Business Superpower Zone: The Key to Riches and Fulfillment.

Everybody has a superpower.

Yours is different than mine no doubt...

And you might have a different name for your superpower...

Maybe you call it your purpose.
Or your passion...
Or even your personal destiny.

Whatever you call it -I believe when you identify your superpower and you spend the majority of your time performing it, you will make the most amount of money and have the greatest sense of fulfillment.

This post is going to help you identify yours.

First of all let's talk about superpowers. I'll tell you mine and then I'll give you hints on how you can discover yours.

Take any superhero you know.

By definition, they must have a superpower.

One area where they are much more powerful than the average joe.

Aquaman comes to mind.

On land, he's just a dude in a green suit.
On land, he's no more powerful than you or me...

But get that dude in water and watch out, he's calling seahorses and he's kicking poseidons ass.

Supermans "zone" isn't in the office as Clark Kent...There he's just another schlub. But when he puts on his tights, he's flying around shooting lazer beams out of his eyes.

So to identify what your Superpower zone is we first have to answer a few questions...

It takes a bit of self awareness, but not TOO much.

The first question is what do you love doing so much that if I wired you 100 million tonight, you would keep doing it tomorrow?

The second question is what are you endlessly curious about? When there's nothing else to think about, what do you find yourself thinking about?

Third question - what do strangers compliment you on? For instance maybe people like your writing, or they think you're good at math, or maybe it's your confident way of speaking.

The fourth question is what do you KNOW a lot about...I mean like, more than 99% of the population? Almost everyone is an expert at something. Remember, being an expert is simply knowing more about a subject than the person you're talking to.

Question number five is simply what did you want to be when you were a kid? You would be surprised how we carry childhood dreams with us throughout our adult life and secretly wish to act out on those fantasies. This isn't some freud shit, I'll explain in a second.

The last question is can you make money from it? How much demand in the market is there for this thing?

Now you take all of these questions and draw circles around them. Where all the circles connect, you have your zone of superpower.

On to my superpower...

I'll admit, I took a long time figuring out what I wanted to do, what I really liked doing, and what could make me money too.

While trying to answer those questions, I tried a lot of things.

Mechanical Engineering, sales, direct response marketing, freelance copywriting, bodybuilding, playing guitar, personal development, dating, info marketing, psychology...

And that's just in the last 4 years!

I found where all my interests lie is right in the zone of copywriting,  direct response marketing, and sales. If you've been following me for any time, this should be obvious by now.

It satisfies all the criteria for me.

I would still be doing it even if I had 100 million in the bank. I love helping people grow their businesses, hatching marketing schemes, and making a big impact in peoples lives.

I would still be buying books and learning more about human behaviour, persuasion, and psychology.

I would still be writing everyday and putting myself "out there" in blog posts, emails, and videos.. Whether people complimented me or not, I love connecting with people.

And right now I (not so humble brag) know more about copywriting and direct response than most.

Plus when I was a kid, I wanted to be a rockstar and James Bond. For some reason, being a marketer is even cooler to me.
(I also wanted to create beer commercials so there ya go).

And obviously there is a lot of money in mastering this stuff..

Now the thing is, my superpower isn't actually direct response marketing, copywriting, and sales.  Lots of people are better at that stuff than me.

I had to go even deeper than that. "Niche down" if you will.

My superpower isn't the writing...if you're reading this, you surely agree.

My superpower isn't persuasion, there are people who know every single "NLP" trick and every copywriting secret out there.

My superpower isn't converting millions of people to buy.

It's not "hustling" 24/7 either on my sales.

Mine is creating businesses out of thin air...
Mine is doing the "high level" thinking.
I like being "behind the scenes", pulling strings.

And one of my "things" is analyzing sales processes and making them work better.

Part of it is thinking up new marketing schemes, another part is knowing how to make a powerful offer, the third part is really having the ability to understand people at a deep level.

I'm good at making systems, and I'm good at deconstructing things and analyzing the parts. Recognizing patterns and modeling successful things.

And I like teaching it to others...

But this post isn't supposed to be all about me, is it?


Here's what it all comes down to for you.

In business, you have to know your superpower.

Usually it's your most valuable skill. People might seek you out for it.
If you're really world class, people will even pay you to see it in action.

Just look at Michael Jordan, Warren Buffett, or even Tony Robbins.

Yours might be sales. It might be accounting, or knowing about real estate flipping, negotiating, programming, or editing videos.

Whatever it is, you probably already have a good idea. But are you spending the majority of your time doing it?

Obviously the tough part of running your own business is you can't always be in your zone of superpowers. You have other hats to wear...

At first you gotta be the bookkeeper, product fulfillment guy, sales, marketing, you name it.

Naturally the sooner you can delegate everything other than your superpowers to others, the faster your business will grow.

You'll be happier because you'll be doing what you love doing.
You'll be doing what gives you a sense of fulfillment.

Plus you'll be making the most amount of money you can while making the greatest impact at the same time.

Want to know another superpower of mine?

I know how to help solo entrepreneurs stand out from their bigger competitors, grow a powerful bond with their audience, and sell more while they're doing it.

In fact, I wrote a book about it...You can get it for free by sticking your email in the box below.

One last thing...What's your superpower? Find me on my Facebook page, Ben Byrne Media and send me a message letting me know.

Maybe I can help you connect with people in need of it.