Storytelling Secrets

Marketing is all about storytelling, if you can tell a better story than your competitors- you win.

We are hardwired to learn from stories, before the invention of writing, all we had for transferring our knowledge was stories. Learning how to tell a compelling story WILL help you sell more products, and make a lot more money

Here are a few keys marketers like me use to telling a compelling story...

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Advertising Fundamentals

This is going to be a short guide on how to build your mindset around advertising in your business.

It's very easy to throw away a lot of money with advertising if you don't know what you're doing.
Fortunately for you and I, you can teach yourself how to do it without the painful and expensive learning curve.

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Gary Halbert’s Ultimate Money-Making Secret

I was recently introduced to the late great copywriter, Gary Halbert.

He was known as the Prince of Print, the greatest copywriter of all time, the most ripped-off copywriter (or is that John Carlton?).

Coming on 10 years after his passing, he is still inspiring thousands of up and coming copywriters (including yours truly).


Basically the dude was a badass. GH knew how to make money better than just about anyone on the planet...

One of the Prince's legendary schemes was the creation of his monthly newsletter. Which was aptly named " The Gary Halbert Newsletter".

Before he passed away, he sold subscriptions to said newsletter for the low price of $185 a month and without even advertising it, amassed thousands of subscribers.

(At least HE says he didn't advertise it- Gary was a MASTER self promoter and really that is one of the most interesting things about him. He advertised his newsletter in Success magazine and other places like that.)

Eventually he decided to sell "lifetime subscriptions" for only $2799.00, and before long everyone and their mother was a lifetime subscriber.

There's a reason why these people forked over thousands of dollars...

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Why I love Direct Response Marketing and You Should Too!

This is an article dedicated to my love of Direct-Response (DR) advertising and marketing. I was introduced to the idea of direct response marketing from a little book called The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg. In this book he tells the story of now famous marketers such as Frank Kern and Dan Kennedy who discovered the hidden world of direct marketers, and as a result, now make hundreds of thousands of dollars from a simple sales letter. Mastering direct response marketing is in fact the closest you can come to actually printing money...

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Patience Young Grasshopper

Despite the name of the title, this is not going to be a guide on how to become a more patient person. Despite the fact that I have always been a patient person, I know it has inherent downsides and there is definitely such a thing as being too patient.

However there is a reason that they say patience is a virtue, and in our fast pace society, there is more reason than ever to be patient, the catch is that you must know the right things to be patient in...

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Entrepreneurs! Are you making yourself dispensable?

The Case for making yourself DISPENSABLE!

How often have you heard the advice to make yourself indispensable so that you will never have to worry about losing your job? The standard thinking in the corporate world is making yourself indispensable equals job security which equals money which equals freedom. While this might be a valuable train of thought for these people, once you start your own business, your goal is to make yourself replaceable.

Here's why...

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Internet Marketing 2016: an Odyssey

Make Money While Sitting on a Beach! All you need is a laptop and an internet connection. How I made 8000$ a day while traveling Abroad! You hear claims and stories like this every single day. Is it possible to turn on your computer and simply have it shit out money? The answer is complicated.

Internet Marketing...its a jungle out there

Yes there are people making a ton of money, but if you're just getting started its very easy to get overwhelmed. We live in a fast changing world technology wise, however not much has changed in human behaviour. We still buy from people we like, know, and trust. We still buy things for the same reasons. Once you understand that, everything will start to make more sense.

There are so many terms out there that it is very easy to get disoriented when you're first starting out. For starters there are your CTA, CPM, PPC, SEO, SEM, CPA,  Conversions, Impressions, Pixels, LTV, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, and SMM. This is an attempt to try and help demystify the IM world for you.

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Motivating Oneself

All people struggle with motivation from time to time. One of the biggest indicators of success in life is our energy levels which can be measured as early as three years old. If the journey to success were a car, your motivation would be the fuel. However just like a car, sometimes parts break down which causes performance to drop. Have you ever struggled with procrastination? If so, this article is for you.

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