The Mating Call of the Flakepreneur

Flakepreneur alert: If you're easily "triggered', read no further.

...Still here? Okay, good.

Check this out, I came across a thread getting an unreal amount of "engagement". The topic?

Authentic marketing.

More importantly, how one flakepreneur feels scarcity (limited supply) and urgency (impending deadlines) are NOT authentic marketing...

And, how both should go the way of the unicorn - extinct.

Needless to say, this was like the mating call of the flakepreneur. It was a total feeding frenzy of bull shyat.

I quoteth...

"I would personally feel more comfortable buying if I had complete freedom to buy anytime I want."

My god, if we all let people buy anytime they want, we would all be broke.

Scarcity and urgency are still used...because they work.

In fact, they are time honored principles (not tactics) of direct marketing. They MUST be used, especially in our day and age.

If you don't pressure someone to buy, they're gonna procrastinate and they'll probably forget about you entirely.

The key of it all is to use real scarcity and urgency.

If you say you're gonna increase your price, actually do it. (As I do).

If you say you're only letting 20 people join, only let 20 people join. That's as close to "authentic marketing" as you can get.

Remember, nobody feels pressured to buy something that ALREADY want to buy. We only feel pressured to buy or do stuff we don't wanna do.

Don't believe me? Imagine you had two friends trying to convince you to take a trip.

Friend A wants you to go on an all inclusive trip to Cancun, Mexico.

Free drinks, great weather, awesome nightlife, gorgeous weather...

He calls you everyday asking you, no pressuring you to go.

Friend B does the same, except he wants to go camping in Iran.

Which friend are you going to be more annoyed with?

Anyway, that's enough value for you today.

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