Content Marketing: How Smart Marketers Do It

How Smart Marketers Do Content Marketing: A Complete Guide


Do you understand Content Marketing?

I mean REALLY understand it? Because surprisingly few people do.

There's a fundamental misconception of content marketing.

It's why most content writers get pigeon-holed into only being a $50 article writer, never getting the fee's they deserve.

Most people have no strategy around the content they create. They just make posts with no rhyme or reason, just a vague idea that just putting stuff out there will get them noticed.

It took me a long time to "crack the content code" since there are so many myths out there.

Like the "fact" you have to create new content every single day in order to be discovered.

Or the myth you have to be on every single social media channel.

I'm going to dispel these once and for all.

Then I'll give you an all-encompassing guide to turning content marketing into profits.

And charging big fee's as a content marketing consultant if that's your bag.

Read on.

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Beginners Guide:Education Based Marketing

Do you use education marketing in your business?
Have you even heard of it?

Education Marketing is awesome. If you follow any big name marketers, you no doubt have experienced education marketing in one form or another.

It's great because it helps you build up trust and authority with your prospects. Your job is to take them by the hand and lead them along until they are ready to buy whatever it is you're selling. To be clear: you make more money, and you can create raving fans in the process.

So if you're not using it for your business yet, read on

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