Kiss Da Cod Marketing Secrets

In Newfoundland, Canada, Cod Fishing is a rite of passage.

I was fortunate enough to get a chance to try it when I was there.

I caught one!

You catch a cod by using a jig. Basically, it's a metal hook with no bait.

This is what a cod jig looks like

You drop the jig down to the bottom of the sea where the cod like to hang out.

And then you simply jig them up.

You can tell the Newfoundlanders have been catching the Cod the exact same way for hundreds of years.

I got to thinkin, "You would think the Dumb Cod would learn not to get hooked by these jigs. After all this time, how come they still fall for it?"

Wait Ben, how does this relate to selling?

Good question.

One habit I've noticed in advertisers is they tend to get bored of their own advertising long before the public stops responding to it.

Yes, even if their prospects are still takin the bait, they want to go and screw with it.

Dumb, dumb dumb.

David Ogilvy said you want to consider your prospects like a moving parade, not a standing army.

That means there's a constant stream of new prospects who have never seen your advertising before.

That's also why one great ad can run for 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years.  An ad isn't an expense, it's an asset, when they're done right anyway.

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Ben Byrne

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The Mating Call of the Flakepreneur

Flakepreneur alert: If you're easily "triggered', read no further.

...Still here? Okay, good.

Check this out, I came across a thread getting an unreal amount of "engagement". The topic?

Authentic marketing.

More importantly, how one flakepreneur feels scarcity (limited supply) and urgency (impending deadlines) are NOT authentic marketing...

And, how both should go the way of the unicorn - extinct.

Needless to say, this was like the mating call of the flakepreneur. It was a total feeding frenzy of bull shyat.

I quoteth...

"I would personally feel more comfortable buying if I had complete freedom to buy anytime I want."

My god, if we all let people buy anytime they want, we would all be broke.

Scarcity and urgency are still used...because they work.

In fact, they are time honored principles (not tactics) of direct marketing. They MUST be used, especially in our day and age.

If you don't pressure someone to buy, they're gonna procrastinate and they'll probably forget about you entirely.

The key of it all is to use real scarcity and urgency.

If you say you're gonna increase your price, actually do it. (As I do).

If you say you're only letting 20 people join, only let 20 people join. That's as close to "authentic marketing" as you can get.

Remember, nobody feels pressured to buy something that ALREADY want to buy. We only feel pressured to buy or do stuff we don't wanna do.

Don't believe me? Imagine you had two friends trying to convince you to take a trip.

Friend A wants you to go on an all inclusive trip to Cancun, Mexico.

Free drinks, great weather, awesome nightlife, gorgeous weather...

He calls you everyday asking you, no pressuring you to go.

Friend B does the same, except he wants to go camping in Iran.

Which friend are you going to be more annoyed with?

Anyway, that's enough value for you today.

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How Calculus Made Me a Better Copywriter

Ahoy ahoy,

So yesterday I was trying to learn some coding.

Why? No reason, I'm just a nerd.

Anyway, I can work my way around basic HTML and CSS...
But I decided to jump right into PHP. It's pretty advanced for me

I was way over my head.
It took me right back to my first year in engineering...

I was 25 when I went back to school for it... I hadn't done "real math" in 7 years.

Can you imagine going straight from barely being able to count on your fingers to advanced calculus right away?

If they had just said, "Okay class, welcome to mechanical engineering. Calculus test time!"

I would have flunked right out.

Luckily we started with the basics. You know, 2+2 =4 , basic algebra, the easy stuff.
And we worked our way up. Before long, I was doing calculus. Who woulda thought?

The point is, my teacher built up a solid foundation before we got to the advanced stuff.

So that's what I'm FORCING myself to do with learning coding.

I have to learn the basics of the language before I'm fluent, you know?

And so it is with copywriting...Most people do not take the time to build their foundation...
...To learn the language. Most people decide they want to become masters overnight and they want the ninja tricks.

The Effortless Persuasion Copywriting System ain't a bunch of advanced ninja tricks. It's the stone cold un-secksy foundation of writing copy that sells.

Yea, I threw in a way whiz-bang techniques for shock and awe, but the majority of it is principles you will use for the rest of your life.

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I think about you in bed…

It's true. It drives my girlfriend crazy.

But I can't help it, I think about you late at night.

In particular, my brain seems to work overtime while I'm trying to fall asleep.
That's when I come up with my best ideas for emails and blog posts.

It'll be 1:30 am, I'll wake up and scribble some random words onto my bedside notepad.
My girlfriend is a light sleeper so I wake her up all the time when that happens.

...And in the morning, I'll look at my scribbles and try to remember wtf I was thinking of.

It's all a very strange process.

The point of all this?

Inspiration comes from at the strangest times, make sure you're ready to jump on it.

Now here comes a switch up from my standard shameless pitch.

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(ta-ta for now)

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How to Lose Sales and Alienate Prospects

Today I wanted to share the number one reason I see most people fail at sales...It's dead obvious to me now, but people are still being taught to sell this way every day.

Approaching sales this way will result in more stress, more rejections, more wasted time, and way less sales than you could be making.

Even though I'm a copywriter now, I still consider myself a salesman first.

...So I'm always looking for ways be more effective at persuading. Whether that's through the written word, on the phone, or in person.

I've found if there's any 100% surefire way to "lose sales and alienate prospects" it's this...

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