How to Climb Out of Debt

I'll be the first to admit I'm far from perfect.

I've been dead broke and I've made some good coin in my time.

Let me tell ya, If you've got creditors breathing down your neck...
Friends, family, significant others constantly taking shots at you...
And you're trying to decide whether you should pay for groceries or your phone bill this month.
That makes the hard times a LOT harder.

Here's how I managed to pull myself out of debt numerous times.
(Forgetting this lesson always comes back to bite me in the ass)

Step 1:  The best way to get yourself out of a hole is to stop digging it.

What does that mean?
Stop spending money on stupid sh*t. Stop wasting time on social media. Stop reading books, blogs, watching Youtube videos, and listening to podcasts.

That also means stop buying courses (yes, even mine), going to seminars, or watching webinars. You'll never get something for nothing.

If you're deep in the hole, now is NOT the time to budget or plan how to get out. You just cannot THINK yourself out...that leaves one thing left.

Start DOING stuff.

You have a very finite amount of time and no amount of cashola will change that. The real difference between winners and the losers is what they do with their time.
If you have to get a mindless job, do it.

Step 2: Get a job and take the immediate pressure off your shoulders.

Your critical thinking power is crushed when you're under constant pressure to make ends meet. You might have bought into the whole internet marketing thang, but it's impossible to win at without the dough to invest.

Step 3: Write a status report.

I got this idea from John Carlton. What you do is take every single problem, desire, frustration, irritation, pain, and you write it all down in a Microsoft word document or on a piece of paper. You write EVERYTHING out. Just make sure it's for your eyes only.

See, when we're in a debt, our brains are telling us we're under constant attack. If you can't sleep at night, it's because your brain is reminding you so you don't forget. This writing process will help.
You can also write your to do list here.

Step 4: Get more sleep.

This might seem counter intuitive if you're a gary vee fanboi, but I'm a big believer in sleep. You DON'T want to be working 18 hours a day.

If you're not getting enough sleep, your brain is going to be in a constant haze, you'll make bad decisions, and you'll be at risk of a variety of health problems.

Step 5: Look for leverage points.

I'm a big believer in 80/20 thinking. That means, 80% of your results are undoubtedly coming from 20% of your actions. If you make $20 an hour, every minute of that hour is NOT worth the same amount.

One minute may be worth 20 cents. Another minute might be worth $40. It all depends on the tasks you're doing. This itself is too deep a topic from an email, but thinking this way can change everything for you.

Step 5: Find someone to model...someone where you want to be.

Look at their skills. Look at their daily habits. Don't look at what they say, look at what they DO.
How do they interact with people? What do they believe that you don't believe?

For me, I chose copywriting on a hunch. I didn't have anyone to model, except the books I read from long dead authors. I had to piece together most of this sh*t on my own.
I just saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and it turned out to be right up my alley.

Now if you follow all these steps, that's when you can start investing into courses and training.
If someone promises to make you fabulously wealthy overnight, they're just blowing smoke up your a$$.
However, if you focus on building skill sets instead of chasing opportunities, you'll get way ahead of the game.

Like my Effortless Persuasion System for Copywriting, or my freelance copywriter survival guide. Or my latest book, Introverted Selling Secrets, or the 7 Day Funnel.
They all focus on skills...

And whenever you're ready, here's where you can get them.