The Magic of Asking Why.

So I just finished up reading the book Start with Why by Simon Sinek, and I have been thinking of how powerful it is when it comes to influence and persuasion.

Start with why is all about inspiring people to take action, and actually speaking to them not logically, but emotionally.

The key premise of the book is that basically every company doesn't start with why, they start with what. If you know ANYTHING about sales Continue reading "The Magic of Asking Why."

3 Things you MUST know about Creative People.

This post is to help you understand the creative people in your life, and if you are creative yourself you might resonate with the following.

Creative people may seem different than the average person, and there's a reason for it. Their minds work differently. They are more engaged with life as a whole and they have the ability to make even the most mundane object or subject fascinating.

They might appear strange or a little crazy ( eccentric if they are successful), the reason is this: they simply do not see life the same way as everyone else. Their minds are highly curious- they make connections that most people would easily overlook. In fact Continue reading "3 Things you MUST know about Creative People."

The MOST important skill for Entrepreneurs?

What do you think is the most important skill for entrepreneurs?

The one skill that cannot be delegated out until you completely master it?

The skill that allows you, the business owner to charge much more than you pay your employees.

Can you guess it?

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The 7 Question Sales Process

It's funny...I learned more about sales from studying marketing and copywriting than I ever learned while actually working as a salesman.

( this includes reading all the sales books, watching videos from the guru's, and training from my various jobs).

Marketing teaches you to think in terms of the customers get inside their head so that you know them better than they know themselves.

I will teach you the 7 questions that will lead to you closing more sales than you could ever Continue reading "The 7 Question Sales Process"

Time Management Discipline.

One of the first things I hear from new entrepreneurs is just how difficult it is to discipline yourself to work on your business.

It is very easy to slack off and for that reason you need to learn the fundamental rule that will help you grow your business.

If you want to become successful as an entrepreneur, here is exactly what you MUST Continue reading "Time Management Discipline."

Beginners Guide:Education Based Marketing

Do you use education marketing in your business?
Have you even heard of it?

Education Marketing is awesome. If you follow any big name marketers, you no doubt have experienced education marketing in one form or another.

It's great because it helps you build up trust and authority with your prospects. Your job is to take them by the hand and lead them along until they are ready to buy whatever it is you're selling. To be clear: you make more money, and you can create raving fans in the process.

So if you're not using it for your business yet, read on

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Simplicity in Business

It was Einstein who said to make things as simple as possible but not more simple.

A common mistake would-be entrepreneurs make is that they see a successful business and they only see the end result. They see how easy everything apparently is.
The magic happens behind the scenes, in the process of setting up your business.

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How one Ancient Technique Re-Discovered INSTANTLY Revolutionized my Life

Monday, June 6th, 2016

7:13 AM

Dear Friend,

From: a gloomy and cold rainy morning, In Halifax (on the east coast of Canada if you failed geography).

It certainly doesn't feel like summer here yet...

But nevertheless I feel amazing.

I am energized, focused, and enthusiastic...but it wasn't always this way.

So what's got me feeling so good you ask? My heart is pumping, my clothes are soaked, I just got back in from a run ( I NEVER run, especially in the morning!). Hell it even feels like a miracle to get up before lunch...Because, as some of you may have experienced before if you live the entrepreneur life, it gets very hard to discipline yourself to stick to a set schedule.

So how did changing two little habits drastically alter my life, and what is the almost magical technique I have learned to trick my mind into changing overnight?

Read on!

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Darwin Would Have Been a Hell of A Marketer!

A long time ago in a galaxy not too far away, the date is December 27th, 1831...A voyage started that would change history.

Young Charles Darwin, creator of the Origin of the Species, was by all standards a very ordinary guy, if anything a bit of an underachiever prior to his famous trip on the HMS Beagle.

So how did a relatively simple man such as Darwin come up with a theory that effectively changed the minds of millions if not billions of people?

The answer is simple.

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