Beginners Guide:Education Based Marketing

Do you use education marketing in your business?
Have you even heard of it?

Education Marketing is awesome. If you follow any big name marketers, you no doubt have experienced education marketing in one form or another.

It's great because it helps you build up trust and authority with your prospects. Your job is to take them by the hand and lead them along until they are ready to buy whatever it is you're selling. To be clear: you make more money, and you can create raving fans in the process.

So if you're not using it for your business yet, read on

A prime example is the fitness industry. Think of how many people out there want to get in shape but they have no idea what they should eat or what kind of workout routines they should get into.

They naturally search something like this " workout routine, gym workouts, healthy diets" and so on.

I know because I was in this position and I gladly started following the people who put out the most content and seemed to know exactly what they were talking about.

YouTube videos are a great way to educate and motivate your prospects along until they are ready to buy.

The best part is that by the time they are ready to spend some money, who else are they going to turn to but the one who has been teaching them all along!

Providing value and free content to people triggers the reciprocation bias as well. They will not only like you more, trust you more, but they will also want to pay you back for all the help you have given them.

As a side note: his is how you should structure your Facebook ads. Set up a three part funnel consisting of the following: engagement, nurturing, and conversion.

You will want to spend 20% of your budget on the engagement, and the rest on conversion. This whole process is designed to build a relationship with your prospects.

Maybe i'll write more on how to combine Facebook Ads with education based marketing? Hmm, let me know if you want that.


The fact is this- you will rarely sell people the first time they interact with you.

If you offer value to them, treat them like a human, and build up trust with them however, there is a great chance that they will buy something from you.

Coming from a cold calling background, I know this one fact: if you spend your entire sales conversation pitching someone, you will maybe close 1-3% of the people you talk to.

This is why education marketing is SO important. Ideally your funnel systematically educates and motivates your prospect. It should be like a slippery slide that ends up with them contacting YOU.

This is a MUCH more powerful position to be in, in terms of selling your product or service.

In fact, you can ( and should) come from the buyers frame when they call you. Ask them why they want to work with you and to get them to explain why they are the right fit to work with you.

This is how you position yourself and how you can charge much higher prices for your services as well.

Is it making sense yet?

So what are some common ways to educate your prospects? I'm glad you asked.

Here are a few easy and affordable ways to educate your prospects.

  1. Offer a FREE Report. This is the tried and true method, it's been around much longer then the internet has. Great as an opt-in that will enter them into your autoresponder funnel.
  2. Create YouTube videos, a series of how-to's. Pretty basic stuff.
  3. Use free recorded messages explaining your product or service! This still works, and for some reason you rarely see people using it. You can put your free recorded message on your business cards, vehicles, anything.
  4. Create webinars. Services like ever webinar allow you to create a webinar and have it up forever, allowing you to educate your prospects and put you in a much better position for selling.
  5. Create a Consumer Awareness Guide. Similar to a free report but more in depth. Google consumer awareness guide templates for some good ideas.

The sky is the limit as far as education marketing goes, hopefully that helps you think of some new ways to help your business.

The key with education marketing is to have it completely automated. It should be a series of steps that ultimately leads to you having more money, and there's nothin wrong with that.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Until next time,


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