The 7 Question Sales Process

It's funny...I learned more about sales from studying marketing and copywriting than I ever learned while actually working as a salesman.

( this includes reading all the sales books, watching videos from the guru's, and training from my various jobs).

Marketing teaches you to think in terms of the customers get inside their head so that you know them better than they know themselves.

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Simplicity in Business

It was Einstein who said to make things as simple as possible but not more simple.

A common mistake would-be entrepreneurs make is that they see a successful business and they only see the end result. They see how easy everything apparently is.
The magic happens behind the scenes, in the process of setting up your business.

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Why I love Direct Response Marketing and You Should Too!

This is an article dedicated to my love of Direct-Response (DR) advertising and marketing. I was introduced to the idea of direct response marketing from a little book called The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg. In this book he tells the story of now famous marketers such as Frank Kern and Dan Kennedy who discovered the hidden world of direct marketers, and as a result, now make hundreds of thousands of dollars from a simple sales letter. Mastering direct response marketing is in fact the closest you can come to actually printing money...

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Internet Marketing 2016: an Odyssey

Make Money While Sitting on a Beach! All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. How I made 8000$ a day while traveling Abroad! You hear claims and stories like this every single day. Is it possible to turn on your computer and simply have it shit out money? The answer is complicated.

Internet Marketing...its a jungle out there

Yes there are people making a ton of money, but if you're just getting started its very easy to get overwhelmed. We live in a fast changing world technology wise, however not much has changed in human behaviour. We still buy from people we like, know, and trust. We still buy things for the same reasons. Once you understand that, everything will start to make more sense.

There are so many terms out there that it is very easy to get disoriented when you're first starting out. For starters there are your CTA, CPM, PPC, SEO, SEM, CPA,  Conversions, Impressions, Pixels, LTV, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and SMM. This is an attempt to try and help demystify the IM world for you.

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