Modalities of Marketing: The Key to Making Offers Convert?

G'day Internet friends,

Ben here for another nailbiter of a blog. This one could potentially change your life and business if you're trying to turn advertising into cash.

It's all about understanding modalities when you're running paid ads, and trying to make your offers convert.

For more information check out this interview between Kevin Rogers and Charles Kirkland around the end.

So what is a "modality of marketing?"
Simply put, a modality is the way the audience or target market you're looking to sell to has been trained to respond to.

I'll use a bunch of examples to make this point as clear as possible.

In the interview, Charles talks about how people targeting internet marketers routinely lump interests together like Digital Marketer and Ryan Deiss with Frank Kern.

This is a mistake because their customers are vastly different. I won't ruin the interview for you because it was very good, I'll give you the spark notes version.

Frank Kerns audience is used to watching webinars followed by indoctrination sequences and then buying.

Ryan Deiss and Digital Marketers audience are used to low dollar "tripwire" offers and quick VSL's with a lot of urgency attached.

Both have literally trained their market to respond in a certain way over time. To go against it is like tossing your money down the drain.

Just because they both target "internet marketers" doesn't mean their audiences are remotely similar. Sure they overlap, but it's really like trying to sell a cat owner dog food- with you saying "What? They're both pets aren't they?"

This goes along with the notion of "sell what people are buying".
It's a heck of a lot easier to sell books to people who read.
And generally you'll have higher conversions on your long form sales letters with readers.

Let's rap about different marketers who have virtually trained their market to respond in a certain way.

Kylie Jenner trained her market to respond to Snapchat.

Amy Porterfield trained her market to respond to Webinars.

Ben Settle trained his market to respond to emails.

John Lee Dumas and Pat Flynn trained their markets to respond to audio.

Tai Lopez trained his market to respond to livestreams.

And so on and so forth.

Here's what you wanna do if you're about to run an ad campaign.

Go out and see what modality your competition is using to sell.

Is everybody doing webinars? Do webinars.
Is everyone selling from the stage? Host seminars.
Does everyone buy from 2 minute video? Use 2 minute videos.

Of course you could do what I do and create content in multiple modalities. I like to take my facebook posts, turn them into videos, snapchats, instagram stories and pictures, emails, and blog posts.

It's like the marketing "catch all".

Anyway, do what you will with this information. Use it or ignore it.

Just don't shake your head and say "oh that's interesting", then keep marketing to your target market the way they don't want to be advertised to.

Hope this helped.

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