Simplicity in Business

It was Einstein who said to make things as simple as possible but not more simple.

A common mistake would-be entrepreneurs make is that they see a successful business and they only see the end result. They see how easy everything apparently is.
The magic happens behind the scenes, in the process of setting up your business.

That magic act that they don't see is all the hard work that went into making the systems and processes that make it look so easy.


Take marketing for example. How many hours do you think it takes to create and perfect a funnel? One that generates new customers and ultimately ends with more money in your pocket?
You might have the best product or service in the world, so naturally you want to have the best selling message you can possibly make.
This leads to writing pages and pages and pages of sales letters, web copy, sales scripts, and ads. You might also be investing in video sales letters, "SEO Copywriting", email marketing, and god knows what else your greedy little heart could desire.
The skill isn't in writing the material so much as its in editing it. Carefully whittling it down until you have the most powerful sales message you can possibly create.
No hype, just a pure hard hitting message that strikes your prospect right in their heart, and causes them to gladly open their wallets, and hand over their money.
The best position you can be in is when you know that every single word you write leads the prospect one step closer to the sale.
This is what makes sales copywriters ( well, successful copywriters), one of the most highly paid professionals out there.
Someone with the ability to turn words into cash on a mass scale. Someone that knows exactly what causes people to buy.
The ability to write a letter that goes out like a tiger in the jungle and grabs your prospect by the throat, and drags them back to you, kicking and screaming.
                                           ( in the sense that they pay you)
That's what I'm passionate about. Writing words that sell. Some people call it brain hacking, I'm not that Machiavellian about it. I see it as simply selling people what they already want to buy.
Nobody buys something that he or she doesn't want at some level.
The skill is bringing that desire to the surface and simply giving them enough motivation to act right now.
Well that's enough for now.
Until next time,

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