Gary Halbert’s Ultimate Money-Making Secret

I was recently introduced to the late great copywriter, Gary Halbert.

He was known as the Prince of Print, the greatest copywriter of all time, the most ripped-off copywriter (or is that John Carlton?).

Coming on 10 years after his passing, he is still inspiring thousands of up and coming copywriters (including yours truly).


Basically the dude was a badass. GH knew how to make money better than just about anyone on the planet...

One of the Prince's legendary schemes was the creation of his monthly newsletter. Which was aptly named " The Gary Halbert Newsletter".

Before he passed away, he sold subscriptions to said newsletter for the low price of $185 a month and without even advertising it, amassed thousands of subscribers.

(At least HE says he didn't advertise it- Gary was a MASTER self promoter and really that is one of the most interesting things about him. He advertised his newsletter in Success magazine and other places like that.)

Eventually he decided to sell "lifetime subscriptions" for only $2799.00, and before long everyone and their mother was a lifetime subscriber.

There's a reason why these people forked over thousands of dollars...

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