The Great Copywriting Myth: How You Mind-f**k Yourself

I hear it all the time...

"What do I say to get my customers to buy?"
"As a freelance copywriter, how do I charge higher fee's?"
"What type of copy would work for <insert niche here?>"
"How long should your VSL or sales letter be?"

"What makes the copywriters who charge $100,000 plus royalties for a sales letter different than the guys who charge $500?

On and on and on...

These are all various incarnations of what we lovingly refer to as, "Imposter Syndrome."

The idea we’re not good enough yet, we don’t know enough yet, we don’t have a big enough reputation yet, etc.

And in this post, we're going to banish the dreaded imposter syndrome from your mind, FOR GOOD!

You with me?

Let's get into it.

So you may be asking...

HOW does imposter syndrome tie into the great copywriting myth and mind f*cking myself?

BEFORE I tell you, you must understand...This is an easy concept to comprehend, but a hard concept to implement for a few reasons as you'll soon see.

The greatest copywriting myth ever is something I call...


The Greatest Copywriting Myth

It's the idea that you have to write the perfect sales letter or ad the very first go around.

And if you don't, you're just a massive failure and a total loser.

This is why most people put themselves through the "shameless whore" phase of a freelance copywriters career.

(That's where they'll take any job from anybody with a pulse for any amount of money)

What causes this mentality?

Simple. They’re fundamentally uncertain about their capacity to produce and it limits their internal self worth.

But that's a little "heady" stuff, so let's keep this moving.

The correct way to think about copywriting isn't about remembering formulas, language patterns, tactics, persuasive NLP stuff, etc.

It really has nothing to do with the writing itself, to an extent.

(Anyone can write.)

That correct way to think about copywriting is the way that makes you focus on the thing that matters.

The Market.

It's not about handwriting old letters and studying the great masters. I mean, for a certain period that can help you internalize the idea of copywriting...

And it's a great idea to see copy that produced huge amounts of sales, don't get me wrong.

However, the market is a MOVING TARGET.

It's NEVER static.

What worked yesterday, won't work today, and it won't work tomorrow. Not always at least.

So even the very best "A-LIST" copywriters fail, and they fail a lot.

Except, they have ONE SECRET that lets them confidently ask for those thousands and thousands of dollars.

Wanna know what it is?

Just buy my course and I'll tell you!

Jokes - the one secret is they know copywriting is an iterative process. It requires feedback and optimization.

(And not beating yourself up when your ad bombs.)

You focus on the market, their wants, fears, and desires.

Start with the "7 deadly sins". The bible did our market research over 2000 years ago, how nice.

You study their dominant emotions. Is it fear? Greed? Love? What really moves them?

Next, you take a long time to think about what the dominant pain or problem your market has which your product can solve.

And that's your starting point.

From there, you create a hypothesis like a scientist.

(Bear with me, I’m about to use math and science terms to explain something very un-sciencelike. That’s just my engineer brain.)

Okay, so you know they have a problem which they would like to be solved, right? That my amigo, is what’s known as a “Constant.”

You cannot change this state, or make them want your product.

This pain, need, desire, etc is what what makes them want your product when properly channeled onto it.

This desire is what drives the engine of our economy.
We’re talking about human emotions here which create entire billion dollar markets.

The desire is virtually never ending, however awareness and sophistication levels change — but really I won’t get weird and cryptic on you here.

Now in any algebra equation, you must have two constants and a variable, right?

So your markets needs wants fears and desires are on one side of the equation, and on the other side of the equation are their desired situation.

If they're fat, they want to be skinny.

If they're poor, they want to be rich.

If they're crap at golf, they want to be great at golf.

We know this. This is the second constant.

And now you have a gap between these two points and here comes the variable.

We call this variable your marketing message.

AKA your sales letter, Facebook ad, direct mail letter, cold call, whatever.

This is a variable and it always changes, so therefore you need to think and act like a smart scientist and start creating experiments.

No scientist creates one hypothesis and creates just one experiment then gives up if it doesn’t work. That would be stupid. We would never discover electricity or the lightbulb or any other invention.

Copy is no different.

The first time you write copy, you will most likely fail.
Do not be ashamed and don't get down on yourself. Even Agora loses money on 8/10 promotions.

Plus, they have some of the greatest copywriting and marketing minds in the world working for them!  So that should tell you something.

This is why this is SUCH a hard concept to actually live by. Once you start losing money, it's damn near impossible to feel bad unless you're like Warren Buffet or something.

You might think of advertising and marketing as gambling, but with the scientific method, eventually you will come across the right formula, the right variable or offer that connects the two points and completes the equation.

And as long as you don't let your own stupid head get in the way, the result of completing the equation is....


This is how fortunes are made.

Jeff Bezo's says, people compare business to baseball, almost every swing is a miss, aka a "failure"....but every now and then you hit a massive home run.

And he says business is NOT like a strike out because in baseball, you can only get 3 runs on the board if you hit a home run.

But if you hit a home run with your marketing message?

What if you fine tune it so that it's all people can think about when they try to sleep at night?

...What if it stops them dead in their tracks and makes the hairs on the back of their neck stand up?

That's like hitting 1000 home runs.

10,000 home runs.

So what's the solution? How do you pull off this thing we call copywriting?

Well, you have to have a basic knowledge of copywriting, you have to know how to research your market, and you have to be able to write and put the message out in front of your target market. DUH!

Everyone can do that!

So why do the big dogs take all the rewards, while you suffer?

Why are they landing whales, while you're struggling to catch a sad little minnow?

Simply because they know how to optimize this process much faster than you, and they are confident in their ability to do so.

That's all for today.

Go forth, write copy, make sales, and send my royalty cheque to  my PayPal at

Thanks for reading.

Ben Byrne

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