The Biggest Copywriting Mistake You Can Make


We all heard the stories...

The top dawgs who make $25,000 a sales letter. The dudes who make more money from one email than you make in a month...

You want to be one of them, don't you?

If you're reading this, I'm guessing you're not making that kinda money yet.Let me tell you about the biggest freelance copywriting mistake I see out there...and how you can avoid it.

If you're brand new, thinking about becoming a freelance copywriter, or if you aren't making the kind of money you wanted, pay close attention...

I made this mistake with some of my first clients and it cost me in terms of low pay, headaches, and wasted time.

Here it is...

The -worst- thing you can do for your simply be there to write words for them.

Why? Any idiot can follow a simple formula for writing and crank out a half decent sales letter.

That's why you see software coming out which claims to write your copy for you. *Cough Clickfunnels Cough*

Yes - even if you're a third degree black belt at writing words that sell, you're selling yourself short... IF you're just there to write.
Alas, copywriting is becoming commoditized.
The highest paid copywriters are like "the adults in the room" as John Carlton says.
If you're the one giving the final say on what type of campaign they'll run, what the most effective hook is, what pricing points to use, which offer to use first, and so on...THEN you are valuable.

The best copywriters can do more than simply help your offer convert better.  They can spot the leaks in your business, or unseen opportunities you can exploit.

Remember what Peter Drucker said: You don't get rich by solving problems. You get rich by exploiting opportunities.

For example, one of my clients wanted to create a dropshipping e-book and try to sell it via Facebook Ads. He asked me to write the ad for him.

I told him right away that was the wrong play.

Instead of creating an ebook, I told him a few Facebook groups to post in. I told him exactly what to say, when to say it, and he turned an ebook into a MUCH more profitable coaching business.
When he was ready to expand his business, instead of selling his ebook, I told him to turn it into a lead magnet and give it away for free.  That resulted in much higher average transaction values and lower acquisition costs.

An average copywriter would simply listen to what their client wants and write the ad.

Sometimes, you gotta use your noggin for your clients. You gotta know more than just copy.

Whether it's the sales strategy behind the copy, helping them out with their funnel, lowering their acquisition costs, helping them raise their prices, whatever.

That's when you can command a small fortune in fee's.
And if you're the one hiring the freelance copywriters, that's when you know you're getting your moneys worth.

They don't make computers to think for you yet...and I doubt a computer can accurately decide which emotions to use, which stories will connect best with your audience, etc.

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