Modeling Success: The “Fast Track” to Getting Any Result You Want

"A person is a sum total of their actions, not their words. Are you at the cause (active) or effect (passive)?" 

Hey. You wanna know the quickest way to get virtually -any- result you want?

Six pack abs...A lot more money in the bank...a successful career...a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Anything, really.

More than any other factor I know, one method will help you get there the fastest.

It's a concept known as "modeling". Dan Kennedy calls it "Behavioural Congruency".

It's all about focusing on what you can control.

This will also be a refreshing reminder on selling effectively

Let's get into it.

Look at any successful person...In any way you define success. (health, wealth, relationships, happiness, etc).

To you, it might seem like you could never be like them.
They're so far ahead of you, right?

Well it turns out there IS a way to be like them. And it's as simple as copying their actions, not their words.

Let's take the sport of bodybuilding.

If you watch Generation Iron you'll see these massive humans.

300 pounds of ripped muscle and bones. How did they get to be that big?

Genetics? Steroids or other illegal drugs? Luck? can be one of them, too. Just do what the top bodybuilders do.

All it takes is 20 years of dedication. Focusing on working out every day and following a strict routine.

Eating a very strict diet plus enormous amounts of calories, day in and day out.

Taking the right supplements, making sure they get enough sleep, getting coaching, expanding their knowledge of their sport.

Given enough time, this results in the monsters you see on the Mr. Olympia stage.

Notice those are all actions.

Bodybuilders are built not born.

Let's take dating and relationships as another example.

Are you a lonely guy and you want to find a girlfriend?

What actions can you take? Who can you model?

Well you can go out and talk to girls.
You can work on yourself and become a more interesting man.

There's a long list of things you can do, the point is, it's all under YOUR control.

Then there's money.

You wanna make a lot of money? You want to build a successful business?

Look for people who are where YOU want to be. Closely examine them.

Do their actions match their words? Sometimes they say one thing but do another.

Seriously just copy their actions. Try it for 90 days.

Let's switch to business in particular.

What do the successful businesses and entrepreneurs do that sets them apart?

Here's a cheat sheet list if you don't know any.

They constantly grow their network by connecting with other successful people.
They work on themselves and they expand their own set of skills, expertise, and reputation.

They invest in their own brain with books, courses, and other means of self education.

They put out a lot of good content in front of the right people. They make daily videos, posts, emails.

They ADVERTISE and relentlessly promote themselves. This might seem obvious if you know a lot about marketing, but it's definitely not obvious to everyone.

They build assets.

One type of asset is a system for turning leads into customers and repeat buyers.

Another asset is their customer list. They are constantly funneling traffic (aka people) to a place they control. Usually their email database.

They talk to that email list every day. When they do, they always have something to sell! (If you have a good product, why wouldn't you?)

Now when you're selling, you can't control whether someone buys your product or not.

As much as I hate to admit it as a direct response copywriter - NO amount of manipulation or persuasion can make someone buy everytime.

Unless you hit them over the head and steal their wallet, it's simply impossible.

You can't control the economy, or the customers beliefs or attitude.

What can you control?

That's right. You can only control your actions and behavior.

When it comes to internet marketing, you can control your ability to make the most persuasive message possible.

You can optimize the page you send traffic to so it captures the most amount of leads possible.

You can control whether you have a good product that people love.

You can control if you're putting the right message in front of the right person.

You can control your follow up every day with emails and retargeting ads.

And that's it.

If anything this post is meant to be empowering.

The life you want doesn't have to be a far-away pipe dream.

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Take it easy.