Case Study: Sales Funnel Takes Fitness Company from $3500 to over $20,000 per Month

Last month my client and I just finished a complete sales funnel for an online Fitness products business.

For privacy sakes, I can't disclose the name of the business or what the exact products are.

I will break down the model and the exact process of how we rapidly grew their business from $3500 to over $20,000 (and counting).

Are you ready? Let's do it.
Full Disclosure: this wasn't my direct client. My client was a digital marketing agency who had this company as a client. I wrote all of the copy and managed most of the traffic and testing, plus created the sales pages in Clickfunnels.

My client had other team members create the graphics and implement everything in Infusionsoft and their blog, plus the owner of the fitness company wrote created their own blog content.

This business model has been proven to work for many different kinds of businesses.
This company sold exercise products, digital training, and supplements.

When they came to us, they were trying to build their email list with a free plus shipping offer.

We used two methods to generate traffic to this offer.

First of all, we used direct ads sending traffic to the offer page for the free plus shipping product. This proved to be ineffective. The costs per click were really high and the funnel wasn't profitable.

Next we decided to use an "ungated" offer, meaning we sent traffic to blog posts or content where they didn't have to exchange their email to view it.

The content was essentially a soft sell for the free offer.

We had 5 different blog posts and we broke it down into 17 different ad sets.
5 different targets, different ad copy for men and women, different images, and we also implemented 2 retargeting campaigns.

The idea was to get people to read the blog post and click on the link to the free plus shipping offer page.

If that didn't happen, we sent retargeting ads to people who showed interest in the blog posts.

If someone clicked on our blog but didn't click through to our offer page, we sent them the first retargeting ad.

If they clicked on our offer page but didn't buy, we sent them a different ad.

We also used 7 different retargeting images based on what pages the prospects had read.

Ultimately we got the cost per click from one ad to around 17 cents, which was pretty decent (we were aiming for sub 50 cents per click), and we also got the offer to start converting at 39.10%.

When the customer purchased the free offer, we had an upsell VSL on the thank you page offering to sell them a premium version of the free product. This converted at 10.49%.

After that we offered them a digital training program which had a 2.07% conversion.

Depending on what action the customer took, we sent dozens of different emails trying to upsell their different products.

Most of it was to determine what upsells worked best.
We tested various supplement upsells and subscriptions to get supplements every month.

When customers started to respond less to the clients emails, we took a variety of their blog posts and converted it into a digital book.

That book was offered as a re-engagement tool to get people responding and buying again.

Note: the client originally was selling through Shopify but we found WordPress worked much better.
When combined with Clickfunnels, it has a lot more functionality and flexibility.

The approximate ad spend is roughly 500-700 USD per week.

(Ramped up from sub $200).

Here's a screenshot of one funnel.

This funnel is for the free plus shipping offer, with two upsells.

It doesn't include the numerous other funnels or emails created.

So to break it all down, here's the key take-aways that will help you create your own funnel.

  1. Test a lot of different ads. Try sending traffic to content, rather than squeeze pages.
  2. Make use of retargeting, make different retargeting ads based on what pages your website visitors see. (Send retargeting ads to people who have read your traffic to take your offer or become a lead)
  3. You don't need to have your entire funnel running before you start, just get the first bit functioning and get started. (The whole thing took 2-3 months, but you can easily get started within 7 days).
  4. Use different copy for men and women- don't be lazy!
  5. Test your funnel. Switch up which product people see, you never know what will work.
  6. Use valuable freebies to re-engage your email subscribers who stop opening your emails and buying your products.
  7. Free plus shipping offer with an immediate upsell to buy a premium product is an effective strategy right now.

This client basically had all their products created and ready to go, plus money to spend on advertising and other expenses.

That's why we were able to quickly help them.

If the client had been afraid of spending a few hundred dollars on ads, we would never have scaled the funnel so quickly. (or at all)

So there you have it.
Now you know the inside mechanical workings of a digital sales funnel.

With affiliates coming on board, we're hoping to rapidly scale this thing to the million dollar per month mark...but that's another case study.

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