Why Storytellers Rule the World

Since the dawn of time, humans have been telling stories for entertainment, education, and persuasion.

What I've recently come to learn is...

The ability to tell a story is so powerful, you can literally change your life by learning this skill.

I'm not joking here. If you read this post, you will hold the power to change anything in your life...

The reason stories are so powerful is because we are all living in our own story. Our own little world.

I live in Ben's world. I'm a writer and I live in my apartment here in Halifax and I write stuff that makes people a lot of money.

In my story, I think the world is pretty cool. Lots of strange things happen all the time and I seem to be the only one who notices them.

In other peoples stories however, they are full of misery, grief, religion, politics, violence, and other bullshit.

While at the same time, there are other people living stories where they live in beautiful mansions with expensive cars, tons of money, and everything else you could ever want.

Are each of our realities so different? Yes and no.

Everything which is true in my reality, is not always true in your reality.

For some, science is the only truth.
Others believe the bible is the only truth.
Some believe nothing is true and everything is an illusion.
And other people don't believe anything, they don't care because they've got bills to pay, dammit.

Sure, most of the basic rules are the same in our stories.
Gravity is still the same, for the most part.
We still eat and drink and like to monkey around.

But everything which is good in my story, might be evil in your story.

$100 might be the entire world to you...
For others, they could literally lose a million dollars and not notice.

This is the funny and weird nature of our entire world.

We all think we are sharing the same story and it's simply not true.

Every society has a different story.

Every country has a different story.

Every religion has a different story.

And every person has a different story.

They're all similar in some ways, however most of us focus on the differences.

This creates...life!

Chaos, beauty, etc. One mans trash is another mans treasure. You've heard that before right?

The thing is, every now and then, someone comes along in the world and tells a story that is so powerful, it changes everything.

They challenge the status quo.
They basically throw ice cold water on the worlds face when it's sleeping and for a second the entire world notices them.

We might call them prophets, gods, angels, demons, buddhas, you name it.

Sound far fetched?

5000 years ago one dude was like, hey I don't like reality, I'm going to meditate under a tree until some cool shit happens, and it did.  They still talk about it.

4500 years ago we believed cats were gods in ancient Egypt. They built a friggin thing called a Sphinx in front of these huge pyramids.
There were many gods and some were cool and some were a-holes, however it was always interesting.

2000 years ago, one dude was like hey man, there's actually only one god and I'm him. Check out my cool powers.

His certainty...and his story was so powerful that most people still believe in him today.

And that's how it works.

One person tells a story that changes everything.

It's so powerful, so different, and they are so certain in their story over the rest of the worlds story, that we choose to believe in their story over our own.

Want to know the story I see?

I believe the driving force of all evolution and change on this planet has always been economics.

Supply and demand. Competition for scarce resources.

In other words, business has always been the "invisible religion".

It's the same force that let us discover North America.
It's the same force that will help us colonize other planets in the future.

Want some proof?
We now look up to the titans of the business world in the same way that the ancients looked up to gods.

Most people dream of winning the lottery and living a magical life...
Living like a king...the good life.

We worship people who have achieved that material success.

Because the only truth across every culture is that you need money to live.
You must work, you must contribute to society.

You need to if you want to pass on your genes, right?

That's natural order in action.

However, we're all so distracted by our own stories, we lose track of this big picture.
We fight and bicker and sometimes life sucks and sometimes life is really cool.

I'm going to share a little secret about storytelling now that can literally change your life instantly.

Think back to your childhood. As a kid, you believed anything your parents told you.

That's how we operate. We are little evolutionary algorithms trying to learn and make sense of the world around us.

So we believe everything until we are told not to.

Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, the monster under the bed, the world is flat, the universe is 5000 years old, some people are reptilians, the world is actually a giant turtle flying through space.

Literally anything.

Kids are total blank slates.

Over time, our reality hardens though and it becomes exactly what we expect it to be...and we never bother to question it again, really.

It becomes exactly what authorities tell us it is.

In other words, we start believing other stories over our own.

However, a part of us never loses that childlike innocence...and the desire to believe still burns a little - or a lot - in every single person alive today.

That's why when we hear of a story that resonates deeply with us,  we want OUR story to be the same, we usually end up buying something.

It's how we work...

But the thing nobody seems to remember is...

While you ARE living in your own story, it's not outside of your power to take over the reins as the writer and the main hero.

Nobody says you can't just erase your past and write a new, more empowering one.

In fact, nobody is writing your story...except YOU!

Maybe you had thoughts like...

"I would be successful if only I was ___"

Insert whatever here.

Smart, Pretty, Focused, White, Asian, Old, Young, Man, Woman, Rich, Well connected, and so on.

The funny thing is, in YOUR story, you thought all of this wasn't up to you.

It's really the funniest joke of all.

Once you get it... It's like one of those inside jokes you tell yourself and forget...
Then once you finally remember it and you smack yourself in the forehead wondering "what have I been doing all my life?"

Try this.

Right now, start changing your habits and preferences.

If you don't eat seafood, start eating it.

If you are completely unorganized, start planning your life ahead.

If you don't like reading, go buy a few books and read them all.

If you're extroverted, go be by yourself for a while and vice versa.

If you're a meat eater, eat vegetables. If you're a vegan, get a life! I mean, try some meat.

None of this will kill you. In fact, I'm willing to bet it will make you more powerful and feel more alive than ever before.

The weirdest thing is... YOU are also the writer of your future.

It's not destiny, it's not god, and it's not the universe or the law of attraction...it's not any outside force except YOU....

You are the force that controls your story.
You are the force that controls your reality.

Everything is in your power and that's the wildest and scariest thought of all. But it's true.

That is, unless you chose to leave it in the hands of someone else.

Somebody like me, who understands story more than you do.
The funny thing is, nobody thinks this way.

And that's why storytellers will always be the most powerful people on this planet.

So let me ask you...

Would you rather create your own future, or let someone else tell you what it will be?

Would you rather put your life in the hands of some wingnut politicians, the mainstream media,  some religious figure from the past, or some aliens from another dimension?

Or would you rather trust yourself?

I'll let you think about that.

In the meantime, I've got writing to do.

By the way, if you got a product or service that can really help people, we should connect.

If you're a good fit for my services, I'd be happy to write you a story where you make a hell of a lot more money. There will be a form at the bottom of this page you can fill out so we can chat.

Talk soon

Ben Byrne