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Attention Entrepreneurs and Salespeople: Are you Sick N' Tired of Wasting Your Time Prospecting and Struggling to Close Sales?

I Will Show You How to Write Sales Letters That Sell"

Even if you Hate Writing and Flunked out of High School English

From the desk of Ben Byrne, Beautiful Halifax Nova Scotia.

May 5th, 2017, 4:23 PM

Dear Friend,

I’m no copywriting master.

I’ve written plenty of letters that bombed.

Ads I lost money on. Ads that missed the mark so bad it made me look like an idiot.

I’ve never written an ad that pulled in a bajillion dollars in 24 hours.

That’s not me.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you I’m so great, bla bla bla. Look at how awesome I am.

I’m just a guy...

Who managed to figure out a simple way of writing sales letters that gets people to respond, most of the time.

(And I figured out what to change if they don’t make sales)

It’s based on knowing how to connect with people, knowing how they like to buy - and if you’ll let me, I’ll show you how it works.

See, I used to struggle getting people to buy my stuff.

Not long ago, I was one of those annoying door to door sales guys.

Sales was downright painful for me.

Getting doors slammed in my face all day left me feeling utterly exhausted.

And you know what really drove me nuts?

My prospects KNEW damn well buying my product was in their best interest.

They KNEW it would improve their life, save them money, and so on.

Despite knowing they should buy, they rarely did!

Why did this happen?

Well, mostly the way we were taught to sell just sucked.
If you've ever seen the movie "Boiler Room", it was a lot like that.

We had to resort to cheesy sales tactics which made me AND the prospect squirm inside.

It all changed when I began studying Direct Response Copywriting.

If you’ve never heard of it, it’s simply selling with the written word.
You’re writing ads which make people respond as soon as they read them.

The ads have a purpose. And that is to make a sale right now- not sometime later. That’s what differentiates direct response from traditional advertising.

Maybe you’ve heard of these before...
Sales letters
Video sales letters (VSLs)
Direct mail
Email sequences

That all gets lumped into direct response copywriting. (to save space, I’ll refer to them all as ads)

What you’ll learn from this letter are some of the secrets which took me “off the streets”.

Applying these secrets will help you

  • Bond with your prospects and build trust. This is essential to sales.
  • Convince your prospects why YOU are the best choice for their business.
  • AND compel them to approach you to buy with less price resistance

And most importantly, write a sales letter that gets people to buy from you.

My name is Ben Byrne.

I’m no natural salesman.
I still get nervous when I sell stuff over the phone or in person.

Yet, I make my living persuading others with just my words every day.

How is that possible?

Well, it’s easy actually. I’ve made more mistakes in copywriting than most others.

Not to bore you with the gorey details, just know I’ve had my fair share of losers AND winners.

I’ve written so many ads at this point, after awhile you start to see the patterns of why one ad works like crazy when another ad falls flat.

Even if you followed all the "rules" of copywriting and your letters STILL bomb, you'll see why.

It took me a long time to realize an odd truth.

Copywriting isn’t about writing.

As I’m sure you’ll agree, I’m FAR from the best writer in the world.

In fact, so far in this letter, I’ve been committing a cardinal sin of copywriting.

I’m talking about myself way too much!

So Here’s why this letter is important to you

Copywriting is one of the most confusing topics out there.

Because everyone tries to come up with “their own system”.

So they make all kinds of new labels for old concepts to sound smart.
Half the job is just figuring out what the hell the author is talking about.

One copywriting book will contradict another – I wouldn’t wish learning copywriting on my worst enemy.

To simplify it all, I've broken Direct Response Copywriting into chunks.

If you're familiar with the 80/20 principle, it states 20% of your effort produces 80% of your results.

For example.

20% of your customers generate 80% of your profit.

20% of the websites carry 80% of all internet traffic.

And 80% of the worlds wealth is controlled by 20% of the population.

When it comes to copywriting, 80% of your results come from nailing the critical 20%.

I credit my success to my relentless focus on that 20%.

The "little hinges that swing big doors."

I call those 20% factors "Copy Levers."

Why a “Copy Lever?”

Well, like any normal lever, all you need to do is apply a little pressure to move a massive stone. (Yeah I'm a physics nerd)

Anyway, I'm happy to spill the beans with you today and share the top 3 Copy Levers.

Truth is, I've never shared these with anyone before.

Why? Because I make way more money writing copy than I do teaching it.

Until recently, my goal has been to master copywriting to enrich only my high paying clients and myself.

Not creating potential competition.

That all changes right now.

See, some people think great salesmen are born not made. And that’s pure bull.

You’ll see salesmanship is a learnable skill just like riding a bike.

One note before we begin.

If you've been unsuccessful until now in your selling career, it's not your fault.
I’m willing to bet you've just been taught the wrong thing- like I was.

Most sales trainers focus on rehearsed sales presentations, 50,000 closing techniques and the many ways to handle objections.

This type of "canned material" is not based on how people react in the real world...and quite often, the sales "gurus" teaching this stuff haven't sold a damn thing in decades.
Besides their own books and programs of course.

People have grown weary of everyone using the same lines on them.
This happens in copy too.

See, I failed at selling because we were taught to focus on tactics.

There's a HUGE difference between principles, strategies, and tactics.

Tactics change all the time.

Strategies change slower, over much longer periods of time.

Principles do not change.

And when you know the principles, you can create the strategies and tactics.

You'll see everything I'm going to show you is based on the fundamental principles of human nature.

The same principles one caveman used to trade a chunk of woolly mammoth meat for a cave with a better view of the valley.

Selling is a systematic and scientific process- once you know the principles!

The first principle you must never violate is to only sell what people are buying.

At first, this idea seems almost TOO simple.

Until you realize how often this rule gets violated. Let’s break that idea down further.

First, it begs the question.

WHAT are people really buying?

I’ll tell you they’re not buying another widget, car, dog, house, or even a book.

That stuff is all features – the physical product or information.

People are buying the functional product – what those things do for them.

They’re buying the solution to a problem. Maybe that problem is boredom, anxiety, lack of social status, depression, love, the list goes on.

Whatever that problem may be, they’re really buying a different emotional state.

With that in mind, the first Copy Lever is to determine precisely what emotional state your prospect is in, what problem they have, and where they desire to go.

However, before you can do that…

You must find out exactly who your target prospects are and what they want.

This comes down to research and knowing your market. I like to create a CSI-like target profile of their hopes, dreams, beliefs, desires, fears, frustrations, and a whole lot more.

Consider the research job to be done when 2 conditions have been met.
1) When you can accurately write a day in your ideal customers diary using their own words.
2) When you know more about the product you’re selling than the prospect does.

A big problem I see is most people don't even know WHO they're writing to, or what that person wants.

No wonder their promotions and sales fail, right?

Tons of people tell me "I sell to everyone".
It's simply not true. Especially if you apply 80/20 thinking to your best customers.

There is ALWAYS one group of people who buy more than others.

So to repeat Copy Lever 1...
The first and most important job is picking that target person, knowing what they want at a deep level, and developing an offer just for them.

The second Copy Lever is the skill of infusing salesmanship into your writing.

Salesmanship at the most basic level is the skill of anticipating your prospects objections and answering them before they come up in their mind.

When you're selling in person, you can just ask questions to uncover their objections.
Copy is a different story.

Writing a sales letter involves two skills.

First, you must strive to become a highly effective communicator.

Second, you need to develop your empathy- the ability to walk a mile in your prospects shoes.

I suggest you start by studying the great communicators of our time, including talk show hosts, comedians, politicians, famous speeches, and so on.
Watch how they engage their audience. Pay close attention to how they use stories.

Try to figure out the structure of their speeches.
Finally, see how they deliver their punchlines, calls to action, or just make you think differently.

To build your empathy muscle, I suggest you imagine being your prospect.

Picture yourself waking up in their skin and going through their entire day.

What message would get their blood pumping and their heart racing?

What do they secretly desire? What are their worst fears even they are afraid to admit to themselves? There are no exercises more powerful for copywriting.

A third part of salesmanship is understanding the "primitive" dual nature of our brains.

On one side, you need to work your prospect up into an emotional buying frenzy. You also need to give them ample logical evidence to support and justify buying today.

You know you’ve done the job right when you present an airtight case on why buying now is the only rational thing to do.

You DON'T want someone to compliment you on how well written your copy was.

You want them buy now or regret it forever.

The third Copy Lever is the ability to connect with your prospects emotional core.

For me, this was the MOST difficult aspect of selling to wrap my head around. I'm hyper logical by nature.

Hell, I even graduated mechanical engineering.

To me, selling should be easy - in a perfect world it would be. You show someone a great deal, and they buy it.

Simple, right? WRONG!

We're highly irrational, walkin, talkin apes with one foot still in the jungle.

We like to believe we're logical, but everything we do is an emotional decision - even the decision to act logically!

We put off buying even the things that are good for us and in general you need to light a fire under your readers ass to get them to buy now.

Being able to connect with their emotional core is the only way to motivate people to action.
This skill is the most important.

Most of the time, this Copy Lever can make or break your ad.

Before any selling or convincing can happen, you first must connect with the person you’re talking to.

You need to establish a state of rapport and trust with them.

If even one sentence doesn’t resonate with your reader, chances are, you’ll lose their interest and they're gone.

To recap the top 3 “Copy Levers” which deliver 80% of your results:

1) Know who you're writing to and what they want at a deep level.

2) Infuse your writing with salesmanship and constantly build your "empathy muscle."

3) Connect with their emotional core throughout your entire sales message


What are the other elements of copywriting?

1) The actual writing, formatting, and editing work.

2) Testing, tweaking, and optimizing sales messages.

3) Knowing how to structure a strong sales presentation and create irresistible offers.

4) "Wordsmithing" - using words that have a powerful impact on the reader. Avoid boring, limp corporate speak. (use “visual” words for better impact)

The other aspects are important, but they're really the low paid grunt work part of the job.

The parts which tend to get outsourced.

Copywriting is filled with all sorts of random tangents you can get lost on.

The “Big idea”, the “hook”, the angles, the market sophistication, this that and the other thing.

When you boil them down, they're just ways of presenting your product to your market in a way they haven't heard before.

Sure, they have their place, but if you boil it down to the core principles of human nature, it always comes back to the fundamentals.

Step 1: Know what the other person wants.
Step 2: Put the right message in front of them to get their attention and interest
Step 3: Take away all reasons to not buy now.

Persuasion is easy if you focus on the right things. There's no magic involved. No deception or trickery.

Sure - there are ways to make persuasion easier.

There are certain "back doors" in the mind which can help you make the sales easier which I’ll touch on in a moment.

But focusing on those 3 critical skills is what took me from a dirt-poor door to door sales guy to full time freelance copywriter and consultant.

There is tremendous power in the ability to persuade with your words.

My favorite "copywriting" story is about the Beatles.

John Lennon, Paul McCartney and the gang were sitting around their back deck.

It was a scorcher of a day, the kind that soaks your clothes in sweat.

One of their girlfriends was moaning about the heat. She wished they had a pool and could go swimming.

Paul looked up and said, “sure, I'll write us a pool."

And he did.

Granted, he a wrote a song - but you can do the same.

All you need is a powerful sales message, a great product, and a hungry market to buy it.

Can you imagine having the ability to write a letter and get anything you want?

It's not really that far off from reality. Many others have done it.

My biggest regret? I wish I knew copywriting sooner

Mastering sales and copy gives you control of your financial future...

But if you don’t master sales?
You’re destined for a life of nametags, uniforms, and asking folks "would you like to add fries with that?"

Copywriting saved my life.

If it wasn’t’ for relentless focus on the principles of human behavior, I’d be at the total mercy of the “gooruu’s”.

I’d be buying every Facebook ad course.

I’d be messing around with Shopify stores, local client marketing, Amazon FBA, Affiliate marketing, and the long list of other crap out there. (all based on tactics)

Look, I could tell you a long drawn out story about why I love copywriting, but I’m assuming you already know the value of writing words that sell.

By now, I’ve got to write a ton of copy for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

In all niches and industries.

One fitness company I worked with managed to 10x their sales in under 6 weeks.

I’ve showed coaches how to build their business from 0 to 5 figures almost overnight.

I’ve worked with biz op players, depression clinics, mortgage brokers, law of attraction software, anti aging, digital marketing agencies, consultants, survival stores, home remodelers, retirement homes, coaches of all kinds, and more.

The biggest problem for most of my clients was the sheer amount of leads and business I sent them with my words.

Part of my success is because…

I Do Have A “Secret Weapon”.

While most amateurs focus on features and benefits, I found another way to sell.

You see, there’s a certain subset of society who know how to influence and even manipulate people better than anyone.

I included this small despised group of people in my study of human nature.

I’m talking about the swindlers, pick up artists, con men, and cult leaders.

Studying these people showed me how to tap into the primeval forces which bypass our logical mind.

What most "polite society" turns away from – they're the real masters at influence and persuasion.

Even if they don’t have the best intentions for the people they're persuading.

There’s an absolute TON you can learn about human nature from those folks.

Just think...If a con man could sell the Eiffel Tower...TWICE...
Can you imagine what YOU could do with a product that really helped people?

Here's a sample of how it works.

Think of our minds like a castle under constant siege.

On the front side of the castle there are catapults, archers, siege towers, maybe even friggin' fire-breathing dragons trying to bust through the castle walls.

...At ALL times, the castles drawbridge must be up so the intruders don't rush in, ransack their vaults, and steal their precious treasure and women.

That castle is our brain.

Advertisers are the "monetizing mongrel hordes at the gate".

They're the ones laying siege to the castle walls, trying to take our money every chance they can.

See, we're bombarded with thousands of sales messages every day, everywhere we look...

Well, imagine you knew a secret entrance inside the castle where you could simply walk in undetected, and take exactly what you want - without anyone ever knowing you were there...

It’s not trickery.

All you’re doing is assuring the person subconsciously you’re on their side. You’re just like them, you understand them 100%. You basically ARE them - except you’re a few steps ahead.

It's called building rapport - a normal function of human interactions.

Except this builds rapport much faster.

This stuff just WORKS…

Blair Warren wrote two books on the persuasive mechanisms of cult leaders to answer one burning question.

“WHAT could make someone give up all their belongings, submit completely to another person’s will…and even take their own life?”

Blair narrowed it all down to one sentence…

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, confirm their suspicions, allay their fears, and throw rocks at their enemies

Write that sentence down. Look at it every day and never underestimate the power of Blair’s discovery.

Politicians use these secrets all the time to gain influence. The latest example was Trump.

Remember his campaign?

He encouraged the dreams of the masses by saying he would bring back jobs and "Make America Great Again."

He justified their failures – it’s not their fault America is in such bad shape, it just had weak leadership.

He confirmed their suspicions – the media is full of “fake news” and liars.

He allayed their fears – By convincing them he wasn’t a politician, he had experience building a billion-dollar empire. Of course he was exactly what this country needs.

Finally, he threw rocks at their enemies non-stop.

It didn’t matter if it was the Mexicans, "Crooked Hillary", the Media, other Politicians. Wherever he had a chance, he threw rocks and polarized half the country to vote for him.

And it WORKED.

Case in point? He's the President!

Notice - hardly any of those points are logical.

And that’s precisely why they work – remember, we are NOT logical creatures.

My point of all this is simple.

Selling doesn’t have to suck!

You don’t need to keep pestering people to buy from you.

When you work WITH human nature instead of against it, you won’t need to convince people to work with you – they’ll convince themselves.

Plus, mastering the ability to write words that sell lets you replace yourself with “robotic marketing”.

This'll save you countless hours on cold prospecting so you can focus on the tasks which make you the most money.

Imagine knowing without a doubt… How many sales you will get this week, this month, this year...

Never stressing over where your next client will come from.

What if your personality became so magnetic, people are drawn to you. Your friends and family give you the respect you deserve.

And your dirty little prospects happily spread their wallets open for you again and again.

Can you see how knowing this stuff puts you at an unfair advantage?

While your competitors yammering on about their products features and benefits, boring their prospects to death - you'll be hitting them right where it hurts.

Their emotional core.

The system I’ve developed lets you easily write words that sell. Plus, it's worked for many others

I’ve quietly helped many people quit their jobs and start entrepreneurial businesses - using just the power of their words and creativity.

Here’s what a few of them had to say.

100 new members overnight

“Ben helped me grow my eCommerce group organically, super fast. I added 100 members basically overnight using his methods. The experience was great”

Ryan H from Newmarket, Ontario.

Ryan was able to build a profitable Facebook group from scratch using a hand full of these principles. Now it helps pay for his nomadic lifestyle, traveling the world and advertising his business successfully. He’s currently living in Poland, heading to the Greek Islands and Thailand after that.

Here’s another.

"I landed my first high ticket client thanks to Ben"

“Ben took my pitch, tweaked it, turned it. And returned it, rejuvenated, revised, and refreshed. I closed my first high ticket client thanks to Ben” Ollie B, Manchester

Ollie started a luxury service company catering to very high-end businesses. When he approached me, he showed me his pitch which he had been using on businesses. So far, he had no sales from it. I took his pitch, made a few emotional tweaks and the rest is history.

The interesting thing Ollie failed to mention was that his first client is a private jet company in England.

That's just a taste of the results my clients have achieved.

Here’s what I’ve got for you today

What you’ve been learning about today is a small piece of the system I’ve been developing over the past 24 months.

You see, I friggin' love helping entrepreneurs, copywriters and salesmen get more sales by writing words that sell, but I was fed up with only being able to help one person at a time...

So, I created this training system so I could coach thousands of people at once for a tiny fraction of the cost of hiring me to teach you copy.

I call it “The Effortless Persuasion Copywriting System”.


Here’s just a few secrets revealed in this system...

  • The Ultimate Sales Message Template...a fill in the blanks solution to getting your prospect to buy now. All laid out for you on a silver platter on page 67
  • How to connect and persuade using a primeval communication pattern...this is the closest thing to mind control. Read it on page 19
  • The 5-part expanded formula to persuading anyone to do anything…used by cult leaders, con men and sales superstars. Pg 55
  • How to know your prospect better than they know themselves by "ethically spying" on them. pg 17.
  • A pro level copywriting tip for reaching into the mind of your prospect and controlling them like a puppet on a string. I reveal this secret on page 31
  • How to write headlines that pass the "Angry Dog" test...if they don't reach out and grab hold of your prospects by the throat, your sales will suffer. pg 32
  • The secret art of cold reading and how to apply it to your copy...fair warning-your prospect WILL accuse you of reading their mind. pg 86
  • The fatal mistakes that murder your sales before you even begin... pg 76
  • How to protect yourself from liars, conmen, manipulators and cheats. pg 67
  • The insider way to follow up with your prospects every day and have them love you for it. Check this nugget out on page 28.
  • 10 ways to demonstrate your results, expertise and knowledge... even if you have none. That’s on page 37
  • The art of hooking your prospects attention in an A.D.D world. Think it’s impossible? Think they won't read long copy? Think again after you read page 19.
  • The top-secret persuasion formula used by the best copywriter in the world to effortlessly convince prospects to buy. Hint- I’ve been using it all along. That's on page 62.
  • How anyone can write a persuasive book in 7 days even if you failed high school English.  These are great for generating leads and demonstrating your authority. Check it out on page 78.
  • What the "Dream Scenario" of selling is...and how to manufacture it…PLUS, the most powerful element in copy that will make or break your sales message. Devour this secret on page 47
  • Top secrets to selling in person, over the phone, in print, and on stage. Page 59
  • What Hollywood does to create Blockbusters and how you can use the same technique to "sell without selling". If you master this, you’ll have an unlimited supply of clients.
  • An instant tweak that puts your natural persuasive powers on steroids. page 5
  • The right sequence of messages to send to get your prospect to buy...warning: screwing this up will lose you the majority of your sales. pg 59.
  • A sneak-peak at the publicity-getting secrets of the world’s most effective self-promoters. If you want to become famous, read these words carefully (page 46)
  • Turn to page 67 to discover one copywriting technique that can make you so much money, your friends and family will think you’re robbing banks or selling drugs. This one is weird but true.
  • A subliminal method cult leaders use to indoctrinate their followers - which you can use on your prospects to create a careful not to abuse this power. pg 49.
  • A "No-Brainer" sales funnel you can create in 4 steps for well under $100 – Yes, even if you have no technical skills AND the thought of making a funnel makes your head hurt. pg 80
  • The Golden Key of Persuasion...a fool-proof way of bypassing your prospects logical resistance and making the sale. This secret alone is capable of changing your career. Read it on page 40


This material has taken me years to learn and assemble for you.
The core training alone will save you thousands of dollars in courses, coaching, and books.
Not to mention hundreds of hours saved from studying old sales letters and trying to find rare books.

And, you can get through it all in one sitting and come out with the ability to write ads that sell in a few hours from now.

By the time you finish, you will know exactly how to write an ad that makes sales.
Why? Because this stuff is based on timeless principles of human nature.

Have you heard the phrase, "Give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, feed him for a lifetime?

That's exactly what my goal is for you.
I’m going to work with you until you’re able to make a sales letter that sells for you.

When you get access to “The Effortless Persuasion System”, you’re going to get:

  • Complete step by step instructions for writing powerful ads using my unique framework. The core training is a 93-page PDF jam-packed with nothing but the most actionable content, designed to give you the quickest results possible. ($2000 value)
  • 7 Modules on the main "Copy Levers" of copywriting. Designed to take anyone from having no clue what copywriting is, to writing blockbuster promotions. I split this system up into 7 modules because that's the best way to learn each individual chunk of copy plus it will help you write any type of new ad in the future. They're all based on eternal principles, not tactics and techniques which will change tomorrow.
  • Templates for writing winning sales letters, VSLs, webinars, emails, landing pages, case studies, and pitches, plus ways to troubleshoot your ads. You can create and rapidly test your own offers and promotions using these templates. A sales letter alone can cost you well over $20,000. The templates are valued at $3500
  • A complete module on “invisible buying signals”. These are the subliminal cues which cause us to believe and buy. This module also includes tons of valuable and immediately actionable information such as how to write a book in 7 days, how to create your own products in a weekend, and how to create the worlds simplest, yet effective sales funnel ($497 value)
  • Million-dollar sales letters broken down and dissected, exposing the persuasive mechanism behind them for your benefit. It's been said if you don't have a target, you'll never be able to hit it. Breaking down winning sales letters is by far the fastest way to see what's working AND it will help you make your own killer sales messages. ($997 value)
  • My "Swipe file" of proven ads. Over the years, I've assembled the highest selling sales letters of all time. Take the time to study these ads. Look at the emotions they tap into. Look how they are structured. This is the best shortcut I can give you. ($1250 value)

All in, that’s $8244 in total value.

The information contained in this system is worth its weight in gold...IF you execute on it.

There’s so much actionable information packed inside this system, it could take your months to fully internalize all the lessons...Luckily, I laid it all out for you in an impossible to screw up format.

The first module is dedicated entirely to mastering Copy Lever 1.

Knowing the inner workings of your prospects mind.
How to write a day in the diary.
When you get this right, people will hear your message and get so excited and literally say “Wow, this is ME!”

Modules 2-3 are dedicated to Copy Lever 2.

Installing the essentials of salesmanship into your words. Once you start including the foundations of salesmanship throughout all your messages, you’ll be able to effortlessly persuade people.

I also take you through the foundations of holding attention and telling powerful stories that sell.

Once you begin implementing these you’ll be ticking off every “box” in their head. It may sound bad, but there will be no escape for them besides buying now.
In fact, if you get this right, they’ll feel stupid for NOT buying now.
Buying now will be the only thing that makes sense.

Module 4, 5, and 6 are all about Copy Lever 3. Connecting to the emotional core of your prospect.

Every market has a different core emotion that drives them.

You’ll see throughout different promotions which angle the market has been responding to.

I'm showing you exactly how to determine what your target markets emotional core is, how to ethically rip off your competitors, and how to connect with your prospects and motivate them.

I'll walk you through the many powerful ways to build up conviction in the mind of your reader. They'll be hanging on your every word from the beginning to the end.
You'll learn how to get people to buy right away instead of later - this makes or breaks successful promotions.

Module 7 ties it all together.

All you need to do is follow the structure laid out in module 7 and you'll have a rockstar sales message.
Each of these elements on their own are like individual fingers - weak.

When they get put together in the right sequence, they form a fist. They create impact.


Now You’re Probably Wondering What’s the Catch?

This is a special introductory offer which won't last long.

If you think this is expensive now, I guarantee you it's the absolute lowest price I'll ever offer it for.

But don't worry...I'm asking far less than what I should be for the full value of $8,244.

In fact most of my colleagues think I’m crazy for offering this system for this price.

Not to mention the content in the Effortless Persuasion Copywriting System is so actionable, you can make your investment back days after you buy it…

If you wanted me to teach you one on one, I charge $3000 per month. This is a small fraction of what it would cost for me to personally take you by the hand and show you exactly how to write powerful copy.

That’s IF I was even available. (Currently I’m not)

And the cost of trial and error for learning this is years studying, plus thousands of dollars of your cold hard cash.
Even after that, trying to learn this by yourself still might not even work for you.

The reason I'm offering this special introductory offer is because I've never taught this stuff before.

I'm asking you to be my "Guinea pig".

That way, all the kinks will get worked out and we'll have a smooth running system.


"Ok you’re killing me here Ben! How much will this cost?"

I must warn you, this course will be expensive in its final form.

I would feel completely justified charging you the full price of $8,244, considering the value of this skill.

If you wanted me to privately train you to learn everything I’m going to share, that currently costs $3000 per month.

And if you were to try to learn this material by yourself, here’s how that would play out.

2-5 years of learning, reading, and relentless focus on becoming the best copywriter and salesman you can be...

Over $10,000 in training, books, courses, and “hard knocks” lessons.

Not to mention the opportunity cost of missing out on thousands of dollars in lost sales because you decided to learn the long, hard way.

But here's the good news

I'm not going to charge you thousands of dollars for this system and the bonuses.

Remember, this is an introductory offer. I'm trying to create the best product I can.

Once I get case studies, feedback, and results from my client's, I’ll have no choice but to triple the price I’m asking for this course to match the results they’ve been getting.

Right now, though- you have an opportunity.

If you’re the type of person who likes to take advantage of cutting edge material, this is for you.

You won’t pay $8,244...You won’t even pay $5000...$2500 dollars, or even $1000.

Your investment for this introductory offer is only...


Click here to buy now

Again, this is only until I start getting feedback this system is making people a lot of money. At that point, I'll no choice but to triple the price.

When will that happen? It might be next week, it might be next month. Either way, it WILL be going up.

That I guarantee.


But that’s not all you’ll get when you invest in this system

Here’s a few of the bonuses you’re going to get when you purchase the Effortless Persuasion System today…

BONUS 1 -My swipe file of cold email scripts AND a winning proposal for selling your services as a freelancer. ($297 value). You can use these swipes to start using your newfound persuasion and copywriting skills right away. I've included a laundry list of fatal mistakes to avoid as a freelance copywriter as well.

BONUS 2 - The Million Dollar Mindset. ($497 value) This is a manifesto that'll show you how to achieve any goal you desire and have the maximum success possible. Your mindset is the key to making this all work for you.

BONUS 3 - Unlimited Access to the Kingmaker Copy Secret Facebook Group...You’ll be surrounded with like-minded individuals. The purpose of this group is to have your promotions dissected by everyone and put back together again into money making monsters. This is my secret weapon.

BONUS 4 - A free copy critique from me ($500 value). Using the tactics and techniques I share, I’ll help you sharpen the persuasiveness of your sales pitch. It can be for your own product or your clients. Often a few tweaks can double or triple response. Sometimes one letter can almost triple response.

BONUS 5 - Free access to my future course showing you how to get paid to create a product and have people lining up to buy, plus priority access to updated versions of this training ($297 value).

BONUS 6 - For the first 7 people to respond, you'll get 1 full month of private copy coaching sessions. We can go over anything regarding marketing, sales, copywriting, and persuasion. You get 4 hours to ask me anything ($3000 value)

As you can see, I can't offer my time to everyone, so this is extremely limited.

If you're ready, click here for the next step.

Now you're probably wondering...


Will it work for me?”


I often hear a variation of the same question – will this work for me?

“English isn’t my first language, I hate writing, I don’t know how to sell, I don’t want to risk looking stupid.”

Look, these are fair concerns.

Copywriting can seem ridiculously complicated and intimidating at first. It all comes down to following a system, plus focusing on the Copy Levers makes a massive difference.

Plenty of people have learned how to write killer copy despite not having English as their first language.

With me in your corner giving you my time and critiques, it won’t matter. If you hate writing, don’t worry about it. You don’t need to write a word, you can record your pitch, transcribe it, and edit it, you’re good. I’m going to teach you how to sell and you won’t look stupid when you’re making a ton of sales.

“Is this a trick?”

There’s nothing tricky about it. My goal is to have you writing sales generating copy immediately. It doesn’t matter whether you’re new or advanced, by the time you go through this entire course, you will walk away with a newfound ability to write your own ticket to success.

If you’re not convinced about me, I’ll be happy to refer you to my many past and current clients.

By the way, if you’re wondering “what if I don’t like it?


I Take ALL of the Risk


If you check out the Effortless Persuasion Copywriting System and you voluntarily decide the material is too much for you to handle, I’ll gladly refund you. If you get "queezy" at the thought of exerting your control over others, back away from this page now.

I’ll make you a promise though.

Go through the material for a full 60 days.
Check out all the awesome bonuses and put them to work for you.
Jump on the 4 calls with me and have me walk you through any questions you have, day or night.
Read through all 8 modules and discover how to write your own sales promotion and even launch it and make back much more than you originally invested.
Submit your promotions to the Kingmaker Copy group for a critique from everyone - and see how much better they are after.

You can even mess around and not do anything for 59 days, then on the last day just do what I tell you in module 7, and write a sales message that brings in a flood of new customers.

After all of that, if you still feel like it wasn’t worth the measly $247 – no problem.

I’ll happily repay you in full and thank you for giving this system a try.

You have a full 60 days to decide if this product is right for you.

But DON’T Wait!

The longer you wait, the less bonuses will be available with this offer, plus the price is only going up.

This introductory coaching offer to help you hone your copy skills is strictly limited for the first 7 people who respond.

If you hesitate, you miss out.

And You can’t get this system anywhere else.

Sure, you might be able to scrape together pieces of this information over time, but only this version has my unique experience and methods.
You really have to ask yourself... how much is your time worth?

Quite frankly the secrets I reveal are too powerful to let just anyone in.

Like these...

  • How to create your own blockbuster product and start selling within a weekend. That’s on page 78
  • A tried a true method for understanding your customer and accelerating their decision to buy from you. See page 13
  • How to take any problem and turn it into an opportunity to make money. That’s on page 80
  • An advanced money making hypnotic suggestion technique which should be illegal – fortunately for us, it’s not. Page 28
  • The irresistible offer framework...How to make prospects frantically open their wallets to buy. This starts on page 51
  • How to instantly double your sales and then some using my "Market Mindset Blueprint". pg 15
  • Four questions you must answer before you make any sales message. Ignore these and watch the sales slip through your fingers. Page 51
  • How to create a powerful mental hook which grips your reader by the throat and practically forces them to buy. pg 30
  • A “biblical” cheat-sheet for getting in the head of your customers...all your market research was done for you over 2000 years ago. pg 64
  • 7 ways to instantly increase the price of your product. Most people know 1 or 2 of these, you’ll be lightyears ahead of them. See page 75
  • How to find out what your customer really wants and give it to them. Persuasion is simple when you do this...but it's next to impossible if you don’t. Read it on page 31.
  • A secret for unlocking new markets AND differentiating yourself from your competitors (Your marketing professor never caught on to this one) pg 16
  • The magical few words everyone wants to hear, yet never does. (this holds the magic key to your sales) pg 67
  • How to never run out of ideas for promoting your product – this process is invaluable for outsmarting your competition at every level. Revealed on page 63
  • The mental frequency you must tune into to understand your prospect...It’s not magic or a 6th sense but it makes all the difference. pg 5.
  • The ultimate test to ensure your ads turn into sales. Don’t go bankrupt buying ads before you run your copy through this. See page 14

So, if you want the complete Effortless Persuasion System, now’s the time to get on board.

Yes, it really works!

For so many of my private clients, they’ve seen drastic increases in the business from these principles.

One client went from $3500 per month to over $20,000 from my help.

Unfortunately, their names cannot be revealed for privacy reasons, plus you could easily just go and steal their secrets for yourself by modeling their business.

And I can't promise you will have results like them.
They took massive action, they had a great product, and a sales system in place with money to test out their ad budget…

But you will have access to the same material that helped them blast their business off the ground.

I promise you WILL know everything you need to know about selling using only the power of your words.

I promise between learning the fundamentals of copywriting and persuasion, interacting with our private copy critique group, and access to me WILL have a functioning sales message in place, bringing in sales.

Once that happens, business becomes fun again.

Say goodbye to cold prospecting.

Say goodbye to the ups and downs of business.

Say goodbye to dealing with bad customers.

Once you start implementing this system, your entire future can change.

Plus, I'm also throwing in this Hidden Bonus

I will reward the first 3 fast action takers with 6 months’ worth of skype coaching.
Again, I currently charge $3000 per month to teach copy.

That’s $18,000 worth of value to you - only if you get on board NOW.

Click here for the next step

That means for a special low price of only $247, you're getting a ridiculous deal that won't last long.

Think of this system like downloading all my knowledge about persuasion, sales, copywriting and marketing directly into your brain, just like Neo learning Kung Fu in the matrix.

If you're here, I’m guessing it’s because you’re not where you want to be yet sales wise.

Sales is probably still frustrating and not a dependable income source.

That's fine and perfectly natural.

It’s almost always because you need a system for bringing in new leads and converting them to sales...

Once you have that in place, you'll get precious time back to spend with family and friends...

Remember, you're not buying an "opportunity" here, you're buying a skill set.
Which is infinitely more valuable.

Human nature never changes.

Our wants, needs, fears and insecurities are "evergreen" as the internet marketers call it.

Copywriting will be just as valuable in 50 years, despite what you'll hear the nerds say about "AI".

I'm not saying you'll get rich quick with copywriting. It takes work.
It's not another "shiny object" to chase for a few days and then try something else.

Copywriting takes commitment.

Besides, real players don't pay for opportunities or just "information."

Real players pay for skills.

That's what you'll get with the Effortless Persuasion Copywriting System.

Here's what to do next.

Scroll down and click the buy button below.

When you click buy now, you'll be taken to a Paypal form.
Just enter your regular details and complete the order.
Once the order is approved, you'll be taken right to the download page to get immediate access.
With a link to schedule your first coaching call with me if you're one of the first 7 people to respond.

Yes! I'm ready to boost my sales and my business!

I realize I can try this system for 60 days risk free.

  • I understand I will be billed $247 today to receive immediate access to the Effortless Persuasion System
  • I will receive instant access to all training modules and bonuses
  • I'm ready to take my copywriting to the next level


I hope you enjoyed this letter and you decide to master the art of persuasion and copywriting.

It's worth every penny.

This is Ben Byrne signing off,

See you on the inside.


Ben Byrne


P.S. You’re saving almost $10,000 by buying now, plus the price is only going up once I start advertising.


You’re also getting $4100 in bonuses by purchasing today which won’t be available after 7 people respond.

And you’re also protected by my 60 day guarantee. You can use the information in this course to your benefit and if you decide it wasn’t worth it, send it back and you’ll get every penny back.
You can literally take advantage of me by buying my course, learning all my secrets and getting your money back. It's a risk I'm willing to take with you.

I’ve also showed you personal proof this works and proof from my client's…

And since it’s EASIER to do this, why not give it a shot?
Trust your gut, has it ever led you astray?

This could be a turning point in your life.

I promise you won’t regret this decision.

If you think you’re ready for this system and it makes sense…


Click buy now

                   P.P.S. Here’s what happens if you click away from this page without buying the Effortless Persuasion System…

Your life will stay the same...You’ll still struggle making sales. You still won’t get the respect of your friends and colleagues and you’ll also be stuck doing a day job you hate. Working in your business rather than on it.


Things might get WORSE than they are now too...This opportunity passes you by like so many before...You might waste more money chasing silver bullets to your problems instead of actually investing in valuable skills... and you might even go broke instead of actually making any money.

Don’t let that happen to you.
Get this now so you won’t regret it later when this system is more expensive or even off the market completely.

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