Friend, Would You Like Me to Help You Design
a Client Acquisition System
for Free?

From the Desk of Ben Byrne
Halifax, Canada

November, 2017

Dear Friend,

If you're in a client business you know the hardest part is NOT fulfilling your service or selling yourself to your ideal clients. That's all fairly easy and straightforward.

You know the hardest part is creating a system to automatically attract, pre-qualify, and pre-sell strangers on working with you...So all you have to do is turn the system on and watch as your calendar fills up with appointments.

I'm talking about a Client Acquisition Machine.

It's robotic marketing that works around the clock for you.
You simply place one dollar in, and out pops $3...or $5...or $10. (or more).

Here's How it Works.

Someone comes into your funnel and they're immediately placed through an indoctrination sequence.
The purpose of this is to deliver value in advance to your ideal clients, so by the time they're ready to speak with you on the phone, the following objectives have been reached.

  1. They trust you.
  2. They're familiar with you
  3. They understand your price and
  4. They want to work with you.

From there, they either become a client, or they get ascended into your next "warming up" phase of the system.

Sounds simple right? It is, but I must warn you.

There are all kinds of people out there offering to set these systems up...and while I won't name names, some people are NOT the experts they make themselves out to be.

How do you know who to trust?
How do you know the expert you're talking to is really an expert?
And how can you be sure the system he or she designs for you will actually work?

I've thought of all these questions through for you very carefully and the best way I can think to prove all these things is to simply show you firsthand.

That's right, I'm taking time out of my schedule to help you design a custom Client Acquisition System for free.

Here's Why I'm Doing This

It's simple.

I know a certain percentage of people who I create this blueprint for will want me to build this for them.

So rather than try to convince you how great I am, how many happy clients I have, or how I really know what I'm talking about, I figured I'd prove I can help actually helping you.

For strings attached.

Here's How We'll Work Together

I've set aside some time to show you how this all works. I'll personally review your current offer, marketing, copy, sales process, and funnel.

Next, I'll work with you to determine your sales targets, how many leads you need to get to reach those goals, and what system will help you get there the fastest.

After that, we'll make a blueprint on the spot to get you to your revenue goals as quick as possible.

You'll Get a Custom Client Acquisition System
Designed Specifically For YOUR business
For Free!

And I believe once you have this system designed for you, one of these 3 things will happen:

1: The first possibility is you think I wasted your time and the system I designed is no good. While that has never happened and I don't plan on it happening, I'll immediate give you $100 as compensation just for wasting your time.

2: The second possibility is you'll love the system and see the immediate potential it has for your business. Then you choose to build it by yourself.

If that's the case, great. I'm happy to help and wish you the best of luck.

3: The third possibility is you love the system and you want me to build it all out for you. If that's the case, great. I'll get to work immediately.

Here's What Happens When We Decide to Work Together

All of the copy and the pages will be built out inside a google document and customized exactly to your business.

Once that's set up, it will be ready to be plugged into your website and Auto Responder of choice.
And I'm not going to tell you how to do it either, I'll do it all for you.
So this is completely plug and play.

Here's What You're Getting

You're getting the very same system I'm currently using in my own business. The very same automation which works for me around the clock. And you're getting the same email swipe copy I use for myself and my clients, tailored to your business.

This has been validated across many markets including Health and Fitness, Personal Development, Marketing Agencies, Biz op, Golf, Coaches of all kinds, SaaS companies, as well as local service businesses.
Some include Realtors, Home Remodeling Companies Mortgage Brokers, Financial Advisors, and many more.

The point is, it just plain works...And this way all you need to do is change the messaging so its relevant to your business.

Now, I know everyone who reads this has a slightly different business.
Maybe you already have a bunch of followers and clients. Maybe you're brand new.
Or somewhere in between.

That's why we start with the following 3-Phase Client Acquisition Campaign.
This is designed to convert your hottest prospects into clients right away, while also taking cold leads from advertising and warming them up until they become your client too.

The very first campaign I want to show you is the Cold Indoctrination Campaign

Cold Indoctrination Campaign

The ability to profitably turn cold strangers into clients from advertising just might be the most valuable skill in the world.
And this campaign works like magic to do just that.
The term us marketers call indoctrination is really all about delivering value in advance to your market and getting them to know, like, and trust you. (nothing weird or cultish, don't worry)

Often this campaign uses a  webinar funnel structure because they have the best chance of converting a cold stranger to a client, but you don't need a webinar.

Here's where it gets cool and different from what everyone else does.

Where most marketers make the mistake of simply pitching right away, our goal is to build a relationship with your market before we ever present them with an offer. That's not to say we send them 50 million pieces of "value" before we make them an offer, either.

If your prospect doesn't become a client here, no problem - that's completely normal. That's why we have the next two campaigns.

For now, this is a brief overview of how the cold indoctrination campaign works. It's the first thing we'll be setting up in your business.

The next campaign we're going to implement is the Warm Campaign.

Once you have indoctrinated your cold leads, the simple fact is not everyone will become a client right away. Again, this is normal.

Here's what we do next if they don't
The next step is to run them through your Warm campaign.

Warm Client Acquisition Campaign






In this sequence we simply send them to see a VSL or a PDF with your offer.
We can either send people directly to this campaign through advertising, or you can send them to this campaign through your existing list, and your social media.
Because it's likely you already have a bunch of "warm" prospects and followers.

We can implement all kinds of different tactics here to encourage people to apply to speak to you, such as deadlines and various email sequences, but the main goal is to encourage them to contact you by providing them more goodwill.

If they still do not become your client, no problem.
That's why we have the Hot Campaign.


Hot Client Acquisition Campaign





If someone has gone through your indoctrination and warm up sequence, they are now considered "hot" towards you.
They've watched your videos and read your emails. They consumed your content and they're sticking around, which means...

They know who you are and more importantly, they know you can help them!

The hot campaign simply encourages your hottest leads to reach out to you by using friendly marketing.
It's incredibly low pressure selling here. This campaign is really under your prospects "sales radar."

So there you have an overview of the actual framework I'll be helping you design for your business.

It's part of my go-to formula for attracting high ticket sales and increasing the performance of my advertising campaigns.


These Campaigns are Just the Beginning.

After these main 3 campaigns are designed, I'll start adding on more follow up systems.
Their purpose is to continually re-engage your prospects until they buy, in a way that doesn't piss them off.
Where most marketers make the mistake of continually sending pure sales emails and videos, I'll be designing hybrid style emails which sell and deliver value at the same time.

On top of that, I'll help you design a campaign to enroll your current and past clients into your higher end back end services.

So if you become a client,  I'm basically getting you to the 95 yard line here.
All you need to do is upload everything to your website and Auto Responder of your choice then BOOM, touchdown baby.

It Keeps Getting Better

Just because I build all your copy, write your VSLs and webinars, then get everything automated doesn't mean we're finished.

Far from it!

Every week I'll call you to see how everything's going.
I'll help you continually tweak and optimize the entire process until we get everything running perfect.
Plus, I'll also help you fine tune your ads so you're getting an even bigger ROI.

That way, you know I've got your back every step of the way.

By the way, in case you're wondering....

Here's How Much it's Going to Cost
 If you Want Me to Implement Your Blueprint
For You.

In the event we decide to work together based on the initial free consult, I'll immediately start building out everything I described above.

The total cost of everything - the 3 campaigns built and installed for you, the email copy, the VSL script, the webinar script, indoctrination videos, tying it all together with automation so it works for you non-stop, the advertising tune-up, and the weekly support calls is just 2 payments of $4750.

Yes, that is a great price.

I'm deliberately keeping it very affordable because I know once you have this system implemented, you'll want to be a client for life.

Now, as you can imagine, there is a HUGE demand for this type of service and at the great price I just mentioned, I expect to reach my capacity very quickly.

So, if you're interested...

Here's What to Do Next

First, let's get you scheduled on a call for your "Business Breakthrough" Client Acquisition Blueprinting session with me.
And then, if you like that, we can talk about accepting you as a client.

The way it works is simple.

At the bottom of this page, there's a link to apply.
Simply fill in a bit of details about your business. This will help me get prepared to speak with you.

And don't worry, there's nothing too intrusive or weird about these questions.
It's just a bit of info on how your business is currently working (or how you would like it to work), what you're selling, your price point, etc.

This helps me start working on blueprint ideas before we get on our call.
So as soon we begin, we don't have to waste any time and we can begin making progress right away.

After you submit your application,

Then We Schedule A Time to Go Over Your Business And
Create Your Blueprint, FREE.

Once I receive your application, I'll follow up with you as soon as possible.
Typically no more than 1-2 business days from when I first hear from you.

And don't worry, there'll be no high pressure sales tactics for you to become a client at all.

My sole focus is to design the best Custom Client Acquisition System for you, for free, and let that experience speak for itself.

So if you want to become a client after that, great. And if not, no problem. I know not everyone is a great fit for this type of system.

Oh and you might be wondering about the call itself...

Here's What Happens When We Talk! 

There are two things I do on every call.

First, I listen to you.
My goal is to find out exactly how your business works (or how you wish it would work).

As well as what you're selling (or would like to sell), what your price points are, what traffic sources you're using, what your upsell and cross-sells are, and anything else you might want to tell me.

Second, I find out what you want to do in your business.

What your sales goals are, how many clients you would like to work with, what price point you would like to sell at (if applicable), how many leads and subscribers you want to attract every month, what you want your upsells to be, and so on.

So we're both getting an accurate picture of where you're at and where you want to be...
And then we build the bridge to get you to your goal.

The way it works is I'll prescribe the perfect campaign based on your goals and your business model to help you achieve your sales targets.

Next: Using Your Free Blueprint

There are two ways to use your free Client Acquisition System Blueprint.

First, you can build it for yourself or hire someone else to do it. If that's your decision, I'm glad I could help and I wish you the best of luck. I'll send you all the blueprints we created in PDF form after our call.

Your other choice is to have me build it for you.

If that's your decision, I'll create all the campaigns, write all your copy, script your webinar and VSL,  script your indoctrination videos, set up your automation and webpages, help you optimize your ads and give you weekly support and everything else I mentioned above.

All for just two payments of $4750.

But whatever you decide, please know there is no pressure to become a client.

Chances are, you already know how I operate and you understand I only want to work with people who are a good fit.

At Last...Here's the "Catch"
You've Been Looking For

It's quite simple...

These systems are a ton of work for me so my time is extremely limited.
And for that reason I won't talk with just anyone.

So in order for me to invest my time and energy into providing you with a free Client Acquisition System Blueprint, you need to meet some strict, but reasonable criteria.

Here it is:

1: You already have a business. This isn't for beginners.
This also means you have positive reviews, testimonials, in other words, proof you're helping people.

2: You're selling or want to sell a "high ticket" service of product, meaning over $3000.
While this isn't a deal-breaker, it helps me sleep at night knowing I only have to help you get 3 new clients to justify my fee.

3: You're already advertising.
This also means you already have a list of buyers and leads preferably.
I only add this criteria because I like people who have forward momentum, who are taking action.

That's it!
Here's the bottom line: As long as you have a real business and you're actually helping people, I'd be delighted to help you for free.

And if you get value out of the help I provide and want to become a client, that's great.

Ready to get started?


Click Here and Let's Get Started!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I look forward to speaking with you.


Ben Byrne