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"Discover How You Can Stop Wasting Time Prospecting and Pitching and Automatically Attract Customers Ready To Open Their Wallet for YOU...
In as Little as 7 Days.


In just 7 days from now, in only 168 short hours...

The days of not knowing where your next sale is coming from...

 Are finally over...

Stop selling like this guy

Just think of all that time you previously wasted on prospecting...

And all of that time you flushed down the drain trying to convince poor quality prospects to buy...

That time can be YOURS again...You can buy it back.

WHAT IF you no longer had to chase people down to become your client?

WHAT IF they were the ones chasing YOU?


How much stress would that take off your shoulders?

How much more money would that put in your pockets?

How much more free time could you devote to just living your life the way you were meant to?


I'm here to tell you it's not a pipe dream...

It's entirely possible because many others have done it in virtually every industry.

All you need is a system to bring in new leads...

In other words, a mechanism that sells your products or services automatically.

Kinda like having 10,000 salesmen working for you around the clock...

10,000 salesmen who never sleep, who never bitch and complain, and never show up to work hungover...

...All they do is close, close, close!


FROM: Ben Byrne, Sales Funnel Copywriter

Ben Byrne, Sales Funnel Copywriter
Ben Byrne - The Sales Funnel Copywriter

Beautiful Halifax, Nova Scotia - Canada
June 6th, 2017


Dear Friend,

Buckle your seat belts. You're in for a wild ride.

Starting right now you CAN start enjoying more free time with your family.

And you can start working ON your business rather than IN your business...
Running your business might just become fun again.


The system which can give you this freedom...

is called a sales funnel.


Now I'm betting you hear about sales funnels all the time.


Every marketing guru out there is trying to convince you to spend thousands of dollars to have them build it for you.


Or they're trying get you to buy their magical push button software which will do everything for you and make your wildest dreams come true.


I know this because I help build sales funnels for entrepreneurs too.


Since you're here reading this, I'm guessing you've already thought about building your own funnel...


Maybe you have no idea where to start...

Because it seem like EVERYONE has a different system for funnels.

It's not your fault if you're feeling stuck.


Sales funnels can get real complicated, real fast.


Maybe you're here because you've already built one and it's not working...

Most likely, you're just missing one or two critical  pieces.

Like I said earlier, I create funnels for entrepreneurs...and one of the big problems I see out there is the overwhelming amount of information out there which leads to analysis paralysis.


Here are just a few of the common questions you might have.


What software should you use?
What software do you need?
What words should your sales pages say?
What should your ads say?
What price should you test first?
How many emails should you send?
Should you use a VSL (video sales letter) or a long form text sales letter like this one?
How many one time upsells should you include?
What's the best traffic source to use?
What element should you test first?
When should you hire out a professional?
What are some benchmark metrics for measuring the success of your funnels?
What should you say on your Thank you Page?


And that's just the tip of the iceberg!


Look, I'll be the first to admit Sales Funnels can get...

Damn Confusing!


If you're here it's obviously because you want predictable sales...

More importantly you want answers to these questions.

You need someone to make this all simple and easy for you.
Someone to cut through the noise and the BS.

I hear you loud and clear.


 That's why I created The 7 Day Sales Funnel.


I want to take you by the hand and help you rapidly get a funnel up and running.

You don't have to do ANY guesswork, I cleared the path of distractions and useless information for you.


And this way you can work with me without paying me thousands of dollars to make your funnel.


Whether you want to build one for yourself, or offer it as a service, now you can.

(Just imagine how much of a rockstar you will look like to your dazzled client when you create a fully-functioning sales funnel in 7 days or less)


If you're wondering why me...


I make my living building the funnels for clients.

In particular, I write the copy for them. The words that get people to buy.

I can't promise you an income figure. That depends on other components like your offer, your product, the traffic soruce you use, your ad budget, etc.


But here's an example of what's possible...


I've just helped build 2 funnels this month. One is about to be launched, the other has taken a fitness equipment and training company from 3k per month to over 20K and... its just getting started. (edit: they're at 30K now)
(Click here for the case study)


The 7 Day Funnel won't be 100% optimized, you will probably miss a few sales at first, BUT you will have something in place that you can start sending traffic to within a week.


You'll have all the psychology in place you need to make sales.

You'll know the words to say in the sequence that people need to hear them to make sales.

(This system follows the natural progression of a human relationship...The right sequence with bad copy can make sales, but the wrong sequence with great copy kills sales.)


Once you have your "Minimum Viable Funnel" up and running, you can tweak it and make it better.


What makes this different from every other sales funnel course?


This is a straight to the point, plain English guide to getting your funnel up and ready within one week.

It's really everything you need to know about the words that get people to buy plus how to take strangers and turn them into repeat buyers.

I haven't packed in loads of random "bonuses" and fluff just to make it seem like you're getting a lot. (like certain guru's do).

This is 100% pure actionable material.


If you can't get a funnel up after buying investing in this course, I simply don't know what to tell you...


Will a sales funnel guarantee I make a million dollars in 3 days?


No. God no. What a dumb question. Next!

...Ok fine, I'll bite.

A sales funnel is NOT a get rich quick scheme.

It requires work to tweak.
It requires money to pay into advertising.
You need to know your market. You need a great offer.
You need to understand the fundamentals of a sales funnel, which I go over thoroughly in this program.

It's a sales multiplier, not a sales creator. Understand??


"Do I REALLY need a sales funnel?"


Only if you want your business to create wealth for you long term, instead of being an expensive hobby.
(And something you can sell down the line for a tidy profit).


"Will a Sales Funnel Really Work for My Business?"

Yes, a sales funnel works for every business because it's based on psychology and the way humans like to buy.

If you are selling to humans instead of robots, a sales funnel will work for you.

A little caveat: if you're selling something really strange and obscure, like underwater basket weaving, a sales funnel might not be the best thing for you.

It really helps if you have a definable target market you can reach with advertising (this is all covered inside the training).

Here's what a sales funnel will do for your business.

It will systematically attract cold suspects to your business, and crank up the heat until they're repeat buyers.

It's a system for customer acquisition and "value optimization".

Which is just a fancy concept meaning it brings you leads... customer is more valuable than they would be without this system in place.


Really it's like having a money printing machine when it's working.

For every 1 dollar of advertising you put in this machine, it spits out 2 dollars...or 4...or 8..or more.


Once you can reliably turn 1 dollar into 2 or more, your life will change forever.


And if you're thinking of launching a new product, this system will help you rapidly test whether it's a winner or loser within one week.


Here's what the 7 Day Funnel is Not.


This isn't a traffic or media buying course. I hardly go into the targeting of your ideal market, nor do I explain how to create killer offers that people need to buy. (That last part is in my Effortless Persuasion System).

This is just the words you have to say... in the right order... to make a lot of predictable sales.

It's all templates with practical theory and sales psychology to help you implement it for your own business and others.


Who is the 7 Day Funnel For?

The 7 Day Funnel is for entrepreneurs and small businesses who need predictable sales.

It's for sales professionals and marketing consultants...and it's for freelance copywriters.

Really it can be used to sell virtually any product or service.


Here's exactly what you get with the 7 Day Funnel

The 7 Day Funnel includes...

Templates for the following

-Advertising formulas. (You get 5 different proven formulas)
-Landing Pages (every successful landing page uses 6 key ingredients...miss one and you lose money)
-Lead Magnets (lead magnets are absolutely critical to the success of the funnel...and most people are dead wrong about to use)
-One time offers/upsells (You get a very specific, easy to follow formula for creating one time offers and upsells)
-Thank you Pages (The TY page is a very important part of your sales funnel.)
-Sales Pages (video sales letters and long form sales letters)
-Email Sequences (Follow up isn't the exception to success, it's the rule. Getting this right is mission critical)


And it also covers...


  • The natural progression of human relationships applied to business
  • The hidden psychology behind sales funnels... only spoken about behind closed doors
  • Why most business owners absolutely bomb when they try to sell online...and the easy solution to cure it.
  • Sales funnels terminology "dumbed down" and turned into plain English...even your grandmother could understand and create a funnel after this.
  • How household businesses like McDonalds, Starbucks, and countless other huge brand names use the exact same principles to dominate their market.And a whole bunch more
  • How to Turn 1 Dollar into 2 or More. Cracking this code is the number one way to explode the growth of your business.

I could easily charge $500...$750..or even $1000 for this information.

It's really that valuable.

Who knows, maybe next time you see this page it WILL be this much.


I know that you are only judged by the amount of value you provide in the real world.

That's why my mission is to help at least 10,000 entrepreneurs grow their business and generate real wealth...yet my time is very limited.

Needless to say, this makes my goal a daunting task.
This product lets me leverage my knowledge and deliver it to the masses.

For that reason, I decided to make this product extremely affordable for anyone who needs it.


It's yours for only 97 bucks...


That means for less than the price of a fancy steak dinner, you will literally have an asset that can start bringing serious cash into your business in 7 days or less.


I'm not leaving anything out in this product you need to know about either...(I hate that).
And to be quite honest, I think of this as an "ethical bribe".

I'm willing to bet you will buy more stuff from me down the road when you see how badass this product is for this low price.

Plus - if you were to offer this as a service to your clients, I know you could literally make your investment back 20 fold within a few days - 7 to be exact.

So with that out of the way...

Choose which option works best for you below .

Learn everything you need to know about creating a funnel for your own business or as a high priced service.

With the premium version, you also get access to my valuable bonus training, How to Create Killer Offers: The Secret to Starting a Buying Stampede.

Hell Yeah! I'm Hot N' Ready to grab MY Copy of the 7 Day Funnel!

And FINALLY Make Annoying Prospecting a distant, painful memory.


Instant Delivery: The 7 Day Funnel

  • 1 time payment of $97
  • Funnel Templates
  • The Psychology of Funnels
  • 30 day "money-back" guarantee

Just 1 payment of 97$


Instant Delivery: The 7 Day Funnel plus Bonus Report

  • 1 time payment of $115.50
  • Funnel Templates
  • The Psychology of Funnels
  • Bonus Report: How to Create Killer Offers

Just 1 payment of $115.50

Here's what happens when you click Buy Now.

You will be taken to Paypal.
There you will be prompted to login and enter your payment information.
Once the payment is confirmed, you will be immediately redirected to the download page where you can get all of your goodies!

In fact, you could have your funnel nearly completed in just a few hours if you get right to work.
And here's what happens if you don't click buy now.

You can just keep fumbling around and wasting time trying to piece together your funnel.

You might get a winner that way, but there's a good chance you'll keep wasting months or years of your life, not to mention a lot of cold hard cash.

And I guarantee right now is the lowest price this product will ever be.

The fact is...

I don't do discounts...and once people start getting big results, I'm gonna have to raise the price. That's just the way it goes.

So there you have it, spend thousands of dollars and months or YEARS...or take the shortcut.

Why not get this instead?

I'll make you a big crazy promise...

If you can't get your funnel up and running within 30 days of purchasing this course, I'll gladly give you every penny back, or work with you to get your funnel converting.



You have to prove to me that you actually went and followed my instructions, created the copy and pages and you ran traffic to it.

This means I want screenshots of your pages and screenshots of the money you spent on running traffic.

If you just bought this course and took no action, you won't get your 97 bucks back.

This way I filter out all the losers who won't take action. If that's you, just stop reading here.

If you DO give it a shot, you have nothing to lose.

The risk is all on my shoulders to make sure you come out with a working funnel and a lot more money.

But hurry up because I increase the price of all my products periodically. This is not "false scarcity" either.

The next time you come to this page, the price could easily be two or three times higher. (and still underpriced)


Remember, you're buying an asset for your business.

An investment that produces money for you in heaps for as long as you maintain it.
And just picture the load off your shoulders from knowing exactly how many sales you will get today...tomorrow...
1 month from now.

What that would mean for your bank balance?  What would that mean for your lifestyle? What would that mean to your family?

To your higher profits,

Ben Byrne




P.S. If you just skip to the end like me, here's what this is all about.

Most salespeople have no predictable way to bring in warm bodies who are willing to give them cash in exchange for their product or service.

If you want a system to bring in prospects who want to talk to you, are pre qualified, and are ready to buy, then this is for you.

I created a "sales funnel in a box". It's full of proven templates that will help you get a system in place that brings in customers who are ready to buy right now. And you can get it up and working in 7 days or less.

All you need to do is fill in the blanks with your product or service, set up the pages, and you're off to the races.
The 7 Day Funnel also comes with all the sales psychology behind a sales funnel which is crucial for understanding how to implement it.

This is for...

Entrepreneurs who need to rapidly get a system up for attracting leads and selling them.
Freelance Marketers and Copywriters who want to add another high value service to their arsenal.
And anyone else looking for a way to turn cold strangers into fans and buyers.

I guarantee if you buy the 7 Day Funnel and you can't get a funnel up and running using my templates, I'll work with you to make it work.

There's no way you can lose.

Yes! Give me My Copy of the 7 Day Funnel!

NO more prospecting! No more headaches!.


Instant Delivery: The 7 Day Funnel

  • 1 time payment of $97
  • Funnel Templates
  • The Psychology of Funnels
  • 30 day "money-back" guarantee

Just 1 payment of 97$


Instant Delivery: The 7 Day Funnel plus Bonus Report

  • 1 time payment of $115.50
  • Funnel Templates
  • The Psychology of Funnels
  • Bonus Report: How to Create Killer Offers

Just 1 payment of $115.50


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