The Little Secret About Asking Effective Sales Questions

When was the last time you examined the way you ask questions?

How often do you break down the exact words you use?

I'm going to reveal a little secret to asking effective sales questions.

This can mean to difference between going home broke and making a lot of money...And this applies for any type of sales.

In print or in person.

Here's how most sales letters and pitches start...

"Have you ever had <insert problem here>?"
"Do you suffer from <insert problem>?"
"Would you like to <gain benefit or solve problem?"
"Learn how to <get result>."
"Do this simple <thing> to <get result>."

Starting a sales letter or conversation off like this is very bad.

In particular, starting off asking these "verb" based questions.


It closes the doors to the conversation. This is a type of closed question meaning the response must be either yes or no.

If you have any sales experience, you would know that's a big "no-no".

Well, what should you do instead?

You want to ask questions that get people to open up to you.
You want to ask questions that get people to visualize their problems.

Beyond simply asking an "open question", the technique is to use interrogative words.

It's okay if you skipped your English class in high school when your teacher went over interrogative words.

Here's what they are:

  • Who
  • What
  • Where
  • When
  • Why
  • How

    Who do you have in your corner when it comes to your marketing efforts?

    What would you say is the most important factor in sales success?

    Where do most of your customers come from?

    When was the last time you were happy with your business?

    Why do you think short copy is better than long?

    How does not having traffic to your website make you feel?

    2 great books that I learned a lot from are Secrets of Question Based Selling by Thomas A Freese and Start with No by Jim Camp.

Of course the old classic sales books are pretty good too like How to Master the Art of Selling by Tom Hopkins.

And if you want to master selling using your unique personality, grab my free book.

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