Niche Research: How to Sell to Junkies and Fiends

Do you know...

What the most important thing to look for if you're selling a product or service is?

Well, let's take a look at what the greatest copywriter of all time had to say. None other than...

Sir Gary of Halbert.

Mr. Halbert used to ask his audience if they were to open a hamburger stand, what’s the one thing that would practically guarantee their success?

Naturally they would shout out all sorts of answers like…

“Better hamburgers”

“Better, faster service”

“Lower prices”

“Better sales techniques’

“No competition”.

And after everyone shouted out their answer, he would give his….

A Starving Crowd.

In other words, Niche Research.

You see, Gary knew a big “secret” which may or may not be obvious to you.

What he understood is the biggest factor for your success...comes down to the market you choose.

Of course, most businesspeople have it backwards. They start with their product or big idea and then they go and try to find people to sell it to.

The savvy entrepreneur knows it’s much easier to find a hungry market and create products to satisfy their insatiable desires.

As John Carlton says, you want a “hungry mob of addicts flush with cash”.

Now this isn’t a post about selling to actual junkies and fiends. A hungry mob of addicts flush with cash could be golf enthusiasts, business opportunity seekers, adventure travelers, you name it.

Let’s actually decode that formula…

Hungry: they are in pain, or they are actively looking for solutions

Mob: There are a lot of them and they’re easy to find plus they’re passionate.

Addicts: They are unable to control their cravings and will spend anything to satisfy them.

Flush with cash: They got money to burn.

Now let’s talk about a different kind of junkie...the Dopamine junkie.

(Dopamine is a neurotransmitter in your brain that is tied to your motivation. When you start a task, dopamine helps you want to finish it.)

So what is a dopamine junkie? They’re the ones who are fiending for the next hint, tip, framework, blueprint, or secret.

They can’t get enough of these little dopamine hits because it feels like they’re actually moving towards their goal by consuming your content.

So to get to the point of this post, here’s a little secret for you:

You need to learn how to master the “open loop”. In marketing terms, an open loop is a mystery, it’s what happens when you ask a question but don’t answer it.

You see, the human brain is hardwired for curiosity. If you want to remember something in a book for example, start reading a chapter but don’t finish it.

Our brains are almost OCD in their need for closure and doing this will drive you crazy but you will remember everything until that loop is closed.

Sales and copywriting is all about creating open loops in your prospect's brain until they are forced to buy to close them.

There's a phenomenon in copywriting that happens when you implant enough of these "open loops" inside your prospects brain.

Maybe they don't buy from you right away, but a good sales message will linger in their brains.

Like any addict waiting for their next hit, the hunger to close the loop will grow and grow and grow until one thing happens...

They buy.

Now if you liked this, just wait until my next post where I explain a compelling way to use cliff hangers in your copy.

Until next time,