The “O.G.” FunnelHacker…

Do you know who the O.G. of all funnelhackers was?

(A funnelhacker is a term Russell Brunson made up - essentially it's a group of knuckleheads who "hack" other peoples funnels- AKA- blatantly rip off and copy successful businesses.)

HINT: It's not Russell Brunson.

I'll give you another hint, this mans descendants are in the top 20 of the richest people in Amurica...Have you figured it out yet?

What? You haven't'? Okay, i'll give you one last hint.

This dude created the business known for always having the lowest price, guaranteed.

The OG of all funnel hackers was Sam Walton...the creator of Wal-Mart.

Maybe  you don't believe me but it's true.

In his amazing autobiography, Made in America, Sam describes his early years before Wal-Mart.

He owned a "five and dime" store.
Like a 7/11 or a general store kinda dealio.

Anyway, across the street from his humble 1st store, he had a major competitor.
This guy got all the business in town.

Sams store was just tumbleweeds, dust bunnys, and broken dreams.

Naturally he did what every other funnelhacker does!

He shamelessly copied everything his competitor was doing.

From sales promotions, types of goods sold, prices, uniforms, marketing, right down to the type of toilet paper in the washroom.

Sam goes on to say how in his first 5 years of business, he spent more time in his competitors store than his own.

And this pattern continued throughout his entire life.

In fact, when Sam heard about a new Wal-Mart type of department store in Brazil, he flew down there and did the same thing....This actually got him thrown in jail.

The security guards found old Sam lying down in one of the aisles holding a measuring tape.
...He wanted to see how wide their aisles were.

Why? He said, "If they're doing anything we're not, I want to know about it."

Kinda cool, huh?

156 billion. (Queue Dr. Evil meme)
That's how much his family is worth, in case you didn't know.
(Probably a lot less now since Amazon has been kicking their ass).

Considering the ridiculous amount of wealth he created for the Walton family, maybe there's something to this funnel hacking stuff after all.

Now, am I suggesting you go out and mindlessly steal your competitors copy, funnel, products, marketing, pricing, etc? NO!

In fact, I'm completely against it...

Which is why I made my  7 Day Funnel training... So you wouldn't have to go out and rip people off.

After all, you're NEVER  going to have breakthroughs if you're always copying someone else.

It's gonna require critical think at some point.

Which is bad news if that.weird hunk of gray matter between your ears has dried up and withered away. In that case, you'll need a shortcut.

And that's where my system can help.

Grab it here while it's hot.

I promise you can get a funnel up and running within 7 days using my system...and it works for selling products, services, consulting, coaching, ecommerce, and anything else your greedy little heart desires.

Talk soon.


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Kiss Da Cod Marketing Secrets

In Newfoundland, Canada, Cod Fishing is a rite of passage.

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to try it when I was there.

I caught one!

You catch a cod by using a jig. Basically, it's a metal hook with no bait.

This is what a cod jig looks like

You drop the jig down to the bottom of the sea where the cod like to hang out.

And then you simply jig them up.

You can tell the Newfoundlanders have been catching the Cod the exact same way for hundreds of years.

I got to thinkin, "You would think the Dumb Cod would learn not to get hooked by these jigs. After all this time, how come they still fall for it?"

Wait Ben, how does this relate to selling?

Good question.

One habit I've noticed in advertisers is they tend to get bored of their own advertising long before the public stops responding to it.

Yes, even if their prospects are still takin the bait, they want to go and screw with it.

Dumb, dumb dumb.

David Ogilvy said you want to consider your prospects like a moving parade, not a standing army.

That means there's a constant stream of new prospects who have never seen your advertising before.

That's also why one great ad can run for 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years.  An ad isn't an expense, it's an asset, when they're done right anyway.

Want to learn how to write them even if you're not a pro copywriter?
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Ben Byrne

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Things that don’t make no sense in business

Everyday I see something in the business world that makes me just shake my head and wonder...

What the h-e-double hockey sticks is WRONG with people?

Allow me to elaborate.

A BIG one is the fear of coming across as "salesy". Maybe this is a western culture thing, but it's a huge trend I see out there everyday.
...Being too afraid to come off as pushy or "greedy" or just out to make a buck.

This rears its ugly head in all sorts of strange the rise of "business development consultants", "advisors", coaches, consultants, and marketing companies that only employ door to door "marketers".

God forbid you let people in on the *secret* that you're in business and you're trying to make a profit...Even Peter Drucker, the grand consultant overlord, proclaimed the following...

..."The only function of business is to create and KEEP a customer".

Sorry to burst your bubble, but if you want to create and keep a customer, you gotta sell dawg!  (in my best Randy Jackson from American Idol voice).

That's why a huge hot button is how to "sell without selling"...I know because that's what yours truly was looking for a few years back when I was a lowly door to door "marketer".

And I've come to see it's a-mazing the length people will go to disguise their selling pitches. You may have heard the terms "native advertising", "advertorials", infomercials, edutainment and so on.

One big example that comes to mind is Tony Robbins newest Netflix doc, I am Not Your Guru. A copywriting amigo of mine, Lukas Resheske calls it a "documercial".

In my quest to discover the secrets to selling without selling...

Which I now lovingly refer to as WEASEL selling...

I've come across a variety of effective tactics. BUT (and that's a big Kim Kardashian sized but) I also have come to learn one important lesson...

The more your prospects KNOW about you, your products, your selling process, your prices, the BETTER.

That's why Dan Kennedy makes it a habit to always mention his outlandish (to lesser mortals) sales loops he makes his potential clients jump through.
Like how he doesn't use a computer, or how he makes people wait WEEKS to talk to him (people who have their wallets out, ready to fork over BIG bucks), only being able to reach him by Fax, and agreeing to pay $18,800 for one day of consulting.

Know what's funny? I recited all of that purely from memory. You think that was an accident? Hah, think again buster. Nothing and I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G happens by accident in Dan's business. Nor should it happen by accident in yours.

Listen, if you're still reading, I'm guessing you're interested in learning how to sell and make pitches everyday in a cool way? Am I right?

I put together a short and very actionable ebook you can go through in an hour...If you follow my instructions to the letter and start doing things MY way, you will completely change your business.

People will start seeking you out for your expertise, they'll be willing to pay your exorbitantly high fee's and when you pitch them they'll be smiling so hard their cheeks hurt.

Just tell me where to send your book. (It's not one of those "sales letters in disguise" either, it's all CONTENT, with a special invitation at the very end if you're interested in taking things up another level)

Modeling Success: The “Fast Track” to Getting Any Result You Want

"A person is a sum total of their actions, not their words. Are you at the cause (active) or effect (passive)?" 

Hey. You wanna know the quickest way to get virtually -any- result you want?

Six pack abs...A lot more money in the bank...a successful career...a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Anything, really.

More than any other factor I know, one method will help you get there the fastest.

It's a concept known as "modeling". Dan Kennedy calls it "Behavioural Congruency".

It's all about focusing on what you can control.

This will also be a refreshing reminder on selling effectively

Let's get into it.

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