The “O.G.” FunnelHacker…

Do you know who the O.G. of all funnelhackers was?

(A funnelhacker is a term Russell Brunson made up - essentially it's a group of knuckleheads who "hack" other peoples funnels- AKA- blatantly rip off and copy successful businesses.)

HINT: It's not Russell Brunson.

I'll give you another hint, this mans descendants are in the top 20 of the richest people in Amurica...Have you figured it out yet?

What? You haven't'? Okay, i'll give you one last hint.

This dude created the business known for always having the lowest price, guaranteed.

The OG of all funnel hackers was Sam Walton...the creator of Wal-Mart.

Maybe  you don't believe me but it's true.

In his amazing autobiography, Made in America, Sam describes his early years before Wal-Mart.

He owned a "five and dime" store.
Like a 7/11 or a general store kinda dealio.

Anyway, across the street from his humble 1st store, he had a major competitor.
This guy got all the business in town.

Sams store was just tumbleweeds, dust bunnys, and broken dreams.

Naturally he did what every other funnelhacker does!

He shamelessly copied everything his competitor was doing.

From sales promotions, types of goods sold, prices, uniforms, marketing, right down to the type of toilet paper in the washroom.

Sam goes on to say how in his first 5 years of business, he spent more time in his competitors store than his own.

And this pattern continued throughout his entire life.

In fact, when Sam heard about a new Wal-Mart type of department store in Brazil, he flew down there and did the same thing....This actually got him thrown in jail.

The security guards found old Sam lying down in one of the aisles holding a measuring tape.
...He wanted to see how wide their aisles were.

Why? He said, "If they're doing anything we're not, I want to know about it."

Kinda cool, huh?

156 billion. (Queue Dr. Evil meme)
That's how much his family is worth, in case you didn't know.
(Probably a lot less now since Amazon has been kicking their ass).

Considering the ridiculous amount of wealth he created for the Walton family, maybe there's something to this funnel hacking stuff after all.

Now, am I suggesting you go out and mindlessly steal your competitors copy, funnel, products, marketing, pricing, etc? NO!

In fact, I'm completely against it...

Which is why I made my  7 Day Funnel training... So you wouldn't have to go out and rip people off.

After all, you're NEVER  going to have breakthroughs if you're always copying someone else.

It's gonna require critical think at some point.

Which is bad news if that.weird hunk of gray matter between your ears has dried up and withered away. In that case, you'll need a shortcut.

And that's where my system can help.

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Talk soon.


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