The Little Secret About Asking Effective Sales Questions

When was the last time you examined the way you ask questions?

How often do you break down the exact words you use?

I'm going to reveal a little secret to asking effective sales questions.

This can mean to difference between going home broke and making a lot of money...And this applies for any type of sales.

In print or in person.

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Why Traditional Education Only Sets You Up For A Lifetime of Poverty

Warning: This is a controversial post.

If you are easily offended, click away. Go back to your safe place, it's okay.

This is all about the reasons why Traditional Education does not bode well for the would be entrepreneur, or really anyone looking to do big things.

In fact, I would go so far as saying traditional education equals poverty.

Interested? Read on...

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Case Study: Sales Funnel Takes Fitness Company from $3500 to over $20,000 per Month

Last month my client and I just finished a complete sales funnel for an online Fitness products business.

For privacy sakes, I can't disclose the name of the business or what the exact products are.

I will break down the model and the exact process of how we rapidly grew their business from $3500 to over $20,000 (and counting).

Are you ready? Let's do it.
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Modeling Success: The “Fast Track” to Getting Any Result You Want

"A person is a sum total of their actions, not their words. Are you at the cause (active) or effect (passive)?" 

Hey. You wanna know the quickest way to get virtually -any- result you want?

Six pack abs...A lot more money in the bank...a successful career...a girlfriend or boyfriend.

Anything, really.

More than any other factor I know, one method will help you get there the fastest.

It's a concept known as "modeling". Dan Kennedy calls it "Behavioural Congruency".

It's all about focusing on what you can control.

This will also be a refreshing reminder on selling effectively

Let's get into it.

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Business Superpower Zone: The Key to Riches and Fulfillment.

Everybody has a superpower.

Yours is different than mine no doubt...

And you might have a different name for your superpower...

Maybe you call it your purpose.
Or your passion...
Or even your personal destiny.

Whatever you call it -I believe when you identify your superpower and you spend the majority of your time performing it, you will make the most amount of money and have the greatest sense of fulfillment.

This post is going to help you identify yours.

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How to Sell to Skeptics Using a “Loophole” in the Human Brain

Face it.

We live in the age of skepticism. That means one thing.

Everybody, especially business owners, are hyper vigilant against the typical BS pitch...

And that brings us to a dilemma.

With old ads getting less and less effective, costs of media rising, and buyers tightening their purse strings, how do we ensure our businesses thrive?

Well just because we live in the age of the skeptic, that doesn’t mean they won’t buy anything.

Far from it.
Not if you know how the human brain works and how to sell to skeptics, that is.

What you're about to learn isn't found in any sales book...

Positive thinking won't help you with the skeptics.
Enthusiasm won't help you either.
Giving features and benefits will fall on deaf ears...
And "Always be closing" will backfire, unless you do this first...

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Modalities of Marketing: The Key to Making Offers Convert?

G'day Internet friends,

Ben here for another nailbiter of a blog. This one could potentially change your life and business if you're trying to turn advertising into cash.

It's all about understanding modalities when you're running paid ads, and trying to make your offers convert.

For more information check out this interview between Kevin Rogers and Charles Kirkland around the end.

So what is a "modality of marketing?"
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Pitch Nothing: How to use Sales Prevention to Sell More

The late great Jim Camp, known as the world's most feared negotiator, had a very contrarian yet effective approach to negotiating and selling.

His book "Start With No" goes against all conventional sales wisdom you'll hear in most sales books. (Trust me, I've read them all)

In this blog post, you'll discover:

-How the power of the word "no" will help you make more sales.
This will help you overcome "decision anxiety"- Your prospects fear of making a bad decision which stalls out most sales.

-You'll also learn how too much excitement and desire can actually backfire and kills most deals.

-Plus the most repulsive trait you must nuke from your personality to ensure a successful sales career.

Let's get into it

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How to Change your Business in 7 Days

A lot can happen in one week.

You can drive from one coast of Canada to the other.

You can binge watch the entire series of 24.

You could take a nice vacation somewhere hot with a cool breeze and a couple umbrella drinks.

Or you could bang out an entire book and a new product like me.

I'm talkin about The 7 Day Funnel, my newest brain child.

Think of it like a sales funnel in a box.
In just one week from now, you could have a fully functional funnel up and running.

It's all about speed. It won't be perfect right away, but you'll have all the pieces in place to start making a bunch of sales.

Or you can use it to offer a 7 day sales funnel building service to businesses if you like.

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