3 Copywriting Mistakes to Avoid

I want to share three copywriting mistakes I made in the past which have cost me potentially thousands of dollars.

If you just avoid these, you're going to see a huge jump in your conversions.

I've been guilty of making these 3 copywriting mistakes all too often in the past. In fact, I didn't even know about them until I had a critique done by another copywriter recently.

Here's what he found...

When it comes down to it, sales is a transfer of belief.

Your goal is to transfer your feeling of certainty about your product or service to your prospect.

Now being in sales, this is something I've known for a long time.
However the copywriter who critiqued me (Carlos Redlich in case you're wondering) showed me little "tells" that weakened my copy.

When you are writing copy you want to speak with absolute authority and certainty.

Here's two examples of what not to do:

"I believe this deal is fair for both of us."

"I think there are three reasons why you would do ___."

Here's what you should write:

"This deal is fair for both of us, would you agree?"

"There are three reasons why you would do ___ and here they are:"

The official name of the words you want to eliminate are "qualifier" words.

Unless you absolutely MUST use them, try to root them out of your language completely.

Therefore, the first of the copywriting mistakes is using qualifier words

You see, your prospect can detect even the slightest form of "wishy-washiness".

That results in them doubting whether you believe in what you're selling, or if you're telling the truth.

Of all the copywriting mistakes, I'm especially guilty of the next one: Going off topic.

The great copywriter John Carlton says your copy should be like a "greased slide".

When your prospect is reading it, your prospect should be nodding their head and getting more and more excited as they read on.

You want to control their attention and their minds with your words. That means the reader should never even realize they are reading.

The way you do this is by not going off topic and not killing the momentum in your copy.

For example in my last sales script, I made the mistake of adding in a little side note in brackets that said (oh and by the way I have this other cool course coming up soon).

That was a mistake because it had absolutely nothing to do with my main objective of my copy: to sell webinar scripts for people writing high ticket products.

The way to keep momentum up in your writing is to read it out loud when you're finished.
Take careful note of any areas where you get tongue tied or stumble over your words. Be sure to nuke these troublesome areas out.

For best results, keep your copy short and punchy.

Never say something in 10 words if you can use 5. As a general rule, less is more.

The last of the copywriting mistakes is not going for the jugular immediately.

I see a lot of newbie writers out there who have long introductions and lead ins, with either weak or no headlines.

People tend to beat around the bush. This is a huge mistake.

One thing they will teach you in journalism school is to never "bury the lead".

The lead (or is it leed?) is what grabs your readers attention and forces them to read on.

The third mistake I made in my last piece of copy was that I didn't get right to the point, right away.

The truth is, people have an extremely limited attention span. We're competing with nudity, Trump, and god knows what else people are doing on the internet.

People simply don't have time for your shit. They want to know immediately what they're going to get out of reading your copy.

It's not enough to simply lead with benefits, although simply doing that is better than the majority of writers out there.

You want to lead with a deeply emotional HOOK.
You want to lead with a badass promise/claim.

I ran across a YouTube video by Chris Haddad called 8 Stupid copywriting mistakes that will increase your sales or something along those lines.

He goes on to tell the story of how he rewrote a clients sales letter that was barely converting to making them over $100,000...A DAY.

To cold traffic!

His client was an electrician who was selling some kind of product that allowed homeowners to save money on their electricity bill or something like that.

The original letter opened with " How would you like to save money by installing Solar Panels?"

It went on to explain all in very logical detail why the prospect should switch to Solar Panels, how much money they would save, why it's great for the environment maybe and so on.

You might think that sounds fine to me? What could he do to increase sales that much?

It turns out that Chris is a master of pressing emotional hot buttons.

The letter he wrote started out as story of a guy who was furious at the government because his power went out during a storm for days and his little daughter came into his room and said "Daddy I'm cold".

What he did was tap into the primal urge to protect your family as well as the emotion of anger to create an Us vs Them narrative.

These two things tap into our deeper brain. The monkey brain.

You want to know someone else who used tactics like these to great success?

Take a look at the new president, Mr. Donald Trump.

You see, most people think he's an idiot.

Like him or not, he understands how powerful these emotional narratives are in marketing and politics and his presidency proves that.

So to recap the three copywriting mistakes I've made

  1. Make sure you are writing with certainty in order to transfer that belief to your reader.
  2. Don't go off topic and don't lose momentum. Remember the greased slide.
  3. Use emotional hooks and narratives to capture attention right away. Emotion will always outsell logic ( although both are needed).

Hope ya learned something.

Now go forth and persuade.


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