How one Ancient Technique Re-Discovered INSTANTLY Revolutionized my Life

Monday, June 6th, 2016

7:13 AM

Dear Friend,

From: a gloomy and cold rainy morning, In Halifax (on the east coast of Canada if you failed geography).

It certainly doesn't feel like summer here yet...

But nevertheless I feel amazing.

I am energized, focused, and enthusiastic...but it wasn't always this way.

So what's got me feeling so good you ask? My heart is pumping, my clothes are soaked, I just got back in from a run ( I NEVER run, especially in the morning!). Hell it even feels like a miracle to get up before lunch...Because, as some of you may have experienced before if you live the entrepreneur life, it gets very hard to discipline yourself to stick to a set schedule.

So how did changing two little habits drastically alter my life, and what is the almost magical technique I have learned to trick my mind into changing overnight?

Read on!

If you know a little bit about me, you would know that I've read a ton of books on self help, business, sales, psychology- you name it, I've probably read it...yet it might have taken me YEARS to learn this little "trick" if I didn't luckily find it...

While wasting time on Facebook!

That's right! No I wasn't looking at cat videos, but regardless, I was wasting time. In fact, yesterday I spent the entire day building a brand new t-shirt ecommerce store ( which is pretty productive I'll admit), and while pulling hair out during a particularly annoying part of that process, I ran across a little Facebook video...

This video was terrible quality, who made it? Not important.  In fact I don't even know why I watched it all ( my mind was probably just braindead from building boring websites), it looked like it was filmed on an old flip phone, and it sounded like it too, but for some unknown reason a part of me felt that I HAD to watch it.

As you also may be aware, I have a deep passion for sales and copywriting ( salesmanship in print), so naturally I have heard just about everything there is in the known universe about the topics of persuasion, advertising, changing minds, selling, influence, decision making, creating habits...YES I have heard it all.

But...this one old secret revealed in that video literally changed my habits overnight from staying up too late watching videos or reading ( OK, not all bad habits)  and waking up too late, being unproductive and almost ADD like with my focus at times, not being able to follow a strict schedule, drinking too much and neglecting my fitness, and overall acting like a "wantrepreneur" to...

  • WAKING up at 5 AM in the morning ( I haven't woken up earlier than lunch in MONTHS)
  •  GOING out for a morning runs  ( even though I HATE running!)
  • TAKING a cold shower ( Why on earth would I do this? It's a secret!)
  • FOLLOWING intermittent fasting and a twice a day strict workout routine ( for an unbelievably more productive day)
  •  PLANNING out my work day completely to leave no room for error ( and LOVE doing it)
  •  QUITTING drinking and saying NO to negative influences in my life ( I was weak before learning this)
  •  ACQUIRING lazer-like focus ( I could barely sit still before this)


So without any further delay, I'm sure you're asking what the hell is the trick!? Well if you just click below and send me three easy payments of only $49.99, I'll ship it to your door- FREE OF CHARGE!!

(Just kidding)

There are actually two tricks that I found that are working in symbiosis ( is that a word? Well it is now!), the first trick is something I learned from a little PDF I found whilst reading the famous Gary Halbert Newsletter. In one of his letters, he mentions a book called...

The Lazy Man's Guide to Riches

This short e-book is available on the internet completely free. Written by the late Joe Karbo back in the 70's.

Now despite the clickbait name ( or maybe because of it), he sold over 4 million dollars worth of these books. I was skeptical before reading it, but because I implicitly trust Sir Gary of Halbert, I read on...

In the book, Joe talks about an interesting process, I'm not even sure if I'm allowed to talk about it here due to some kind of copyright infringement but you can go check it out yourself. Essentially it's a way to program your subconscious to implant any new behaviour you want, and to delete any old behaviour.

Around page 44 of 158 I believe, Joe talks about the power of Super Suggestion. To risk sounding stupid explaining it, seriously just go check it out, it's free, I don't make any money from referring you to the book.

But Don't Read it Until You Finish Reading This!

Did you just read it? You prick! I said don't yet...It's ok I forgive you.

Moving on,

IF you have half a brain, I'm sure you were skeptical when reading about all this super suggestion stuff, power of the subconscious mumbo jumbo- Well, congratulations, you're not a sucker. I was the same way too, but luckily over the years I have trained my brain to ignore it's first reaction, and be open to experimentation. Besides...

What Harm Could Come from Super Suggestion?

Could my life really get worse by trying something new?  Hell NO!

So I did it... I put suggestions into my mind like some weird cult leader, except the only one I was trying to brain wash was myself.

And it worked! Sorta...

Well to be honest it didn't completely work...not until...I watched the Facebook Video! Remember? Stay with me now...

Like I said, I have read a LOT on influence, sales, psychology, copywriting, and worked in sales and marketing for years...You could almost call me an expert. Because I've seen it a lot, I like to think that it makes it hard use these tactics on me.

That is, until that sneaky little Facebook video revealed the trick that has been used for thousands of years- since the first story ever told, since the first caveman "sold" some shiny rocks for a fancy new club...Since the first time anyone has ever had to convince another person to do something!

This one powerful "sales" trick I used on myself is how I managed to change all of my habits- virtually overnight!

It all begins with what we learned as little kids- How to ask the right questions. You know how, don't you? If not I'll remind you...

Who, What, Where, When, Why, and How

The one twist to add is...What If?

There is a way to use these 7 questions to change the mind of anybody, and make them LOVE you for it! They will gladly hand you over their money...and there is a very specific 5 step process to execute it. You can and should start using this style of communication ALL the time.

The first key is to understand your prospect ( in this case, it was me!).

You need to ask those 7 questions in order to understand exactly what their problems are, their pains, frustrations, desires, what keeps them up at night, what do they secretly want the most? The easiest person to do this with is the person you know best...You!

I'll break it down for you. For the sake of simplicity, I'll be using sales and marketing terms- ie; prospect, product, etc.

Lets Begin.

1- Who is your prospect? What makes them forever pre-determined to suffer from the problem they're facing? The problem that your product solves? ( If you were so interested in creating a product after you solved your own issues, however it isn't necessary).

2- What is the exact nature of their problem? How intense is it? Does it bother them, annoy them, ENRAGE them? How often do they feel it? What amount of time is wasted by this problem?

3- Where else does the problem affect them negatively? What part of your life is also effected in a domino effect? For example: Drinking affects your health, relationships, work life, bank account, all negatively.

4- When do they feel the pain of this problem? What time of day? Is it ongoing or just a minor annoyance?

5-Why can't they solve this problem themselves? What outside force is to blame for this problem? ( Taking the blame off them lowers defenses).  Why does this only happen to them? ( Even though most problems are quite universal, we usually think it only happens to us).

6- How did they try to solve it before and failed? What competing products have they used? What are the flaws of the competitors product compared to your solution? What are the afraid to try?

7- What if....What if they could change? Could they imagine the future without whatever that problem is they are now facing?  What would their life be like if only they could reverse those dominoes? Can you imagine how your life would change if you had this solution?

That's the first step...Part two is creating a selling persona in order to exactly match up with your ideal customer. The process is similar, just repeat steps 1-7 for yourself, except in reverse!

This second step is how you build instant rapport and authority with your prospects.

1- Who are you and why are you the perfect person to solve their problem? Why were you the one specifically to solve this problem? What unique circumstances allowed you to luck into the answer? Prove you don't have to be a genius for your solution to work for anyone.

2- What is the nature of your solution? Is it a video series? A book? What is the actual product.

3-When can they solve the problem once they receive your solution? How fast does it take to implement? Is it instant? Is it an ongoing process? Make sure to set the right expectations from the start.

4-Where else can they apply this solution in their life? Does it do more than one thing? What other ripple effects will it cure?

5- Why is your solution the very best one available? Is there a unique twist to your solution from the competition? Why is this the only sensible option for them? Acknowledge your competition and be extremely familiar with their products.

6- How does your solution work from the second you pay to the minute you solve the problem? Is there any special training or knowledge you need as a pre-requisite to use it? How do they get it, how long does it take to get there? Talk about the benefits and the advantages to using your product.

7- What if they decline your offer? How will their life continue to be the same or even decline? If you don't take action right now, will it ever be better? Use when and where to create mental movies that will continue to bother them relentlessly until they decide to change. How will they continue to be frustrated and stagnate until they take action?

Now if you ask yourself these questions and answer them, you effectively have the formula to persuade yourself to change any habit that isn't helping you immediately!

Think of how you can use it in your own life!

If you are interested in persuading other people however, the key is the 5 step formula for delivering the right message. This technique is so powerful, it's like hacking their brain. You literally sidestep their mental defenses and make it seem like the whole damn thing was their idea to begin with. With something that powerful, I'm sorry, I can't put it out there.


Using the 7 step process alone is a game changer- something that you can start using right now to change your life for the better, and use that formula to accurately understand your ideal customer.

If you're in sales and marketing, the 7 step process can get your prospects to start vividly picturing the problems in their life, feeling the pain of their problems ( even if it's only mild), and begging to change immediately.

If this Feels like Manipulation Remember this...

It is ethical to use a process like this if you have a legitimate solution to their problems. It is a total win-win if you can actually help out others with your products ( compared to all the shit products out there for people, yours will be a godsend).

So I hope you learned something today about how to change your own habits, write me at ben@benbyrnemedia if you have used these steps to create a positive change in your own life.

Until Next time!


P.S. If you email me with the headline: Ben I  promise I won't use it for evil, PLEASE TELL ME! I will consider explaining the 5 step message system to you.

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