Why You Might Be A Sociopath if You Never Feel Imposter Syndrome

Everyone feels the Imposter Syndrome at one time or another, if you don't - you're probably a sociopath.

This is especially true if you've just started learning about the wild and wonderful world of direct marketing and copywriting.

I'm going to tell you first of all why you should embrace imposter syndrome and then how you can use it to your advantage...

In case you're reading this post and you've never heard of the Imposter Syndrome, I'll explain it quickly.

Typically it happens to copywriters and newbie marketers in two scenarios.

A) When you get fast results and you're not sure if it was just luck or skill.


B) You've recently started learning about marketing and copywriting and you've been in "consumption mode". IE: Reading books, buying courses, listening to podcasts, watching videos, and so on.

Type B people find themselves knowing a ton of information about their topic, but they don't have the real world results to back them up.

It’s a very uncomfortable feeling because you constantly feel someone will “find out” you don’t actually know anything. You’ll be exposed and humiliated, and probably sent to jail too.

Well it turns out, everyone suffers from it on some level. It's a mistake to think that everyone else is miles ahead of you and they always feel certain, and they're always right and you're not.

If you feel imposter syndrome it's a sign that you care about becoming great. Use it as motivation to drive you to master your craft.

In other words, you need to embrace imposter feeling.

If you don't feel imposter syndrome, and you're telling everyone you're an expert without anything backing it up, you're probably a sociopath.

The main mindset shift to hold imposter syndrome at bay is to just remember you don't need anybodies permission to start helping people.

And if you know more about a subject than another person, you ARE an expert to them.

Of course, there are always various degrees of "expertness" in fields.

There's the "dillitantes". Complete beginners who are just trying to get a lay of the land.

Then there's the people who know just enough to be dangerous. The people who can talk the talk and convince a few people to listen to them.

And at the other end of the spectrum you have the masters. The people who are "unconsciously competent".
They've internalized all the principles and now and can effortlessly come up with new strategies and tactics based on those principles.

No matter where you fall on that spectrum, you still have value.

There's no other person in the world who see's things the exact same way as you.
They don't have your same life story, they don't have your same values or experiences.

And that's why new books get written when really everything has already been said by others.

So if you feel imposter syndrome, go ahead and give yourself permission to start helping people, and use that feeling as fuel to master your craft.

Sound good?

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