The Most Valuable Skill of The Century- Is NOT What You Think!

Do you know what the most valuable skill of this entire century is?

Did you guess something along the lines of developing software like Google or Facebook, or maybe selling, marketing, or maybe learning how to invest in stocks or forex? How about running your own business, or maybe networking, or collecting Pokémon.

Those are all great guesses,  I typically say selling and marketing are the most important...

Not today.
Not exactly anyway.

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Copywriting Bullets- How to Tease Your Prospect For More Sales

 POW! I'm going to teach you a little something about...Copywriting bullets!

What you're about to learn will help you entice your reader to buy whatever you're selling.

While they're not from a gun, they're definitely dangerous in the right hands.

Copywriting bullets are basically a way to frame the benefits of your product with a slight twist...They should tease and inspire curiosity in your reader.

Let me give you some example's from a semi sales letter I just wrote...

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Lollapalooza Effect

I was reading a great book the other day called Poor Charlie's Almanack, and in this book I came across his now famous list called the Psychology of Misjudgement- also known as the 25 cognitive biases.

These 25 cognitive biases are common throughout every single person on this planet. However one person might be more susceptible to one bias, where another person will "fall for" another one.

I have created a list of these 25 biases which I might put up here if you're curious, but today I'm going to talk on the most important one of all when it comes to marketing and sales.

Its called: The Lollapalooza Effect.

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The Art of the Reframe

In the past, a few of my friends have asked me " Ben, how can I control my own mind (why they would ask me is a mystery). I assume they don't mean something weird like telekinesis, but what that really mean is...

When I am feeling negative or depressed, what can I do to feel better?

Well I call this one the Art of the Reframe.

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