Fool-Proof Consumer Psychology

Let's talk about selling things for a second here. In order to sell anything, you need a very strong understanding of consumer psychology.

What makes people tick? What causes them to buy? More importantly, what causes people not to buy!

The first and most important lesson to know about consumer psychology is...

People are selfish! In marketing, that isn't a bad thing, it's just the way it is. The strongest phrase in marketing therefore is "What's in it for ME?".

People don't care about your product, your company, your story.

They aren't going to buy something from you because you made them laugh...

They are going to buy something from you if you offer them something they crave, in a way that makes it brain-dead easy for them to buy.

In the incredible book Cashvertising, Drew Eric Whitman talks about the 8 timeless "life force" desires...These are biologically hardwired into us and we absolutely cannot turn them off. In fact, we can hardly live without satisfying these desires, to not do so causes us tremendous pain.

The crazy thing about the life force 8 is that we even experience pleasure from hearing or seeing about other people who are satisfying them!

( cough, porn, cough)

You should take these desires into consideration when you are creating your marketing materials and your products. Marketing and copywriting isn't about creating new desires in your prospects for what you're selling... it's about tapping into the desires that already exist in the market, and focusing that desire into your product! Use the force, Luke!

For example...

It's vastly easier to sell water to a man dying of thirst in the desert than it is to sell water to an Eskimo.

Moving on.

So what do you need to know about psychology to sell ANY product? Here's a few rules to keep in mind.

  1. We all want what we cannot have, and we usually don't like what we do have.
  2. We are greedy- We always want more of something, more health, more money, more sex.
  3. We are skeptical, and rightly so, there have been many scammers out there who take advantage of our trusting nature.
  4. We buy things based on emotions, and always justify it logically. The percentage of why we buy from people breaks down like this: 55% because we like them, 35% because of the sales process itself, and only 10% because of the product itself.
  5. We want to feel in point: have you ever been out and seen somebody with the same shirt as you? It sucks! That's why the T-shirt business is such a good business, we love to show how unique we are with expression items.
  6. We follow the's safe in the crowd. We don't want to trust our own opinion, so we look to see what others are doing. How many times have you been on the edge of buying something, and the only thing that pushed you over the edge was a review on the internet? A completely anonymous stranger! Testimonials therefore are incredibly powerful.
  7. Speak their language-the great Claude Hopkins, advertising legend from the turn of the century gave this suggestion...Be HUMAN! When you begin to massively improve yourself, there's a tendency to act smarter than your customers. You see it in advertising all the time, these people are in their ivory towers trying to sell to the commoners. Its a huge mistake. Instead, you should fall in love with your market, study them, eat where they eat, hang out with them, talk to them and find out everything you can about them.  Know their pains, desires, and fears. The more you can see your product through their eyes instead of yours, the more you will be able to relate with them, and going back to point 4, sell more to them!

This is only the very basics of consumer psychology, but learning and truly understanding it is one of the most important things you can do to make more money.

Learning how to effectively communicate and sell is the highest skill in the world. The chain goes like this--> Effective communication-->Advertising-->Sales-->Psychology-->Consumer Psychology.

Hope this helps!


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