How Calculus Made Me a Better Copywriter

Ahoy ahoy,

So yesterday I was trying to learn some coding.

Why? No reason, I'm just a nerd.

Anyway, I can work my way around basic HTML and CSS...
But I decided to jump right into PHP. It's pretty advanced for me

I was way over my head.
It took me right back to my first year in engineering...

I was 25 when I went back to school for it... I hadn't done "real math" in 7 years.

Can you imagine going straight from barely being able to count on your fingers to advanced calculus right away?

If they had just said, "Okay class, welcome to mechanical engineering. Calculus test time!"

I would have flunked right out.

Luckily we started with the basics. You know, 2+2 =4 , basic algebra, the easy stuff.
And we worked our way up. Before long, I was doing calculus. Who woulda thought?

The point is, my teacher built up a solid foundation before we got to the advanced stuff.

So that's what I'm FORCING myself to do with learning coding.

I have to learn the basics of the language before I'm fluent, you know?

And so it is with copywriting...Most people do not take the time to build their foundation...
...To learn the language. Most people decide they want to become masters overnight and they want the ninja tricks.

The Effortless Persuasion Copywriting System ain't a bunch of advanced ninja tricks. It's the stone cold un-secksy foundation of writing copy that sells.

Yea, I threw in a way whiz-bang techniques for shock and awe, but the majority of it is principles you will use for the rest of your life.

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How to Lose Sales and Alienate Prospects

Today I wanted to share the number one reason I see most people fail at sales...It's dead obvious to me now, but people are still being taught to sell this way every day.

Approaching sales this way will result in more stress, more rejections, more wasted time, and way less sales than you could be making.

Even though I'm a copywriter now, I still consider myself a salesman first.

...So I'm always looking for ways be more effective at persuading. Whether that's through the written word, on the phone, or in person.

I've found if there's any 100% surefire way to "lose sales and alienate prospects" it's this...

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Know Thy Enemy

Every year the stakes get higher for starting your own business...

On one hand, we have access to more people and potential customers than ever with social media.

...On the other hand, competition has never been greater.

I'm not talking about actual competitors though. If you're a marketing consultant, your competitors aren't other marketing cosultants.

Ditto for any other business.

Want to know who your REAL competitor is?

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Case Study: Sales Funnel Takes Fitness Company from $3500 to over $20,000 per Month

Last month my client and I just finished a complete sales funnel for an online Fitness products business.

For privacy sakes, I can't disclose the name of the business or what the exact products are.

I will break down the model and the exact process of how we rapidly grew their business from $3500 to over $20,000 (and counting).

Are you ready? Let's do it.
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How to Sell to Skeptics Using a “Loophole” in the Human Brain

Face it.

We live in the age of skepticism. That means one thing.

Everybody, especially business owners, are hyper vigilant against the typical BS pitch...

And that brings us to a dilemma.

With old ads getting less and less effective, costs of media rising, and buyers tightening their purse strings, how do we ensure our businesses thrive?

Well just because we live in the age of the skeptic, that doesn’t mean they won’t buy anything.

Far from it.
Not if you know how the human brain works and how to sell to skeptics, that is.

What you're about to learn isn't found in any sales book...

Positive thinking won't help you with the skeptics.
Enthusiasm won't help you either.
Giving features and benefits will fall on deaf ears...
And "Always be closing" will backfire, unless you do this first...

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How a Lazy Introverted Salesmen Outsold the “All-Stars” by Breaking All the Rules

The characters in this story are fictional, but the concept behind the story is very real and it takes place every day.

The traits of both of these salesmen are also very real.

This is the story of Grant Vs Dan, two very different salesmen.

Grant is the traditional hard charging, alpha type. He's all about giving it 110% and never taking no for an answer. He knows all the answers to every objection. Grant's not afraid of rejection, he doesn't mind making  100's of cold calls a day to make a sale. He's not afraid to hustle all day, because he knows the one thing he can control is his own effort.

His motto is "The customer either BUYS or DIES".

Dan is different. He's a little lazy, and more introverted. He fumbles his words, he's not the smoothest talker. He doesn't even know if he really likes sales - at the end of a long day of pitching, he feels drained and ready for bed. And try as he might, he simply hates the feeling of rejection. He wishes there was a way to make his prospects come to him, ready to buy.

The one thing Dan has going for him though is his brains. He always looks for a better, more effective way to work.

Dan's motto is "Real wealth is created by SYSTEMS, not working harder."

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The Biggest Copywriting Mistake You Can Make


We all heard the stories...

The top dawgs who make $25,000 a sales letter. The dudes who make more money from one email than you make in a month...

You want to be one of them, don't you?

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're not making that kinda money yet.Let me tell you about the biggest freelance copywriting mistake I see out there...and how you can avoid it.

If you're brand new, thinking about becoming a freelance copywriter, or if you aren't making the kind of money you wanted, pay close attention...

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The New USP – Your Unique Selling Personality

Have you heard of a USP, aka the "Unique Selling Proposition"?

It's been a staple in the marketing world going on 60 years now. First off,  I'm going to tell you why it's outdated.

Then I'm going to tell you what the "New USP" is all about.

The new USP is where I see the future of marketing going, both for small businesses and giant brands...

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