Why Storytellers Rule the World

Since the dawn of time, humans have been telling stories for entertainment, education, and persuasion.

What I've recently come to learn is...

The ability to tell a story is so powerful, you can literally change your life by learning this skill.

I'm not joking here. If you read this post, you will hold the power to change anything in your life...

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What is your Copywriting DNA?

I've recently uncovered my "Copywriting DNA" blueprint...and in this blog post, you too will learn how to discover yours.

Before I tell you what mine is and what that means to you, let me tell you a little about me.

(Yes, I realize this is the opposite of what they tell you to do in copywriting but hey you're welcome to leave if you don't wanna discover yours.)

So my "Copywriting blueprint" is what I call

I- E2

Now bear in mind, these are terms I made up last night, so don't go searching this stuff up because you'll never find it.

* as it relates to copywriting, they are common terms.*

Anyway, back to me.

As a kid, I always had a super overactive imagination...and I was also super shy and introverted.

So I would always imagine I was someone else.

A power ranger maybe or Duke Nukem. That's why I loved video games for so long...

And at night I would dream about awesome stuff and I'd wake up and be all excited to tell my best friend about it.

Then he would get excited too.

This imagination trait is strong within me. You can probably also call it visualization, I guess.

I can still do this- except now I can do it with other people and they give my clients and I money.

Anyway, this trend of me "becoming" someone else stayed with me.

In my childhood, I was Goku powering up to super saiyan, launching a spirit bomb at Frieza.

In my teens, I was a rockstar. I played guitar for 7 hours a day until my fingers bled.

I was was highly addicted to video games...I loved being other people. Because I was unhappy with my own character.

In my early 20's, I was a body builder guy. I worked out non stop, mostly because I wanted girls to like me.

Then I became an engineer. I wanted to be smart and have a good career.

Then I became a door to door salesmen. I was determined to become an entrepreneur, so I learned how to "hustle" and persuade people (kinda).

Then I became a freelance copywriter.
I wanted to be the best in the world, so I studied day and night to become that person..

And then I transcended that once more to who and what I am now.

So for my copywriting DNA, as you can tell, my imagination and empathy muscles are over-developed.
They look like the Hulk next to Bruce Banner.

And because my empathy is so over-developed, persuasion came extremely natural to me. Once I realized what selling and copy is all about, it was an "aha" - I can be good at this!

I was excited...

Plus, my ability to think in visuals is overdeveloped.

I understand most people don't think like me, and I'm not saying my way is "right" and yours is wrong.

Because some people are Analytical, rational, and they want to figure out the perfect message before hitting send.

They think in numbers. Maybe they can't put themselves in others shoes, so they look to the great copywriters of the ages and try to emulate them.

Others are great at observing people and so they become masters of human behaviour.

So I can't tell you exactly what your copywriting DNA might be. You must look inside yourself to figure it out.

Now...So far we covered only two parts of my copywriting DNA.

Imagination and empathy.

And I'll admit, until recently, those two have served me relatively well.

I made a fairly comfortable living.
Some months I'd be riding high, and some months I'd be sweating bullets.

And I thought I was happy. But I wasn't.

Until I figured out how to unleash the third part of my own copywriting DNA.

The third E...

It will sound simple and maybe a bit "un-profound", boring even.

But it's made all the difference.

And the reason I called it IE2 and not I -E -E  is because the second E has supercharged my I and first E, making me exponentially better, not just a little better.

And the proof is that quite simply I've made more money within 2 days of unlocking this third E...than I made half of this year.

This month I am on track to make more than I made in 2 or 3 years.

And I am absolutely being dead serious here.

So if you can do this, you will have all the same power as I do, maybe more.

The third E is the power of enthusiasm and confidence.

How's the best way to describe it?

Well, truthfully, it's more like a lack of fear.

I have completely eliminated all my filters.

I no longer care if people make fun of me.

I no longer care if they don't buy from me.

Or if they say mean things about me, or if. my ad doesn't work, or if I lose money on an ad.

And it's been this simple mindset tweak, which has made all the difference.

While I can't unlock your copywriting DNA for youI can do one better...

I can teach you how to remove the same filters I have.

Maybe. I haven't done it yet, but I think I can.

So, the person writing this today, will not be the same person writing this blog next month, let alone next year.

He will still look like me, his drivers license will say Ben Byrne, but he will essentially be another person. And I'm excited about that.

In 5 years, people will look back at this post and realize, "Ah, that's how he did it...it all makes sense now."

But what will they be saying when they say that's how I did it?

You'll have to wait and see.

This will be my last post for 2017.

I wish you all the best.

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Until next time,

Ben Byrne.



The Great Copywriting Myth: How You Mind-f**k Yourself

I hear it all the time...

"What do I say to get my customers to buy?"
"As a freelance copywriter, how do I charge higher fee's?"
"What type of copy would work for <insert niche here?>"
"How long should your VSL or sales letter be?"

"What makes the copywriters who charge $100,000 plus royalties for a sales letter different than the guys who charge $500?

On and on and on...

These are all various incarnations of what we lovingly refer to as, "Imposter Syndrome."

The idea we’re not good enough yet, we don’t know enough yet, we don’t have a big enough reputation yet, etc.

And in this post, we're going to banish the dreaded imposter syndrome from your mind, FOR GOOD!

You with me?

Let's get into it.

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book smarts versus street smarts

When it comes to business, who wins in a fight?

Book Smarts or Street Smarts?

For most of my life, there's been this debate about which is better for your life, for your business, etc

Some people say street smarts, and they're right.
Some people say book smarts, and they're right too.
How can this be?
Well, let's just change street smarts to "taking action".
Because that's what street smarts really comes down to doesn't it?
Not reading about something, but actually learning by doing.
Now the problem is, most people go all in on one side or the other.
They either read 50 million books and never do anything, or they take massive action, but they never read one book.
Good ol Confucius said,
"Knowledge without practice is useless."
"Practice without knowledge is dangerous."
So there's the key.
They go hand in hand.
Once you learn something, you have to go out and practice what you've learned.
That's how you gain perspective and that's how you grow and develop true mastery.
For example:
You can read about sales all day, but that won't make you money.
Or you can ignore sales books and just cold call or door knock every day, but then you'd probably never learn you could just use advertising to do 90% of the heavy lifting for you.
You would never know that you can use automation and messaging to pre-sell and pre-qualify your prospects so they want to work with you.
And THAT is dangerous...It's like a farmer trying to plow a massive field with his hands when there's a brand new tractor sitting right next to him.
So If you're in that situation right now, I strongly encourage you to reach out. We can chat about different strategies to help you get more clients.

If you want more information on how I can help you do that, click here.
Talk soon,
Ben Byrne

How to Charge High Fee’s

"Ben- How do I raise my fees?"

This is a universal question across every profession.

Take copywriting for instance.

How come one copywriter can charge $20,000 for a sales letter..

While another one struggles to get $500?

If you've ever felt like you weren't getting paid as much as you should...

And you should be commanding higher fees...

This post is for you.

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The Great Webinar Sales Secret


Today I wanted to share the number one secret to making "All dem Monies" with Webinars.

I assume you don't need edu-ma-cating on the value of a good webinar...but just in case you do, here's why you should start webinar-ing now.

There's no better or faster way to build a strong connection with your audience, to become an authority in your marketplace, to pre-sell folks on working with you, to build a powerful brand, and to make a whole dang boat load of cash than a webinar.

Got it?

Great. Before we get into the biggest webinar sales secret, let's clear the air of 3 big myths about webinars.

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How being an “Expert” can bankrupt you

You and I hear this every single day on social media.

“If you wanna make the big bucks, you gotta become an expert in your niche, an authority. A guru.” (Yuck)

That’s the pinnacle right? And how do you become one of them expert authorities?

Well you gotta give out content and build goodwill, DUH.

Hot diggity!

Well, naturally this means you better start giving away all your “top secrets.”

You better jump on Facebook live and start teaching your followers the 3 top ninja strategies for making all dem monies.

You better do a 90 day video challenge. (I just finished one. Where all my moneys?)

Try this for a good 3 or 4 months. Jab jab jab jab.

Time for the “right hook”. Aka, FINALLY asking them to buy from you…and…radio silence.

What gives, man?

Well if you buy into this “You must be an Expert” mentality, there can only be one answer.

Obviously you didn’t give enough free content. Obviously you must not be an authority yet…

So you do the only logical thing….

You keep “jabbing”. You keep creating goodwill. All in the hopes people will finally know you’re an expert.

(and they’ll buy your shit)

So off you go, making more content, more content, more content.

An endless hamster wheel of content later and you’re dead broke…
Living on food stamps, collecting coins under the couch cushions…and dying from scurvy because you couldn’t afford to buy an orange.

Here’s the problem with becoming an expert.

Experts are really teachers…

Do teachers deserve to make a million bucks per year? YES!
Do they make that much? NO!

Teachers get… apples.

They get whoopee cushions placed on their seats…

…and maybe, if they’re lucky, they get one of those teacher of the year mugs.

Experts = Teachers.

Teachers = Broke.

(no offense to teachers, you’re great people doing an incredible service and I love you all)

This story isn’t about my opinion on how much teachers and experts SHOULD get paid. This is about reality.

Because when it comes to business, the simple fact is experts are now a dime a dozen.

Everybody is an expert at Facebook ads or Copywriting or underwater basket weaving.

Bottom line: If you’re competing in the expert arena, you’re fighting for scraps.

However, DON’T get me wrong — I’m not saying you shouldn’t give value in your marketing. Not at all.

You just have to be smart about it. You have to stack the odds in your favor. You have to change the rules you’re playing by. (Getting sick of these platitudes yet? lol)

Check it out — there *is* a very specific framework you can follow.

Doing so gives people JUST enough to whet their appetite…just enough to make them want more…which they can only get once they buy from YOU. (queue evil laugh-muahah!)

And the best part is, you don’t have to be a “super expert" for this to work.
You don’t need to drown your market in free content and goodwill, either.

Anyone can do follow this easy system once they realize what they’re doing wrong…

Fair warning though, it can get weird. When you follow this framework, the people consuming your content will actually get chemically addicted to hearing from you.

Would you like to know how it works? Huh, would ya?

The “O.G.” FunnelHacker…

Do you know who the O.G. of all funnelhackers was?

(A funnelhacker is a term Russell Brunson made up - essentially it's a group of knuckleheads who "hack" other peoples funnels- AKA- blatantly rip off and copy successful businesses.)

HINT: It's not Russell Brunson.

I'll give you another hint, this mans descendants are in the top 20 of the richest people in Amurica...Have you figured it out yet?

What? You haven't'? Okay, i'll give you one last hint.

This dude created the business known for always having the lowest price, guaranteed.

The OG of all funnel hackers was Sam Walton...the creator of Wal-Mart.

Maybe  you don't believe me but it's true.

In his amazing autobiography, Made in America, Sam describes his early years before Wal-Mart.

He owned a "five and dime" store.
Like a 7/11 or a general store kinda dealio.

Anyway, across the street from his humble 1st store, he had a major competitor.
This guy got all the business in town.

Sams store was just tumbleweeds, dust bunnys, and broken dreams.

Naturally he did what every other funnelhacker does!

He shamelessly copied everything his competitor was doing.

From sales promotions, types of goods sold, prices, uniforms, marketing, right down to the type of toilet paper in the washroom.

Sam goes on to say how in his first 5 years of business, he spent more time in his competitors store than his own.

And this pattern continued throughout his entire life.

In fact, when Sam heard about a new Wal-Mart type of department store in Brazil, he flew down there and did the same thing....This actually got him thrown in jail.

The security guards found old Sam lying down in one of the aisles holding a measuring tape.
...He wanted to see how wide their aisles were.

Why? He said, "If they're doing anything we're not, I want to know about it."

Kinda cool, huh?

156 billion. (Queue Dr. Evil meme)
That's how much his family is worth, in case you didn't know.
(Probably a lot less now since Amazon has been kicking their ass).

Considering the ridiculous amount of wealth he created for the Walton family, maybe there's something to this funnel hacking stuff after all.

Now, am I suggesting you go out and mindlessly steal your competitors copy, funnel, products, marketing, pricing, etc? NO!

In fact, I'm completely against it...

Which is why I made my  7 Day Funnel training... So you wouldn't have to go out and rip people off.

After all, you're NEVER  going to have breakthroughs if you're always copying someone else.

It's gonna require critical think at some point.

Which is bad news if that.weird hunk of gray matter between your ears has dried up and withered away. In that case, you'll need a shortcut.

And that's where my system can help.

Grab it here while it's hot.


I promise you can get a funnel up and running within 7 days using my system...and it works for selling products, services, consulting, coaching, ecommerce, and anything else your greedy little heart desires.

Talk soon.


PS. Where will your business be in 30 days from now if you DON'T get this handled? No doubt, you'll be constantly hunting down business, never focusing on expanding and growing your business.

You'll still be on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster. Without any real way of knowing if you'll be having a good month or if you'll be forced to dig through the couch to find change for ramen noodles.

And it doesn't have to be that way. Go here now.