Copywriting Bullets- How to Tease Your Prospect For More Sales

 POW! I'm going to teach you a little something about...Copywriting bullets!

What you're about to learn will help you entice your reader to buy whatever you're selling.

While they're not from a gun, they're definitely dangerous in the right hands.

Copywriting bullets are basically a way to frame the benefits of your product with a slight twist...They should tease and inspire curiosity in your reader.

Let me give you some example's from a semi sales letter I just wrote...

So I just finished re-reading the book "DotCom Secrets" by Russell Brunson.

This 255 page book could literally sell for thousands of dollars. It's jam packed with high level, counter-intuitive internet marketing strategies that literally any business can put to use immediately.

And the best part is it's written in a way which makes it simple for anyone to understand. You don't need to have a lot of marketing knowledge either.

Most internet entrepreneurs/marketers think they have a traffic or a conversion problem...this book utterly destroys that myth once and for all.

Russell Brunson is the creator of numerous successful companies. One of those is ClickFunnels which you probably have heard of if you're interested in internet marketing.

CF is a drag and drop brain-dead easy way to create funnels for your products that actually work.

He's not just another random person trying to teach you how to get rich either. Russell walks the walk and actually delivers the goods. He is a man after my own heart, a master of direct response marketing.

With the results of over 1000 split tests and data from hundreds of millions of visitors to his sites, suffice to say- the man knows what the hell he's talking about...

(Hopefully you're ready for the copywriting bullets, here they come!)

Here are just a few of the amazing things that Russell reveals in DotCom Secrets...

  • The ONLY thing you should focus on when growing your business online (  You won't believe how many people ignore this!)
  • How to Reverse Engineer your competitors funnels and "ethically steal" from them!
  • The Five Variables of every campaign- If you can't identify these, kiss your money goodbye!
  • A step by step email follow up template for indoctrinating your new prospects- and getting them to love you for it!
  • How to find your dream customers , and a sneaky way to attract them
  • How to build a successful online business even if you have zero technical skills
  • Understanding the "Preframe"- This alone can mean the difference between success...and...failure!
  • One costly mistake you can avoid ( ignoring this will cost you 10x your potential profits)
  • One simple tweak you can make to EXPLODE your conversions...that only the savviest marketers know about.
  • A simple communication style that brought in an extra $100,000 a MONTH
  • The ONLY difference between a 6, 7, or 8 figure business. (It's not what you think!)
  • One principle that will skyrocket your profit- without paying for new traffic
  • 7 Steps to creating a proven sales funnel that only a handful of veteran internet marketers know
  • The fool-proof system for email marketing that will leave your customers begging for more
  • How to develop your "attractive character" ( Hollywood movie makers have mastered this, and it has made them BILLIONS)
  • The formula for writing powerful storylines which HOOK your readers attention and cause them to open up their wallets to you...
  • How you can make more sales and create raving fans- Simply by being yourself!
  • The TOP SECRET formula for selling online ( Russell charges businesses $25,000 for this alone)
  • How to achieve the "Holy Grail of Marketing"- Converting cold traffic into paying customers
  • The secret "Seinfeld" sequence for email marketing- this will let you sell to your list in a way that they actually enjoy
  • How to avoid speaking the wrong language ( this is a huge misstep and more common then you would think)
  • A secret for selling high ticket items...without speaking to ANYONE on the phone!
  • How to create a market to message match ( this one tip alone will blow the doors off your business, guaranteed)
  • The 23 building blocks to a funnel- You can use these proven scripts and funnels to launch a new business overnight
  • How to maximize profits by finding your most hungry buyers- and giving them what they want
  • 1 little known trick that allows you to massively outspend your competitors
  • Tested strategies for offering upsells ( These work in ANY niche)
  • How one changing ONE phrase in your business can drastically increase your profits!
  • The now famous four-step-product-launch process! (this funnel alone has generated over 500 million dollars)
  • How to create a high ticket product selling webinar- even if you have NO idea what to say
  • An "invisible selling formula" to get your prospects to pay YOU to sell them high ticket items.
  • How to pre qualify high end coaching or consulting clients (this will sort out all the "time-wasters")
  • Proven sales scripts for selling anything from a $1 product all the way to $1,000,000!
  • The secret weapon that is guaranteed to DOUBLE your closing rate- regardless of how you sell.

Wowee that was fun writing all of that for you...the best part is all of those bullets are actually true! Every single one is revealed in this book plus more.

It's more of a playbook that you can come back to again and again, seriously cool stuff. No wonder Tony Robbins and Dan Kennedy are endorsing it ( and now yours truly)

Plus, if you wanted Russell and his team to create all your funnels, sales scripts, value ladders, email follow up sequences, and every other cool thing they do, it would only cost you the low price of...One million dollars!
His coaching program and inner circle costs a measly $25,000

And everything he teaches is revealed in this little book.

How much would you expect to pay for something like that?
How about $100?

NOPE! Russell is actually giving this book to you!

All you have to do is help out with the shipping and handling (it's about 7 bucks) and he will send it right to you, anywhere in the world.
Or you could pick it up on Amazon for $20, it's up to you.

Here's a link if you're into that sorta thing.

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Seriously get it, you can't go wrong. ( Disclaimer: I get a few bucks if you buy it from me.)

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Anywho, let's get back to the bullet's.

Did you notice anything in particular about them? I'll tell you a little secret to creating powerful bullets of your own.

Most of them are "Blind". This means that they don't actually tell you what the thing is, but are enough to get you curious and hopefully excited.

For example let's take one of my bullets, I'll tell you what the thing is and you can get an idea of how I came up with it.

The ONLY thing you should focus on when growing your business online (  You won't believe how many people ignore this!)

When he was starting out, Russell 's first mentor told him the only thing he should focus on is creating a list. He focused exclusively on list building for two years. Brunson determined that for each name on his list, he made roughly one dollar.

When his list had 200 names, he made 200 a month, when he had 1000, he made 1000 a month, at 10,000 names, he made 10,000. You get the gist. ( He has 500,000 now by the way).

Most of them also come in a 1-2 punch of benefits.
The first benefit is good, but the second part explodes that benefit in your mind.

The next thing to keep in mind for writing bullets is the idea of primacy and recency.

Since we only remember the first and last thing we hear out of a huge list, it's vitally important to have your best bullets there.

These are just a few secrets to writing great copywriting bullets...remember, being able to write them is incredibly powerful for writing sales copy.

Hopefully you learned something today, you can create bullets like this for literally anything.

Make sure you grab a copy of Russell's book too because it kicks a lot of ass.

Let me know if you have any questions.


P.S. Here's that link again: YES! Give me my FREE book!

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