Irresistible Offers: How to Craft the Perfect Pitch

This might surprise you...

40% of direct response copywriting comes down to the ability to craft an irresistible offer or pitch

As I stated in my last post, the Architecture of Persuasion, I am going to break down two of my real pitches for a few reasons:

1) To show gradualization in effect
2) To explain my mindset behind making a pitch/sales letter
3)To kick off my new "copy critique" section. I'm going to start breaking down sales pitches and old sales letters to show you the various bits and pieces involved in making a successful sales pitch.

Are you ready? Let's get into it...

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The Architecture of Persuasion

Persuasion is a scientific and methodical process.

If someone is telling you otherwise, they're wrong.

I was fortunate enough to recently get my hands on a copy of the legendary book...

"Breakthrough Advertising" by Eugene Schwartz

This book has gone out of print and if you look for it on will find it for about 900$...used!!

Needless to say I was thrilled when I got my greedy mitts on it.
Today I'm going to share a priceless lesson on the elements of persuasion from this book.

I call it "Building The Architecture of Persuasion"

Surprisingly, this is rarely talked about. ( We copywriters don't want you to know ALL of our dirty secrets)

Well I'm about to give you some "insider information" here.

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