book smarts versus street smarts

When it comes to business, who wins in a fight?

Book Smarts or Street Smarts?

For most of my life, there's been this debate about which is better for your life, for your business, etc

Some people say street smarts, and they're right.
Some people say book smarts, and they're right too.
How can this be?
Well, let's just change street smarts to "taking action".
Because that's what street smarts really comes down to doesn't it?
Not reading about something, but actually learning by doing.
Now the problem is, most people go all in on one side or the other.
They either read 50 million books and never do anything, or they take massive action, but they never read one book.
Good ol Confucius said,
"Knowledge without practice is useless."
"Practice without knowledge is dangerous."
So there's the key.
They go hand in hand.
Once you learn something, you have to go out and practice what you've learned.
That's how you gain perspective and that's how you grow and develop true mastery.
For example:
You can read about sales all day, but that won't make you money.
Or you can ignore sales books and just cold call or door knock every day, but then you'd probably never learn you could just use advertising to do 90% of the heavy lifting for you.
You would never know that you can use automation and messaging to pre-sell and pre-qualify your prospects so they want to work with you.
And THAT is dangerous...It's like a farmer trying to plow a massive field with his hands when there's a brand new tractor sitting right next to him.
So If you're in that situation right now, I strongly encourage you to reach out. We can chat about different strategies to help you get more clients.

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Talk soon,
Ben Byrne