How to Climb Out of Debt

I'll be the first to admit I'm far from perfect.

I've been dead broke and I've made some good coin in my time.

Let me tell ya, If you've got creditors breathing down your neck...
Friends, family, significant others constantly taking shots at you...
And you're trying to decide whether you should pay for groceries or your phone bill this month.
That makes the hard times a LOT harder.

Here's how I managed to pull myself out of debt numerous times.
(Forgetting this lesson always comes back to bite me in the ass)
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The Most Valuable Skill of The Century- Is NOT What You Think!

Do you know what the most valuable skill of this entire century is?

Did you guess something along the lines of developing software like Google or Facebook, or maybe selling, marketing, or maybe learning how to invest in stocks or forex? How about running your own business, or maybe networking, or collecting Pokémon.

Those are all great guesses,  I typically say selling and marketing are the most important...

Not today.
Not exactly anyway.

The most valuable skill is actually... Continue reading "The Most Valuable Skill of The Century- Is NOT What You Think!"

The Art of the Reframe

In the past, a few of my friends have asked me " Ben, how can I control my own mind (why they would ask me is a mystery). I assume they don't mean something weird like telekinesis, but what that really mean is...

When I am feeling negative or depressed, what can I do to feel better?

Well I call this one the Art of the Reframe.

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The Magic of Asking Why.

So I just finished up reading the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek, and I have been thinking of how powerful it is when it comes to influence and persuasion.

Start with why is all about inspiring people to take action, and actually speaking to them not logically, but emotionally.

The key premise of the book is that basically every company doesn't start with why, they start with what. If you know ANYTHING about sales Continue reading "The Magic of Asking Why."

3 Things you MUST know about Creative People.

This post is to help you understand the creative people in your life, and if you are creative yourself you might resonate with the following.

Creative people may seem different than the average person, and there's a reason for it. Their minds work differently. They are more engaged with life as a whole and they have the ability to make even the most mundane object or subject fascinating.

They might appear strange or a little crazy ( eccentric if they are successful), the reason is this: they simply do not see life the same way as everyone else. Their minds are highly curious- they make connections that most people would easily overlook. In fact Continue reading "3 Things you MUST know about Creative People."

The MOST important skill for Entrepreneurs?

What do you think is the most important skill for entrepreneurs?

The one skill that cannot be delegated out until you completely master it?

The skill that allows you, the business owner to charge much more than you pay your employees.

Can you guess it?

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How one Ancient Technique Re-Discovered INSTANTLY Revolutionized my Life

Monday, June 6th, 2016

7:13 AM

Dear Friend,

From: a gloomy and cold rainy morning, In Halifax (on the east coast of Canada if you failed geography).

It certainly doesn't feel like summer here yet...

But nevertheless I feel amazing.

I am energized, focused, and enthusiastic...but it wasn't always this way.

So what's got me feeling so good you ask? My heart is pumping, my clothes are soaked, I just got back in from a run ( I NEVER run, especially in the morning!). Hell it even feels like a miracle to get up before lunch...Because, as some of you may have experienced before if you live the entrepreneur life, it gets very hard to discipline yourself to stick to a set schedule.

So how did changing two little habits drastically alter my life, and what is the almost magical technique I have learned to trick my mind into changing overnight?

Read on!

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Patience Young Grasshopper

Despite the name of the title, this is not going to be a guide on how to become a more patient person. Despite the fact that I have always been a patient person, I know it has inherent downsides and there is definitely such a thing as being too patient.

However there is a reason that they say patience is a virtue, and in our fast pace society, there is more reason than ever to be patient, the catch is that you must know the right things to be patient in...

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Entrepreneurs! Are you making yourself dispensable?

The Case for making yourself DISPENSABLE!

How often have you heard the advice to make yourself indispensable so that you will never have to worry about losing your job? The standard thinking in the corporate world is making yourself indispensable equals job security which equals money which equals freedom. While this might be a valuable train of thought for these people, once you start your own business, your goal is to make yourself replaceable.

Here's why...

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The Mastery Mindset

All of your results in life begin with your mind, this is a basic law of life. In order to get the results you want, you need to start by changing your mindset. You start with adopting a new mindset or framework of thinking, this changes your thoughts, which changes your feelings, which changes your actions, and finally changes your results. In order to simplify this process, I have reduced mindsets down to two fundamentals: Growth and Fixed.

To succeed in life you are going to need to follow a path to mastery and abandon the fixed mindset. That is a commitment to becoming the very best at whatever you do. In order to do this, you must adopt the growth mindset.

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