Can I Give You the “D”?

You heard right, I want to give you the D...

No, no, not THAT D. Sicko.

My D is much better...

Why would you want my D you say?
Well for starters, it will make you a lot more money...

I'm talking about Discipline.

Something criminally lacking in our society today...

Story time.

A long time ago, an up-and-coming comedian cornered Jerry Seinfeld in the backstage of a smoky comedy club.

Just to ask him the ultimate question...

"How do I become a better comedian?"

Jerry thought for a second before giving him a profoundly simple answer.

"Write jokes every day".

...Wait, that's it? He thought Jerry was being dismissive.

"That can't be all there is to it. What else should I do?".

Jerry added one more thing...
Specifically, you want to put a calendar for the whole year up on your wall.
Every day you write a joke, you put a big red X for that day.

The key is to NEVER miss a day.

You can't break the chain for any reason.

I don't care if you've been hit in the head by a falling piece of an airplane and you're in a coma...You don't miss a day.

See, it's all about building up your discipline and willpower.

I realized that piece of advice translates to virtually anything you want to be good at.

Playing tennis, writing copy, learning Swedish, mastering chess, becoming a calculus wizard, getting 6-pack abs.


For me, I write a daily email.

Why? It keeps my skills sharp, it helps me make money, and doing so gives me all kinds of business ideas. Some are duds, some are studs.

Either way, all I focus on is the process of writing the emails and the copy.

I share a good portion of my email writing ways in my new book, Introverted Selling Secrets. (the idea for which came from a daily email by the way)

It's a great place to start if you don't have a clue when it comes to selling, or if you want to become better at it.

I'll warn you, it's not your typical sales book.
You won't see anything about becoming more confident, hustling 24/7, positive thinking, over promising, or any other BS circulating out there.

Anywho, I'm getting ready to start selling it on Amazon, but I figured I'd offer it for a special low price (less than most Starbucks Coffee) to you.

If you want to grab the book before I start selling it on Amazon in a few days, I'd appreciate it because that means I won't have to share any profits with those money-hungry bastards. (they take 70%!!)

Here's where you can get YOUR greedy little mitts on it, bromigo. (and bromigettes)


Ben Byrne

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