.

What about some principles?

Questions engage people and get attention.
Stories persuade us naturally.
People buy for emotional reasons over logical.
We pay to solve problems and the more urgent the problem, the more we'll pay.
Curiosity is a powerful force for selling.
People buy things for their own reasons not yours.

See the difference?

Rules are always absolutes. Only a Sith deals in absolutes.
Principles on the other hand are as true today as they were 20,000 years ago.

So what's the point?
Well, the first is if somebody is telling you how you MUST do X or Y, chances are good they don't know what they're talking about.

Secondly, the more you focus on principles, the more likely you'll be successful - especially in advertising and sales.

Try developing a checklist of proven principles every time you write an ad - if you like, maybe I'll create one to give away.

In the meantime, my book Introverted Selling Secrets is FINALLY ready to hit the publishers. (I've been putting it on the back burner).

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Underwater Real Estate

In the 1920's, there was a "goldrush" most people have never heard of.

The sale of "Underwater Real Estate."

It sounds ridiculous thinking about it, but some con artists walked away with millions of dollars.

While their unsuspecting victims lost their shirts.

As they say, history always repeats itself.

I look around and see all kinds of examples of "underwater real estate" being sold.

Dan Kennedy coined the phrase "market to message match".

And the marketing results triangle which consists of market, media, and message.

Out of those 3, one is always presented as the newest shiny object.


In reality, media is inert without the other two forces in place.

For instance, all kinds of people think Shopify and Clickfunnels are going to make them instant millionaires.

Just more examples of underwater real estate being sold.

You need to get hip on the fundamentals of business so you don't get taken advantage of.

Here's a mini lesson.

Media consists of two things.

A place that attracts the eyeballs of a definable segment of the market...

And a delivery mechanism between the market and your message.

Nothing more.

One day it was a caveman drawing on a wall.
Then it was some Egyptian dudes writing out scrolls.

All the way up to telephones, fax machines, email, smart phones, Google, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and so on.

The people who take the hardest hit are always the ones who focus on media first.

They never see the inevitable coming.

In the 80's, they were giving away television space.
Now it's insanely expensive.

In the early 2000's, you could buy Google adword keywords for a penny a click. Now a few clicks of the same keyword could cost you hundreds.

Facebook is heading in the same direction. It's not a matter of "if" but when.

Back in the day, you could make thousands of dollars as an affiliate using SEO tactics too - until one Google slap took it all away.

Shopify is heading in the same direction.

Now, what's the opposite of investing in underwater real estate?

Simple - focus on the other two sides of the "results triangle".

Market and message.

For starters, they change MUCH slower.

A message that sold to a market 100 years ago, will still sell to them today with a few tweaks in the language.

A market is a significant segment of the population who shares the same desires or problem with money to buy... and they can be reached affordably with advertising.

There will always be opportunities had by focusing on what the market wants and crafting the right message to appeal to them.

Just like there will always be another media popping up with boatloads of people yapping about how great this one is and how the rest are dead.

All of my courses focus on either the market or the message and if you don't know where to get started, here's something that will help fast forward your results.




Modeling Success: The “Fast Track” to Getting Any Result You Want

"A person is a sum total of their actions, not their words. Are you at the cause (active) or effect (passive)?" 

Hey. You wanna know the quickest way to get virtually -any- result you want?

Six pack abs...A lot more money in the bank...a successful career...a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Anything, really.

More than any other factor I know, one method will help you get there the fastest.

It's a concept known as "modeling". Dan Kennedy calls it "Behavioural Congruency".

It's all about focusing on what you can control.

This will also be a refreshing reminder on selling effectively

Let's get into it.

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Why I’d Rather be Bob Ross than Van Gogh

Who would you rather be? Goofy Painter or Legendary Master?


Who would you rather be?

Bob Ross, the goofy looking infamous TV Host of the show "The Joy Of Painting", victim of countless memes and parodies, including Family Guy.

Or Vincent Van Gogh? The Dutch post-impressionist painter who inspired an entire movement in art.

Bob Ross taught you how to draw little shrubs and simple landscapes.
Van Gogh created masterpieces worth tens of millions.

I'm guessing you would pick Van Gogh.
Let me tell you why I would rather be Bob Ross...

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Email Marketing Campaigns 101

Do you sell by email?

If so, have your email marketing campaigns been hitting their mark? Or falling flat?

Because if your results have been lacklustre, one of the problems might be the sequence of your emails, or lack of.

You see, it doesn't matter if you're the very best copywriter in the world,

And it doesn't matter if you have the greatest offer known to man...

It will all be pointless- if you're not sending your emails in the right order.

Read on and I'll tell you exactly why that's the case AND I'll show you the only 5 email sequences you'll ever need to know...

If you want to be able to extract the maximum amount of cash from your  list, you're gonna want to read every word of this post.

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How to Find Invisible Profits in Your Business

I guarantee you right now...

That I can increase the profitability of your business, without spending a single penny on advertising.

I'm talking about marketing optimization.

You see, just about every business has sprung a few leaks. There are holes which are most likely invisible to you, but easily identifiable to an outsider like me.

Another incredible opportunity is the power of leverage in your sales and marketing which I'll get to in just a few minutes.

Here are a handful of invisible profit centers waiting to be capitalized on...

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How to Reduce Refunds and Increase Customer Loyalty

You're about to learn about a massive opportunity in your business...

And that is understanding how to eliminate or reduce refunds.

There's nothing more frustrating in a salesman's life than refunds.
I remember knocking on countless doors just to get ONE sale, only to become a victim of the dreaded Buyers Remorse a few days later...

After watching one too many paycheques get clawed back, I decided to figure out WHY it happened and what I could do to prevent it in the future.

Here's what I discovered...

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Niche Research: How to Sell to Junkies and Fiends

Do you know...

What the most important thing to look for if you're selling a product or service is?

Well, let's take a look at what the greatest copywriter of all time had to say. None other than...

Sir Gary of Halbert.

Mr. Halbert used to ask his audience if they were to open a hamburger stand, what’s the one thing that would practically guarantee their success?

Naturally they would shout out all sorts of answers like…

“Better hamburgers”

“Better, faster service”

“Lower prices”

“Better sales techniques’

“No competition”.

And after everyone shouted out their answer, he would give his….

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