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How to Become a Sales Success Even If You're an Introvert and Hate Selling"

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If you've been looking to become better at selling...

But you're not a "people person", and selling makes you uncomfortable on your best day...

And scares the living crap out of you on your worst,

Then this letter will be incredibly valuable to you.

Here's why.

The most common myth about sales is that you must be an outgoing, smooth talking, wizard of words.

It's simply not true.

Many people have risen to success in sales even though they hated "putting themselves out there."

Even if the thought of talking to a stranger makes you pee your pants...

... You can still become successful at selling.

Look - I won't sit here and make hollow promises.

You won't read my book and make millions of dollars overnight....

But I AM promising your knees won't buckle, your voice won't crack, and your armpits will stay dry on the way to your next big presentation

Before I tell you more, I must warn you...

This will require you to forget every "rule" you've been taught about selling.

Most of them are counter productive to sales success.


Like "Always be closing", be passionate, just work harder...hustle and grind.

If you've tried the traditional way of selling and it didn't work for you, then maybe it's time to try something new, right?

Afterall, Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and expecting different results."

So it is with selling...and chances are, you just haven't learned a way to make it work for YOU.

My Name's Ben Byrne and
I was the most introverted of them all


My first sales job was with a company selling solar panels door to door.

Being fresh out of engineering school, I decided to work in sales instead a dull desk job.

You never forget knocking on your first door...

My heart started beating faster as I walked towards it. My hands got sweaty.

I almost turned around and went home.

But I worked up the courage to knock... so softly I'm still surprised anyone heard it.

A small boy answered. He was probably 5 or 6 years old.
It didn't matter. I was so nervous, I practically puked.

Even though both of my parents were salespeople and entrepreneurs.

Sales didn't come naturally to me at all.


And like I said, I took mechanical engineering in school...I'm more comfortable with computers than people.

Numbers still make a lot more sense to me.

I soon realized I would never be happy working for someone else...the only answer was to start my own business.

However I also realized I needed to learn how to sell to achieve any measure of success.


 The sales techniques and tactics we were taught just never worked for me.

They made me squirm inside and

 I knew my prospects could feel it too.


 Before I figured out how to make sales work for my personality type...

I thought the answer was simply facing my fears.

Becoming more outgoing. Just working harder...

The truth is, selling is a lot easier if you follow a handful of principles, strategies, and frameworks.

This one phrase changed the way I thought about selling.


"Whenever you're scared or nervous about doing something, that's a clear sign that you just don't know what to do."

Think back to when you first learned how to drive.

It made you nervous the first few times, didn't it?

But after you were shown how to properly handle a vehicle, I bet driving became second nature.
The same thing can happen with selling...

Because selling is actually a scientific, almost mechanical process.


Sure, the human element varies from person to person, but we generally behave in an entirely predictable manner.

But if you don't know what you don't know, you'll never get better at it!

I've read a ton of books and tried a lot of different techniques, tactics, and strategies...

And it led me to develop a predictable system that works for me.

It has worked for others I've shown it to...

And it can work for you too.

In short, this book contains everything you need to know about selling the way we like to buy.

With that said, if you can get past the old way of selling, then this is for you.

Now let me show you...

Exactly what you're getting today


First of all, this isn't like any other sales book you've ever read.

This is not a sales book about positive thinking, working 10x harder, or using sleazy manipulative tactics.

There's no fluff, filler, or irrelevant information. AKA all the parts that you usually skip over.

And it's easy as heck to read.

In just 77 short pages, you'll learn my entire counter intuitive system for selling in one sitting.

How I managed to go from struggling door to door salesman, to well paid copywriter and sales strategist.

Plus you can use the information in this book to sell physical products, services, consulting, information products, and more.

This material will work in any market, for B2B or B2C.

This is about more than just "selling better" though


I intend to lay down the roadmap to creating freedom in your life.

For example, I use the strategies in this book to handle the heavy lifting of my prospecting for me - independent of my time.
You'll learn how to create a steady stream of prospects who come to YOU ready to buy.

I also lay the groundwork down for taking maximum advantage of social media and what I like to call "power syndication".

This is an easy way to get the most amount of eyeballs on you and your offer to multiply your selling power many times over.

You're also going to learn all about selling over social media, email, in person, on the phone, and with the written word.

Like the page you're reading now. It does the selling for me.
...and I'll tell you how to write one for yourself.


Here's just a small sample of what you'll learn in this book


  • How to sell even if you have no idea what to say...This one secret alone completely turned my sales career around. It's all about simply shifting your focus. (pg. 24)
  • The 5 step secret formula for selling anything to anyone. This is on page 25.
  • You need to cold call, right? Wrong! That's on page 44.
  • Why you should NOT be enthusiastic and try to get your prospect excited about your product...In fact, you'll learn why getting your prospect excited is the surest way to LOSE sales on page 21!
  • How to permanently eliminate your sales fear and never be at a loss for words in a sales conversation again. (pg. 16)
  • Where to find your best customers with money AND how to bring them into your world. (pg. 46)
  • 2 easy ways to find out exactly what your prospects want to buy from you. Doing this makes your job of selling 10 times easier. (pg. 24)
  • The truth about sales and why it's not a process of convincing someone to buy...(atleast, at first) (pg. 6)
  • The 3 part objection handling system that doesn't piss your prospects off. (Hint: it's not "Feel, Felt, Found) (pg. 28)
  • Say goodbye to begging, pleading, and praying your prospects will buy...you'll learn how to make them beg YOU to buy. (pg. 47)
  • How to become an authority figure in your market, even if nobody has ever heard of you. Find that on page 51
  • You need to be an amazing speaker to be successful at sales, right? NO! The best salespeople do what's on page 17.
  • Why most people fail at email marketing and what to do instead. If you get this right, your email subscribers will eagerly await your emails, gladly buy from you, AND get mad if you don't email them. (page 49)
  • How to systematically counter your prospects 5 main objections...These objections appear in EVERY sales situation, in the exact same order every time, and they must be answered. Their answer is on page 40.
  • What you should never do in a sales conversation. (pg. 20)
  • Why repulsing prospects will make you MORE money (pg. 7)
  • How to ethically sell your products for more than your competitors (pg. 43)
  • The truth about sales pressure...When prospects welcome it and when they hate it. (pg. 10)
  • What to do if you have an amazing product but you can't seem to sell it...Hint: this is why we hate 99% of advertising and sales pitches. (pg. 41)
  • The most valuable "mindset hack" to advance your sales career. (pg. 9)
  • What does "Legal Cocaine" have to do with becoming better at sales? Find out on page 54.
  • The biggest mistake most salespeople by far. (pg. 11)
  • When it's okay to turn down a sale - your prospects will be amazed by this (pg. 7)
  • How to outsell your competition by working LESS than them (pg. 13)
  • The truth about effective selling and how to make your prospects THANK YOU for pitching them. Read this bad boy on page 39.
  • Why most internet sales funnels fail and how to set up yours for success the first time. (pg. 46)
  • What to do if your clients get bored of your presentation...do this and they will immediately snap back to giving you their full attention. That's on page 36
  • The most important part of selling...If you screw this up, you'll be destined for a life of name tags, paper hats, and asking people," if they would like fries with that." (pg. 38)
  • How to make your prospects sell themselves on buying from you by asking a few of the right questions (pg. 32)
  • The 3 levels of persuasion...most salespeople focus exclusively on the first level, which happens to be the least effective. (pg. 31)
  • How to tell exactly when your prospect is ready to buy. This is the exact moment when you should close. If you miss this window, you could easily blow the sale. (pg. 29)
  • Why talking about price can often cause you to lose the sale. (pg. 27)
  • The real reason the most effective sales techniques and strategies won't help you... unless you have what is on page 22.
  • Why using canned sales pitches is stupid and what to do instead. See page 15 for this priceless tip.

Have you ever wondered why your prospects won't buy from you?
No matter how much you discount your products or services? Yet at the same time, they buy from your competitors even if their inferior solution is many times more expensive than your own...

It could be because your competition understands what's on page 42 and you don't.

Or it could also be because they're using a powerful secret I reveal on page 51...

For Entrepreneurs: Do you understand what your most important asset is? I'll bet you don't. I reveal it on page 53.

This is only a tiny portion of the contents of this book.
Here's even more.

  • If you're not getting the closing percentages you want, it's almost certainly due to what you'll learn on page 53. (This also explains why someone can charge 10 times more for the same service as you)
  • If you find yourself constantly chasing prospects, you need to read page 8.
  • 5 questions to ask your prospect before you even consider presenting your product or service. That's on page 7.
  • The real reason you might not be making sales. Hint: it's not your prospects, your product, or your selling skills. (pg. 17)
  • Why setting goals might actually cause you to lose sales counter to popular belief (pg. 18)
  • For consultants and B2B service providers: How to get maximum compliance from your prospect before you ever meet them using "physical opt in". This method will also help you determine whether or not this prospect is worth YOUR time. It's on page 42.
  • How to take an objection handling technique and turn it into compelling ad copy...It turns out, this common technique is much better for writing ads then it is for handling objections! You'll find it on page 43.
  • 7 ways to instantly improve your selling whether it's in person, on the phone, or via the written word. This begins on page 30.
  • How to attract attention and eyeballs to yourself without paying a fortune in advertising. (pg. 46)
  • The 2 questions your prospect is constantly asking, which if left unanswered, lose you sales. They're on page 41.
  • How a common supermarket item can help you make a lot more money. (pg. 45)
  • The truth about motivating your prospects to buy...Why it's impossible AND stupid! Check page 25.

I know all of this sounds like a lot to take in, but there's even more valuable goodies in this book.

On page 56 I included a training that I sold for $100.

I call it my "Time Investment Strategy".


This goes WAY beyond time management.

You'll learn about the hidden profit centers in your business.

Once you become aware of them, you will be well on your way to creating a new income stream within a few weeks or months.

I'll teach you how to systematically turn one hour of work into countless hours of profit.

Don't believe me? Wait till you read page 57!

Turn the page and you'll learn the strategy that perfectly compliments my time investment strategy that I call...

"The Devils Pitchfork Method"


If you understand the value of the D.P.M. and start implementing it, you will completely change your business.

You'll be able to take more vacations, command much higher fee's, and enjoy your business again.

(Absolutely anyone can use this strategy, you don't even have to have a business!)

I also explain what you need to focus on creating right away...

It's the single most valuable thing any company can do. Turn to page 56 to find out why.

Most people miss this opportunity completely, which is a shame because it's so easy to set up now for free.

I consider this section to be priceless.

Now here's what to do next


The book is going to be called "Introverted Selling Secrets"

I've already finished writing it. I'm on the last stages of editing and it's going to print next month on Amazon.

But right now, I want to get it into your hands immediately.

Before everyone else gets a chance to read it...

If you're interested in getting a digital copy before it goes to the printers, I'm offering the book for a very special price one time price.

I could have priced this material very high, but to be quite honest I want to get it in as many peoples hands as possible.

So it's not going to cost you $100, $50, or even $20.

Today you can get it in it's Digital Version for only $9.95.

This price comes with the single condition you give me your honest feedback on the quality of the content.

Now you're probably wondering...

 Why is it priced so low? What's wrong with it?


 It's a Blatant Bribe!


It's true...

I'm willing to bet you'll love the material in this book so much...

It will create a business relationship that will last for years.

Of course you're under no obligation to keep buying from me.

And I don't expect you to want to work with me in the future if you feel like I don't know what I'm talking about.

But I think you'll want to.

With that said, you may be wondering...

"Is this book just a long infomercial to get me to buy a high priced course?"


That's a great question. More often than not, most books are.

But not THIS book. Nope, it's full of information you can use right now to become better at selling.

It doesn't matter if you have no experience and you want to learn.

Or if you've been selling one way for years.

I have a hunch you'll not only enjoy reading this book, but you'll also want to share it with as many people as you can.

Here's a another common question I hear.

"Can Anyone Really Become Good at Selling?"


One of the main reasons I wrote this book is because most folks get discouraged quickly in sales and quit.

If you've tried selling but you found it doesn't come naturally to you at all, this book is for you.

The fact is, most people start their selling career and don't get the results they want and throw in the towel.
Just like how 95% of businesses fail within the first 5 years.

What they have in common is they both failed at selling because they failed to sell.
So my goal was to give you everything you need to know and then some.

I want to make sales a straight forward and simple process for you.


The truth is, everyone will not become good at sales for various reasons.

There will always be rejection. You will always have to ask people for money. It will always take discipline.

Most people just can't handle those things...

But anyone can become good at selling.

Just like how everyone can become rich, but not everyone WILL become rich.

"Ben, I'm selling something weird, will this work for me too?"


The contents of this book are based on principles of human nature. I didn't just make them up.

They were true 100,000 years ago, and they'll be true until Skynet Google replaces us all with AI.

Even though many of my strategies are counter intuitive to the common sales dogma...

If you follow the structure I lay out, you too will be able to sell your product or service, no matter what it is.

I promise you that.

"Is this a trick?"

There's no tricks here.

My goal is to give you so much value, you won't believe I only charged you $9.95 for it.

When you buy it from me, I'm not going to try to trick you into buying an expensive monthly program, high ticket coaching, or anything like that.

I will give you the option of working with me in other ways, but you're under no obligation to do so.

What makes this different than any other selling book or course out there?


I've read hundreds of sales books.

I'm constantly "sharpening the saw" as they say.

None of the books or courses covered this material. Most of the content they included was irrelevant...

Or even worse, written by someone who was in sales 20 years ago but now only writes about it.

I still use these techniques literally every day.

Everything you will learn is 100% actionable. It's all based on what works here in the real world.

You will disagree with me on a bunch of points, I practically guarantee it.
All I ask is that you try what I teach you.

That's fair, right?

Use my methods for yourself and then let me know how much better they work for you.

Should I get this now or can I wait?


You can get this book anytime after it goes to print on Amazon.

It will be more expensive than $9.95 because I plan on selling physical copies.

If you act today, I'm going to throw in some exclusive bonuses that will not be available if you wait.

Bonus #1: You will get free access to an hour+ long training session where I walk you through my entire email selling system. I charged $200 for this training - you get it free.

Bonus #2: You're also going to get my "13 principles of direct response" at the end of this book. These are 13 critical elements of writing ads that sell for you. If you follow them, you'll make money. If you ignore them, you'll lose money. Every time. They're yours on page 58.

Bonus #3: I'm also giving you my ultimate client getting system in this book...It's taken me a while to crack the code for this system... and I charge my clients a lot of money to create these systems for them. You get it on page 45.

Bonus #4: You know this sales page you're reading? I'm going to break it down line by line so you can see my entire process, plus all the hidden psychology behind these sales pages. You won't want to miss this!

Pretty generous right?

That's not all, either...

You're Protected by The Most Generous Guarantee in Existence!


If you try the techniques and strategies I share in this book and feel like this book doesn't deliver every promise I made today, I'll give you double your money back.

Heck, even if you don't like it for whatever reason, you can get a full refund.
Even though it's a measly $9.95, I want to make this decision as easy as possible for you.

I couldn't figure out how to make a more fair deal than this...

Oh yeah and you can even keep the bonuses and the book if you get your money back.

But I'm willing to put my money on the line that you will love it.

Here's how you can get your copy today


To be one of the first people to get your hands on this book, there'll be a link below to order.

Click that button and you'll be taken to an order page via Paypal.

Just enter your regular details and complete your order, then you'll be redirected to the download page for immediate access to Introverted Selling Secrets.

There you can download your copy, plus you'll receive instructions on how to receive your bonus training.

I promise this will change how you feel about selling forever.

Yes! I'm ready to make selling easy!

PS. Do You Skip Right to the End of Letters Like These? Me too!

Here's what this is all about.

I've written a book called Introverted Selling Secrets.

It's unlike any other sales book you'll ever read. In fact, I imagine most people will be copying my techniques and strategies and calling them their own.

That's fine with me. My goal is to help you sell if you're the type of person who can't stand selling, if you're not good at it, or if you just want to improve your skills.

This is a fairly short, but highly action packed book. In just 71 pages, you'll know all you need to know to get an unfair advantage over your peers and competition.

While they will all be trying to sell using the traditional, ineffective selling ways, you'll be skipping right to the front of the line.

I've made the price ridiculously affordable to everyone who needs it because A) It makes me feel all warm n fuzzy inside and B) Because it's a blatant bribe...

It's true, I want to over-deliver so much value to you that you have no choice but to buy more of my stuff! Muahahaha!

I'm only joking (kinda), you don't have to buy anything else from me. (but I'm betting you'll want to).

This version is strictly digital so I can instantly get it into your hands. After my initial launch, I'll start selling physical copies on Amazon.

There's 2 downsides to selling on Amazon for me.
The first is the physical copies will be more expensive.

The second is Amazon will keep a generous portion of the books proceeds.

For those two reasons, I'd rather just cut out the middleman and sell it right to you and keep all the profit.

Your price? Only $9.95.

To make it even better, you're also getting 3 valuable bonuses if you order it through this page today.

My only condition is you personally reach out to me and tell me what you felt about the book.

Like it, love it, or hate it. I want to hear your feedback so I can make it even better.

And of course, if you hate it, you can get every penny back, no questions asked, no hard feelings.

In fact, if you prove you tried the strategies and frameworks I laid out in this book and they didn't work for you...

I'll give you double your money back.

How's that for an offer?

So that's the pitch. Click the button below to get your copy of Introverted Selling Secrets today.

When you click the button, you'll be taken to a secure Paypal link. Once the payment is confirmed, you'll instantly be taken to the download page.

On that page you can get your copy and there'll be instructions on how to take advantage of the first live training bonus.

(I'm planning to have three live trainings for you on August 5th, 10th, and 15th).



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