The Great Webinar Sales Secret


Today I wanted to share the number one secret to making "All dem Monies" with Webinars.

I assume you don't need edu-ma-cating on the value of a good webinar...but just in case you do, here's why you should start webinar-ing now.

There's no better or faster way to build a strong connection with your audience, to become an authority in your marketplace, to pre-sell folks on working with you, to build a powerful brand, and to make a whole dang boat load of cash than a webinar.

Got it?

Great. Before we get into the biggest webinar sales secret, let's clear the air of 3 big myths about webinars.

Here they are.

Myth 1: Webinars are DEAD!

Everything is dead, depending on who you listen to. I'm here to tell you they' re still running better than ever.
In fact, they're only just starting to get adopted by main stream, non internet-marketer peeps.

Webinars are being used to sell everything from courses, consulting, coaching, high ticket products, houses, generators, financial services, the list goes on.

Bottom line: It's a great idea to jump on the webinar train now.


Myth 2: Nobody will buy from my webinar because I'm not an authority.

This is a common form of what I lovingly refer to as "head-trash".
People WILL buy from you if you follow this simple formula...

The formula is what my home boy Frank Kern refers to as "Results in Advance".
In other words, demonstrating you can help them by actually helping them and being cool to them!

This post isn't about how to deliver results in advance or the actual content of the webinar script, that's a completely different animal and it would require a few hours to explain it all.

Just know there are multiple ways to pull off results in advance and you don't have to be an authority to pull any of them off.

Before we get on to myth 3, here's a quick commercial break.
I'm available to help you with YOUR webinar too! If you scroll down to the very bottom of this blog post, you'll see my cool free offer to help you with the form yiy can fill out to apply for it.

Back to the action, here's the next myth.

Myth 3: I'm uncomfortable selling on a webinar.

I understand a lot of people struggle to transition from educating to selling. It's unnatural for most people. It was for me too.

Most people think if you just give enough valuable information, people will buy from you. Alas, here in this place we call "reality", this rarely happens.

The solution is to have a strong transition and a well structured offer.
You can follow the classic NLP "Triple Fact" method, where you state two true facts and then you give them one you just made up.

For example: "You registered for this webinar because you're interested in learning about <getting this result> (fact 1), and you've watched up until now, (fact 2) so you know this is really going to help you. (fact 3)

Boom, transition to selling.

Then you can follow something like John Carltons simple 3 part offer formula.

Here's what I've got for you today.
(introduce the product)

Here's what it's going to do for you.
(Tell them the benefits)

Here's what I want you to do next.
(price, guarantee, call to action, deadline)

Once you're done that, recap everything you just said and close them!

This works pretty great if you're offering a simple service and you wanna get people on the phone.

However, if you're asking for the sale right on the webinar, you're gonna need to use some version of "The Stack".

For a quick and diry explanation, you can check out either Dotcom Secrets or Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson.

Here's the TL:DR version of the "stack".
You basically give them a bunch of bonuses and a make it really cool if they buy now, while making sure all those bonuses disappear if they don't buy within the next hour or so.
Usually they follow a value build and a price drop as well. If you've EVER watched an infomercial, you'll know what I mean.

"You're not going to pay $1000 for all this, you're not even going to pay $500! We thought about offering this all for $297 and that would be totally fair but for today only you can get everything included plus this awesome BONUS thing valued at half a bajillion dollars for just 2 easy payments of $29.97 plus shipping and handling. Call the number on your screen now!"

OKAY, moving onto the "Great Webinar Sales Secret" you done came here for!

I thought of this today because I was recently consulting with a nice gal from Ontario. She's been running her own webinar runs her own webinar selling back end business stuff to gym owners. Basically, she helps them do all the boring non marketing and sales stuff which people like me hate.

For the people who attend her webinar, enough of them book an application and turn into clients to make it profitable for her to keep advertising.
That's always good, however...

Her biggest problem was actually getting people to show up and attend the dang thing they commited to. Her dream show up rate was 15%. Currently she was getting around a 5 or 10.
(industry average for a good show up rate is 30-40%)

And it's totally natural for people not to show by the way. As people selling stuff on the internet, it's amazing we get anybody to take any kind of action, ever! Really. The fact you're reading till this point is mind boggling.

So here's the secret I wanted to tell you about today.

The most important part of the webinar is what you do BEFORE and AFTER the webinar itself...It's not what you say during the webinar.
(Although this certainly is critical too).

Here's the main problem I saw in her funnel.
She was hosting a live webinar once a month. And she advertised all month to get people to show up. Plus she was banking on a 7 part email sequence to do the heavy lifting and pre-selling for her before the attendants showed up.
To put it gently, this was not optimal.

Her post webinar sequence started one day after the webinar and she didn't segment whether the attendee's showed up or not. And naturally she didn't know who stuck around to see the offer but didn't buy. Another HUGE red flag and a massive opportunity for more money.

Finally, she was sending them back to a replay for a few days after the webinar. This is an enormous mistake as I'll explain in a bit.

So there's a lot of moving parts here which can be improved, because when you think about it, there are only a few things that have to happen in a successful webinar funnel.

  1. They have to click on an ad
  2. They have to register
  3. They have to show up
  4. They have to buy.

Easier said than done though, Amirite?

Doctor Ben's Orders...Take Two of These and Count All the Money You Make!

Here's what I suggested she do to immediately improve her response and sales.

The 7 part email sequence itself was very well written, even for my high-ish standards. However, it's super important to realize we're marketing to people on the internet.
That means they have distractions flying up 24/7 and they do NOT want to read our emails. After looking at her email numbers, the first email had a great open rate in the mid 30's and they plummeted after like a kamikazi pilot.

The first thing I suggested she try was simple.

Do more webinars!

I suggested she hold a webinar once per week. Because as every salesmen knows, delay is the death of the sale.
You don't want people waiting 15 days to catch your next webinar. They've already long forgotten within a few days max.

NEXT, I suggested she create two indoctrination videos. These do the job of pre-selling them on watching the video, establishing some goodwill, and answering their biggest objection.

On the first indoctrination video, I suggested she add a PDF download which is a fill in the blanks. The PDF teases the person with all the information they want to know and will learn on the webinar. You leave the tasty bits blank. This counts on most peoples OCD-like need to complete things.

For example, the number one sales secret on webinars is to focus more on ___ and ___, instead of ___.

See how that works?

Finally for the "before" section of her funnel, I suggested we really crank up the "show up emails" on the day of the webinar. I suggest at least 4 emails on the big day.

Moving on to the "After" stage.

The first thing I suggested she do is send an email 30 minutes after she made her offer. This will have a tremendous effect if you position it right.
I've seen this literally double sales.

Next, I told her to stop offering replays as this only is rewarding bad behavior.
You want to create genuine scarcity with your valuable training and you don't want to teach people it's okay to not commit to something they committed to! Got it? Great.

So what should you send people to instead?
Make an offer page! You set up a countdown for the offer you made on the webinar, you write it like a standard sales page with all the benefits and the price and all that fun stuff. Whatever offer you made at the end of the webinar. Cool?

I also suggested she focus on her biggest opportunity: People who saw the pitch, but didn't buy.
She needs to configure her email automation to magically speak with her webinar software and tag those who saw the pitch but didn't buy.

Why? Because these people are her BEST prospects. They're clearly interested, they just need a little push and they need special treatment.

For example, you can send these guys objection handling sequences and then countdown sequences.

All smart, money making tactics you can implement right away.

Now, if she does all that stuff, or even half of it, I'm willing to bet she'll be making 6 figures a month pretty quickly.

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Okay? Cool.
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Talk to you soon.

Ben Byrne